Reviewer: Hallowthorn
Date: 03/23/15 16:44
Chapter: Chapter Ten

I love the concept. I'm surprised that JK didn't use the same logic in DH. Thanks for the read!

Reviewer: I Am Peeves
Date: 06/27/07 16:33
Chapter: Chapter Ten

I pay all of my respects to my favorite character. *tears*
Wonderful ending. I had never thought what Dumbledore said like that.

Reviewer: misundersnape
Date: 06/27/07 6:29
Chapter: Chapter Ten

Couldn't help but leave a review - the most emotional, stunning piece of writing and storytelling I have encountered in the fanfic world - and even far exceeds many original published novels. Sensational... you are truly gifted. Tears are sliding down my cheek as I write this and I'm not even a Sirius fan, so to speak (not that I hate him or anything), I'm a Snape Harem member through and through - so you've done your job well to touch me in such a way. Well done!!!

Author's Response: Oh gosh, I might just have to print and frame this as my all-time favorite review ever. Thank you so much, you've just totally made my day!! :D

Reviewer: michieceramic
Date: 05/23/07 12:01
Chapter: Chapter Eight


Author's Response: Next chapter is up! :D

Reviewer: Robinhood304
Date: 04/11/07 22:05
Chapter: Chapter Eight

I love this story!!! It just keeps getting better and better!!! It's cool how you make all the events work out, and very plausible.

Author's Response: Thanks!! I'm really glad you think it gets better, because whenever I've been writing lately I've been afraid I won't be able to make it as good as before....

Reviewer: casiopeia
Date: 04/03/07 14:26
Chapter: Chapter Seven

I love your story... I think the Regulus memories are cool - I can't imagine that Sirius would be so cold to his brother after his death. I don't know how you'll weave this in, but I'm eagerly waiting the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks! The next chapter is in queue, though I kinda veered off the Reg topic to get on with some Order business. I wrote a random one-shot about Regulus though, which is also in queue, since his character has been intriguing me lately.

Reviewer: HJPCATI
Date: 03/18/07 1:25
Chapter: Chapter Six

This is so sad but I love it. You've captured Sirius very well. I can't wait for the next chapter to be accepted.

Author's Response: Thanks! :D

Reviewer: Moony 62442
Date: 11/26/06 22:41
Chapter: Chapter Five

Good chapter! I can't wait for the next!

Author's Response: Graci.

Reviewer: Moony 62442
Date: 10/29/06 8:54
Chapter: Chapter Four

Lovin' it! Can't wait for the next chappie to be validated.

Author's Response: Thank you!!

Reviewer: Schmerg_The_Impaler
Date: 10/09/06 14:35
Chapter: Chapter Four

I'm loving this story. Update, pur-leaze! I like your portrayal of Remus, too-- that's very nice. :)

Author's Response: Thanks again! I've got a lot more of that conversation written, but it needs much tweaking. I'll try to get it up soon though. :)

Reviewer: Schmerg_The_Impaler
Date: 10/09/06 14:26
Chapter: Chapter One

Are you a member of COSforums, because I'm almost positive I've read this story there. My username is SchmergoWeasley. In any case, I LOVE this story. Sirius is usually my least-favourite character in canon, but your portrayal is realistic and interesting and clearly showing his flaws while still being likeable.

Author's Response: Yep, I'm posting it there too, and I think I have seen you around. Anyway, I'm glad to hear you love the story so far. :D Any reason he's normally your least fav? I'll admit I was sort of indifferent to him at first, but he's really grown on me since I started writing about him. :)

Reviewer: _nala_
Date: 10/07/06 8:34
Chapter: Chapter Four

Your fanfiction is great!!! I like how you write Sirius, especially his conversations with Dumbledore, Tonks and Remus :), but also his worries about Harry.. - in short: I like everything :D

I usually don't write reviews but your fanfiction is really excellent and I think there should be more reviews!!!

However, it makes me sad to think of the end... ;(

Please update soon!

Author's Response: Well thanks, I'm really flattered you decided to stop by and show some love! :D And it is sad, thinking of the end... I wish I could just knock Bellatrix through the veil instead... think anyone would mind?

Reviewer: hpfreak519
Date: 09/21/06 19:36
Chapter: Chapter Three

update soon!! pleaseeee =]!! it was really good so far!! omg my friends is a huge sirius black fan (hahh we call her padfoot cause shes soo much like him!!) and so am i!! i sent her the story and at the end we'll probably both cry our eyes out!! hahahaha iut's really good so far!!!!!!!!!! Keep writting =]

Author's Response: Oh sweet! It's good to know some real-life Padfoots out there like my story, lol. Don't worry, I'm hard at work on the next chapter. And I'm probably gonna keep the story going as long as I can, cause I just don't wanna kill him! :( Maybe 7 or 8 more chapters, if I can manage it... Anyway, thanks for reviewing! --cb

Reviewer: shimotsuki
Date: 09/18/06 15:13
Chapter: Chapter Two

Another nice installment! From funny ("Dumbledore?" said Sirius, pouting. "Why's he getting more Aurors?) to poignant. Although, wouldn't Tonks be Sirius's second cousin rather than his niece?

About my last review: I didn't mean to suggest that Sirius was being insincere. I was surmising that he cares more about actually doing the right thing when he knows that he is setting an example for Harry; he might not have had as much strength to do what's right if he didn't have that extra sense of responsibility.

Anyway, looking forward to future updates!

Author's Response: Thanks again! Glad to know you're still enjoying it. Tonks is technically Sirius's 2nd cousin, but that would've been awkward to write. And in my family we call, like, my dad's 3rd cousin "uncle" and his kids "cousins" so I figured the Blacks could be the same way, lol. And Tonks probably thinks of Sirius as just a cousin, not an uncle. I think we have basically the same view of Sirius's attitude to Harry; from him staying cooped up in Grimmauld Place mostly for Harry's sake, to him really wanting to be a responsible adult when Harry's around. --cb

Reviewer: sunrays brother
Date: 09/15/06 5:47
Chapter: Chapter One

i loved it

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad to hear it! :D

Reviewer: shimotsuki
Date: 09/14/06 14:35
Chapter: Chapter One


The title almost sounds mocking, or sarcastic, but the story isn't like that at all. A well-written, plausible look inside Sirius's head, with nice allusions to canon ... and a really heartbreaking foreshadowing of the fight at the Ministry. Your have Sirius trying to curb some of his baser instincts because he worries about what Harry would think, and that seems just like something he would do.

Very nice! I'll keep my eye out for updates.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm so glad you liked it. :D I know the title is sort of at odds with the story, but I just couldn't resist. And Sirius isn't just worried what Harry would think, he actually cares about setting a good example and all that.

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