Reviews For Surviving Sirius
Reviewer: annenikki
Date: 03/25/05 12:14
Chapter: Ginny's Mistake

Your story is great! you are being way too hard on yourself! keep writing, i really like it. and your story seems like it could actually be harry potter: it isn't really cheesy like a lot of the other ones! thnx for the great story!

Reviewer: Bellatrix0905
Date: 03/24/05 22:40
Chapter: Familiar Stranger

It is areally good story, please update soon... I can not wait more.

Reviewer: winburngirl1
Date: 03/24/05 16:25
Chapter: Dark Secrets

MOre More MOre! Ilove it all!I have to find out what happens!

Reviewer: winburngirl1
Date: 03/23/05 19:58
Chapter: First Attempt

Oh my god! THat just about made me cry.=(It was very good for a first try at writing a suicidal attempt.

Reviewer: winburngirl1
Date: 03/23/05 18:20
Chapter: A Little Romance Never Hurt Anyone (Yet)

Poor Gin=( Suicide? sounds very dramatic!

Reviewer: winburngirl1
Date: 03/23/05 18:13
Chapter: History Lesson

that wa awesome! I can't wait to read more.I love the different points of veiw!

Reviewer: Rose
Date: 03/21/05 9:45
Chapter: Dark Secrets

it's a great story but I just can't stand harry being with Gem it just aint right!!! harry needs to be with ginny he can't be in love with another girl! though I do love ron and hermione. I read ur other fanfic "too far gone"n and absolutlely loved it, and I do love the way you have used the past from that fanfic in this one but still........ harry and ginny!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Like I have said before, it IS H/G but he has to learn to accept Sirius's death before he can move on...

Reviewer: Sirius_Black333
Date: 03/14/05 15:48
Chapter: Dark Secrets

hee hee I LOVE IT keep it coming

Author's Response: I will update during spring break... about 3 days more for me. then you will get your fanfic fix... :)

Reviewer: kai
Date: 03/12/05 13:51
Chapter: Dark Secrets

ohhh goood update soon please

Reviewer: Flame girl
Date: 03/12/05 9:22
Chapter: Dark Secrets

Oh my God. As much as I find myself not liking Gem because I'm obsessive about Harry/ginny I found my heart breaking for her. She has to live a life her mother chose for her, and it isn't fair, she is held back by things and haunted by it :(. It's so cruel. I really loveed the chapter and Ron/Hermione bit was very well written. I really like this fic.

Author's Response: I hope most of you feel bad for Gem, she really isn't the bad guy. Pretty soon she will find a new love (with someone unexpected) and Harry will end up with Ginny, but you have to suffer until then!

Reviewer: penname
Date: 03/12/05 6:45
Chapter: Dark Secrets

yay i finally review your work. You see, i was wating for a new chapter so that you would defianatly read. i read all of too far gone and i thoguht it was brilliant, but i didn't review sorry... i wanted to make sure you would read it... but it was such a great story, and i love how your stories all tie into one another, its a really origional idea. but that was a great chapter and i like untold truths aswell, btw. but i just have one concern, wouldn't sirius, being a bit hot-tempered, have shouted at snape one day, and harry would have found out about the rape before untold truths? it was great how you said dumbledore was trying to protect him becuase snape was destined to save his life (which i think will happen in the real books too) but don't you think he would have found out some time? just a small concern, they're all great stories. i hope you keep updating!

Author's Response: You are probably right and I wasn't thinking about the fights between Sirius and Snape, so bear with me and pretend that Harry couldn't have known. So far as I can tell that has been my one and only major book mistake. please feel free to correct me anytime and thank you for your review.

Reviewer: bigdreamer22
Date: 03/11/05 21:50
Chapter: Dark Secrets

Yeah, first to review!!! Great chapter. I was surprised that Harry wasn't more mad... maybe its love, but wait isn't this a Harry and Ginny fic? Very steamy at the end with Hermione and Ron!! Greta chapter and update soon please!!

Reviewer: bigdreamer22
Date: 03/11/05 21:48
Chapter: Dark Secrets

Yeah, first to review!!! Great chapter. I was surprised that Harry wasn't more mad... maybe its love, but wait isn't this a Harry and Ginny fic? Very steamy at the end with Hermione and Ron!! Greta chapter and update soon please!!

Reviewer: Greta_Prewett
Date: 03/11/05 13:04
Chapter: Better this way

I like it sooo much. It has been in my favs for ages and I just realised I haven't reviewed it! I love the plot, and I know Harry and Ginny are going to be together. There's just one thing. Sorry cause it's your name, but I really DON'T like Gem. Don't get me wrong, but she just stands in the way of true love! BAD person!!LOL *10*

Reviewer: Sirius_Black333
Date: 03/07/05 14:16
Chapter: Better this way

You have possibly the best harry fic going personally im really into the whole sirius/OC and James/lily but you are absolutely fabulous (excuse the new fav word please)

Author's Response: I'm confused, did you like Too Far Gone or Survivng Sirius?

Reviewer: Sarah lee
Date: 03/04/05 14:21
Chapter: History Lesson

ooooh this is cool its one of my favorites actually I m off to add it to moi s favorites

Reviewer: Sarah lee
Date: 03/04/05 13:48
Chapter: History Lesson

ooooh this is cool its one of my favorites actually I m off to add it to moi s favorites

Reviewer: I_Love_Sirius
Date: 03/02/05 1:48
Chapter: Better this way

Okay. Love this fic, I dislike with so much passion that I feel like bursting Harry/ Any OC ever!! I dont like Gem, but I like how you wrote her as not to be perfect. I absolutely dread Mary Sue's. I am a firm H/G shipper so I love this story. Hold your head up high, mighty author!!!

Author's Response: Only a few more chapters and Harry will be with Ginny. Just be patient, there is a severe chick fight in a couple of chapters.

Reviewer: scarsarelovely
Date: 02/28/05 19:57
Chapter: Better this way

im so glad you're back! i loved this chapter...and even though I'm not a big fan of ginny/harry, i'm finding myself rooting for them to get together! keep up the great work!

Author's Response: I have just sent in the next chapter so everyone keep your fingers crossed so it will be accepted. this one explains all about why Gem is so different

Reviewer: Hedwig22
Date: 02/28/05 15:05
Chapter: Better this way

Great Chapter,just Loved it! Udate soon!

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