Reviewer: Banana Shroogle
Date: 11/19/06 15:38
Chapter: Prologue: Version 2.0

I just realised how many comments I've left. Sorry if I'm coming off as obsessive or something.

BUT WHAT! I just read some of your replies to people, and you said there's only one more chapter left, or something. Is that true? Or are you referring to something else?

Author's Response: Please, don't be sorry!!! I love it and I love to know that my ditties are appreciated! Not quite true--- there are 12 chapters in all, not including the prologue, so after "Dog New Tricks" there will be three more chapters, entitled (in case you don't have the Garbage CD I'm basing this novel off of) My Lover's Box, Fix Me Now, and Milk.

Reviewer: Banana Shroogle
Date: 11/19/06 15:34
Chapter: Vow

This is seriously getting creepy and downright gross. Please, don't put such, er, violent and drastic methods of murder in the rest of the story.


Ever watched Saw? Or Chainsaw Massacre? Or Haloween Resurrection? Or CSI? Or...I could go on, but you get the point. This is the 21st century :D

Plus, her methods of killing the Death Eaters aren't that extreme. I mean, chopping people's heads off, in real life, would be a bit creepy, but at least she doesn't take the head and...I dunno, cook it and eat it or something equally disgusting.

..Ew. I just imagined that.

Author's Response: Sorry about the nasty factor, but I really can't help it. That's just the way things had to roll in this fic. I'd better warn you in advance- chapter 11 "Fix Me Now" has some pretty graphic scenes and some disgusting ideas of revenge, so... read it at your own risk. Hahaha- I DID see Texas, but I was liike, 14 so I don't really remember it. I personally think horror movies are stupid, so I'm really sad if that's how this fic is coming across. Yeah-- that would Suck, actually. But rest at ease--- Ginny's not going to be eating any hearts or anything. But I'm going to stop before I give away anything.

Reviewer: GinnyPottergirl
Date: 11/19/06 0:38
Chapter: Dog New Tricks

Yay! She's probably going to see Exavier again! Please update soon!

Author's Response: :-) WIll do.

Reviewer: GinnyPottergirl
Date: 11/19/06 0:22
Chapter: Stupid Girl

No offense meant, but this doesn't seem to be getting along with the whole, kill Mouldy Butt, bit.

Author's Response: lol! Don't worry, we'll get there, I promise you. ...and soon, too.

Reviewer: Banana Shroogle
Date: 11/19/06 0:19
Chapter: Dog New Tricks

Please update! I mean, you just did today (or yesterday. Something), but this is so good!

Author's Response: Hahah! All right--- I'm on it now!

Reviewer: GinnyPottergirl
Date: 11/19/06 0:08
Chapter: Vow

This is seriously getting creepy and downright gross. Please, don't put such, er, violent and drastic methods of murder in the rest of the story.

Author's Response: Sorry it freaks you, but that's just the way it's gotta roll. I left a more detailed comment to a similar review, if you'd like to read that. Hope you'll keep reading.

Reviewer: GinnyPottergirl
Date: 11/18/06 23:45
Chapter: A Stroke of Luck

That was good, but it's the first fanfic that's made me be on the edge of tears in a month. I actually almost started to cry.

Author's Response: I'm so happy I moved you, and I hope to keep doing so!

Reviewer: Banana Shroogle
Date: 11/18/06 23:44
Chapter: Vow

*looks around* Eh...back?

Just wanted to say that it wasn't crappy girl power, it was good. Sort of like Chalzie Theron in that movie. I've never actually seen it, but it like she was capable of kicking butt in the trailer.

Author's Response: HEHEH!!! YAY!!! I'm glad someone knowswhat I'm talking (or, writing, rather) about!!! THanks for the support!

Reviewer: Banana Shroogle
Date: 11/18/06 23:41
Chapter: Vow

I will say this again- my favourite fanfic. Ever!

So much girl power! (that's not why it's my favourite story, but it does have its merits).

The way you write is so good! And Ginny's comments are awsome. I loved in the chapter with Voldemort, when he was holding the two girls hostage, how she...well, I won't explain, since you wrote it, but it was great. really don't like the Weasleys living, do you? Love 'em dead. ^_^

Oh, and when the secretary opened the packages, I though it would be something gross, but something along the lines of a tounge or something. Don't ask why.

