Reviews For Drowning in Defeat
Reviewer: canufeelthemagictonight
Date: 10/26/13 9:51
Chapter: Drowning in Defeat

This is excellent. I like your characterization of Katie especially.

Reviewer: fatdobby
Date: 09/23/10 20:40
Chapter: Drowning in Defeat


Reviewer: Binka Fudge
Date: 07/25/08 19:28
Chapter: Drowning in Defeat

Excellent, You really have the characters down perfectly and I loved the ending.

Reviewer: greylady0405
Date: 10/17/07 16:57
Chapter: Drowning in Defeat

i am just soooo glad to see a katie story!!! i love her and i love this pairing and i love the way you did this story!!!! PPPPLLLLEEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE SO A SEQUEL!!!!
great job!!!!

Reviewer: Maire Potter
Date: 02/05/07 17:33
Chapter: Drowning in Defeat

OMG! I love your story! It's so cute. I like that you ended it where you did, cute but with a little bit of mystery, not too perfect. But it is just a lovely story overall.

Reviewer: beauty and brains
Date: 02/03/07 22:31
Chapter: Drowning in Defeat

Aww! So adorable! I now ship Ollie/Katie! :]

Author's Response: Aw, hooray! I'm glad you ship them now. They're such a sweet couple, I think. ^^

Reviewer: oceanianow
Date: 01/21/07 22:08
Chapter: Drowning in Defeat

I really liked this tory a lot! Graet job!

Reviewer: lilyevans91
Date: 11/21/06 17:42
Chapter: Drowning in Defeat

i love this! very sweet and fluffy, and i love the ending. great job, i like your writing style too. very cute!

Reviewer: lilyevans91
Date: 11/21/06 17:42
Chapter: Drowning in Defeat

i love this! very sweet and fluffy, and i love the ending. great job, i like your writing style too. very cute!

Reviewer: Sarkastik101
Date: 11/12/06 22:46
Chapter: Drowning in Defeat


Author's Response: Thanks! I love them too. I'm still debating whether or not to do a sequel, so we'll see.

Reviewer: sleeplessdreamer
Date: 11/05/06 21:52
Chapter: Drowning in Defeat

That's really cute. Though Olive is a bit over the hill with how badly he wanted to win. Its just a game, to have fun, its not a life and death thing. Oh well, nice fic, it was an interesting read.

Author's Response: Thanks! I see Oliver as a slightly insane sort of person, so... *shrugs* I'm glad that you liked it, though! ^^

Reviewer: hermyown713
Date: 10/16/06 17:42
Chapter: Drowning in Defeat

Ooooo... i like it.

Author's Response: I'm glad you do!

Reviewer: Maire Potter
Date: 09/09/06 15:54
Chapter: Drowning in Defeat

Awesome!!! I love It!! I like the way you phrase certain things. I dunno. It's cool. I really like the end!

" “Katie?” he suddenly said. “Thanks. For what you did today. I reckon—I reckon you might’ve saved my life.”

Katie smiled, and bent to kiss him on the cheek. “Good-night, Oliver,” she whispered against his skin. Then she straightened and strode toward the girls’ dormitories, her heart fluttering a bit more than normal.

And if she had looked back, she would have seen him lightly touching the place where her lips had been, a grin slowly spreading across his face. "

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm really glad that you enjoyed it, and that you liked how I phrased things. I am particularly fond of the ending myself. ^^

Reviewer: Samuri Rose
Date: 09/06/06 11:06
Chapter: Drowning in Defeat

you must add another chapter pleeeeeaase!!!!!!
oh, i absolutely love this by the way!
Samuri Rosexxx

Author's Response: Ah, alas, this is only a one-shot, and will forever stay as thus. The convenient thing about one-shots, however, is that there is always room for a sequel. So keep an eye out. It might not be posted for a while, but I do know what I'm going to do it on when I get around to it. ;) But I'm so glad that you enjoyed this! :)

Reviewer: sunshine
Date: 09/05/06 17:31
Chapter: Drowning in Defeat

Wow, I rarely review romance fics, but this one was really great! I often thought of Oliver/Katie, but have never found a fanfic for it. This was great, not overdone at all.
Very sweet : )

Author's Response: Then I am doubly grateful to have received your review! I am so glad that you enjoyed it! I agree that there aren't very many KBOW stories, though you can find some if you look extremely hard. ( has one or two very good ones, but I haven't found any anywhere else.)

Reviewer: notabanana
Date: 09/05/06 14:57
Chapter: Drowning in Defeat

That was adorable! It leaves you all happy inside...even though I still think that Oliver is a bit of a maniac. Great job...I love missing moments!!!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm gad that it did! Oliver is insane, really. That's why I like him so much. ^^ Hee hee. Missing moments are the best sorts of stories!

Reviewer: Comette
Date: 09/03/06 23:56
Chapter: Drowning in Defeat

I... love you. This has GOT to be the best thing I've read in a LONG time. They were so in character, I could really see this happening. And you didn't jump into anything and make it cliche at all... It was so cute, I adore this story. I like how you went back and explained how they met. All of it was so believable, and I don't think I'd mind reading more if you decide to make it chaptered. It really was great.

Thanks for making a great end to my day ;)

Author's Response: WOW! Thank you so much! I'm really, insanely flattered with this! ^_^ Now I'm starting to wish I'd made it chaptered! Heh. I"m glad it made the end of your day! ♥

Reviewer: Islander
Date: 09/01/06 21:37
Chapter: Drowning in Defeat

Heehee, you're on this site, too! I found you on accident while looking through the "Other Pairings" section, which is where quite a few of my fics are located. Just wanted to say hi. Very good story, by the way, as I said in my review at HPFF :)

Author's Response: ZOMG, Islander, you're here as well? I just decided to test Mugglenet out for size, and I've been quickly discovering that there are a lot of HPFF authors (and ones) on here as well! It's good to see a familar name!

Reviewer: TheReal_LunaLovegood
Date: 09/01/06 2:44
Chapter: Drowning in Defeat

awww...why did that have to be only a one thing only?? i liked was cute(never thought I'd ever say that in my life)

Author's Response: I know, I know. Surprisingly, though, it was actually longer than I originally intended it to be. Although, I have decided that I really, really like doing Missing Moments-type stories, especially when it's this particular pairing. So I have been considering doing another one, when I find more time. I'm glad that you enjoyed it, though! ^_^

Reviewer: hogwartswannabe
Date: 08/31/06 22:47
Chapter: Drowning in Defeat

i loved this story!! i love all stories with oliver wood and katie, because j.k.r. never really seemed to include them in the books!!

Author's Response: I'm so happy that you did! I remember when I first wrote this, I went all across the internet, searching far and wide for KBOW stories. I actually had an entire day over the summer of reading a couple of chaptered ones! I really wish JKR had expanded upon their characters a bit more.

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