Now I'm gonna go back and finish reading it. ( I started commenting right after they found the heads).

Author's Response: YAY!!!!!!!!!!! AND THANK YOU!!!! And I'd love to hear your elaborations on Ginny's dealings w/ Voldemort. I'm so glad you liked it-- I'll have to go back and read it to see if I can figure out what you're talking about. And I DO wantthe Weasleys to live!! I do!! This is just a dystopic version (read: worst possible scenario) of what I imagined happening if Voldemort "won" against Harry. A Tongue??? LOL. I could see that, seeing as every time Ginny comes in contact w/ LV, she gives him a tongue-lashing. Thanks for commenting!

Reviewer: GinnyPottergirl
Date: 11/18/06 23:28
Chapter: Not My Idea

When did she put the portkeys on the doubles?

Author's Response: lol!!! I love this question---- when she brushed Shamra's hair off her face and pulled up the strap of her tank top from falling off her shoulder- she put the portkey underneath it. She attached Melinda's to the imitation dragon pendant. :-)

Reviewer: GinnyPottergirl
Date: 11/18/06 23:13
Chapter: As Heaven is Wide

Why does no one believe her? Why is Hermione bothering to take the royal pain in the arse around to pretend she has Ginny's support?

Author's Response: Hermione's after anythign that can build her reputation and keep her in office. Ginny is the last link to the world's former savior, so of course she'd want on that broomstick!

Reviewer: GinnyPottergirl
Date: 11/18/06 22:57
Chapter: Only Happy When it Rains

Did ANYONE have even half a brain to realize that she was truthful? God, they're thick!

Author's Response: um.... well, look how dumb the American populace can be sometimes. People will believe anything that will make them feel better.... Oh, and I read somewhere that Charlie Chaplin actually got like, 3rd place in his own look-alike contest. HAHAH!

Reviewer: GinnyPottergirl
Date: 11/18/06 22:40
Chapter: Queer

OK, Draco has TOTALLY lost it! Ew! Blegh!!

Author's Response: HAhaha. For sure.

Reviewer: GinnyPottergirl
Date: 11/18/06 22:26
Chapter: Supervixen

Why is Hermione so darn evil? And how's Ginny going to find ol' Moldy-Butt? Where is he?

Author's Response: Heheh--- he's hiding, but she has her ways. Read on!!!

Reviewer: Banana Shroogle
Date: 11/18/06 21:11
Chapter: Prologue: Version 2.0

This story is effing brilliant! It's original, and has girl power. And everybody loves girl power.

Still think it's creepy to name a baby after an old, crippled, bald man (it is him, isn't it?), but this is officially my favourite story.

Author's Response: I am so glad you love it!!! And I'm even more pleased that you feel it's original!!! Old crippled bald man??? Huh??? I don't know who you're referring to- I just really like the name Exavier.... well, I suppose it would be 'Xavier", but adding the E makes it more original and better to me. :-) Who were u talking about tho??

Reviewer: Banana Shroogle
Date: 11/18/06 20:24
Chapter: Queer

Wow, apart from the Pederast thing, Draco actually seemed nice.

Reminded me of Teabing in the Da Vinci Code

Author's Response: He IS nice. :-) More of him later.

Reviewer: Banana Shroogle
Date: 11/18/06 20:00
Chapter: Prologue: Version 2.0

Ooh, Ginny kicks butt.

Author's Response: Damn straight!!!

Reviewer: Banana Shroogle
Date: 11/18/06 19:41
Chapter: Prologue: Version 2.0

Damn Hermione. I mean, I know she wouldn't do something like that in the books, but still, when you read fanfics that are well written, you sort of feel like you are reading the books.

Author's Response: Reading between the lines, Im just going to say thank you. Thank you VERY VERY much.

Reviewer: magicalmuggle911
Date: 11/18/06 15:05
Chapter: Dog New Tricks

fab chapter good work.I'm glad that hermione got what she deserved she was bugging me lol please update soon

Author's Response: it's always niec to see the bitch get her comeuppance. :-)

Reviewer: ms_ski
Date: 11/18/06 13:51
Chapter: Dog New Tricks

Ok, I just read your reply and there are 3 chapters left. I feel a tiny bit better, but still a little sad.

Author's Response: Yeah, me too. I'm going to miss this Ginny. She was (and still is) so real to me!

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