Reviews For After
Reviewer: monaal
Date: 12/05/08 0:34
Chapter: After

you deserve a lot more reviews then you get

Reviewer: hpreader1
Date: 09/11/08 20:03
Chapter: After

It's amazing what parents will do to protect their children.

Reviewer: tatjanablack
Date: 09/02/08 10:12
Chapter: After

you are talented. I loved this one.

Reviewer: SoccerHobb
Date: 07/28/07 22:52
Chapter: After

oh, this was so sad, but also sort of sweet that harry's a father and all......great job and keep up the good work!

Reviewer: emLILY EVANS
Date: 05/30/07 19:58
Chapter: After

omg omg i do know what 2 say now im sad

Reviewer: FullofLife
Date: 05/07/07 10:26
Chapter: After

O_O That was amazing. Amazing. Totally amazing. The way Harry talked about Ginny was perfect - not overdone or too fluffy or to "ugh-that-would-never-happen". Perfect. Totally Harry.

Reviewer: Ron x Hermione
Date: 04/23/07 19:54
Chapter: After

While I am not experienced in the least in writing in first person, you, my friend, are very gifted. At first you held the mysterity of who the character truly was, and you nearly held that to the end. Poor, poor, Harry. . . The poor thing has already lost basically everyone he has loved --- his parents, Sirius, headmaster; no telling who he will lose in the seventh instalment --- he has to lose all of his friends all over again, and most likely forever because of the Death Eaters. This was one of the best Dark/Angsty one shots I have ever read, and I really mean that. You have a great gift for writing about trouble and sorrows.

I thought about it, though, in my darkest moments. Returning, I mean. Not simply for the money, but the opportunities that I would be able to provide for my son. Alone, in the depths of the night's darkness, I argued with myself for hours about it, debating inside my own head until the light of morning would shine through the window, and I would rise, facing yet another day. The argument would be forgotten, put aside, until the night crept over me once more, and the cycle began again.

I absolutely adore this writing, dear. It captures the emotions of not only your character, but the way he treats himself. It goes deeper than love for his own self, but for his son as well. he cares about him, and that's wonderful that you've portrayed it that way. The way you've written that sentence is just beautiful, and the 'battles with his mind' are depicted perfectly.

I never wanted children because I was afraid of the kind of parent I would be; I had no example other than the Dursleys to guide me, and that was no guidance at all.

The poor, misguided Dursley's being his only sign of a parent? Hm . . . what about Mr. and Mrs. Weasley? If Harry is an adult, then he would have known about the Weasleys by now, and they would have been a very heart-warming example for his children. Other than that, the Weasleys versus the Dursleys . . . that's no contest at all.

And, oh my. The way you have portrayed Harry's emotions to his love, Ginny . . . I can actually feel what it is he's going through, the way you've portrayed it. You've written this as if it's from another Point of View--- as if you had experienced this yourself. I sure hope not, but this is an amazing piece of writing as well. Oh no, and Ginny. The way you've described her death just brought tears to my eyes, and Harry is the one who had loved her. Those Death Eater are just horrid human-er- beings.

You have a gift for depicting the emotions and portrayal of characters, and you don't get them OOC. That's a very good knack to have. :)

Oh, my, and again, your writing. For Harry being trapped in the Muggle World that way is just so sad to see the poor man. It's good to see that he is keeping his son safe, but without any friends? I tend to think that he would at least have some kind of way to communicate with Ron and Hermione, no less the rest of the Weasley clan. And if he misses even Percy you know that that is a sign of no friends. And even if Harry is the 'Boy Who Lived' in the Wizarding World, he could be 'Just Harry' in the Muggle World with the Dursleys. He's nothing special in the Muggle World, and I'll bet he's finally feeling that. Yet, one would want to think that he kind of misses a certain boy with a camera coming up and clicking pictures at his face every few moments. Poor Harry!

Harry's emotions for Ginny have sent me into tears, literally. The way you wrote about how he loved her is just so sweet. It tells the reader that Harry really, truly loved her, no matter what anyone else said, and when she died, he really, truly was hurt deep. He left the Wizarding World because of her memories--- death can haunt a person in many different ways, and I hope that Harry is now all right.

Oh, how great a sequel or next chapter to this would be! I know that you would write it detailed and beautifully.

I can completely understand how wouldn't want his son exposed to the paparazzi and other maniacs of the Wizarding World. When you love someone---especially a son--- you want to protect them in more ways than one.

I just have a few tiny nitpicks to help you out:

I saw the headline of Witches Weekly the other day, as I snuck into a local magical pub.

I think that you had meant 'Witch Weekly', and you don't need a comma after 'as'.

Harry Potter Found Living Luxuriously in Bermuda, the words flashed as a overhead shot of a sprawling property was plasted below on the page.

I think that you meant 'plastered' instead of 'plasted'.

I get up from my bed, ready to face another day, ready to care for the only person I have left, and ready to live my life as the Muggle, the man, that Iíve become.

Truly amazing ending. It shows how much Harry cares for his son to leave every other thing in the world he's ever cared for to protect him. While it's very said, Harry must know that he has to move on.

And now, I must move on from your story, even though my eyes have now read it twice. XD

Thanks for the great read,

~Lindsey :)

Author's Response: Oh my goodness! What an incredible review! I'm so touched that you took so much out of your own time to leave me such excellent feeback! Unfortunately, I have a final tomorrow, so I'm not able to respond as fully as I'd like, but thanks so much for your beautiful review, and I'm so glad you enjoyed this vignette! With much appreciation, - Aelan

Reviewer: Pirate Fanatic
Date: 04/04/07 10:52
Chapter: After

This first person story could easily fit in the dark/angsty category. Rather depressing...

Reviewer: ginny_potter72
Date: 02/06/07 9:41
Chapter: After

omg i hate made me cry like a baby...luv the story tho...but since you made ginny die it is a 9/ is beautifully (dont think i spelled that right) written...very touching....


Reviewer: A_Pink_lady
Date: 09/24/06 14:12
Chapter: After

that was so sad, it was so well written. amazing!

Reviewer: Valentinia
Date: 09/23/06 22:49
Chapter: After

A powerful post-war fic! I like the way you don't assume that everyone will live happily ever after as soon as Voldemort is dead. Harry's son must be a wizard though, I'm assuming. I would love to see a sequel, with him getting a Hogwarts letter. But this was also a great one-shot about what it means to be different. Harry's characterization is great, too!

Reviewer: phoenix_trills
Date: 09/04/06 20:26
Chapter: After

Oh, GOSH that's sad!! Very very different from your humor story I read mere minutes ago. Even so, I loved it. It was so beautiful and sad and I hope book 7 doesn't end like this, because that would be way too hard to take. Ha.

Reviewer: JC_Cainstone
Date: 08/27/06 5:56
Chapter: After

God, that was sad! I love your style of writing as it is so emotional and thought out. And, although I don't necessarily think that Harry would ever think or act exactly as you have portrayed him, this was a beautiful and well-written fic!

Reviewer: KASK
Date: 08/26/06 11:10
Chapter: After

Again, beautifully done. I love all your stories, and this is no exception. You are an excellent writer and always capture emotion wonderfully. I can't wait to read another one of your stories.

Reviewer: ginnyp_harryp
Date: 08/26/06 9:19
Chapter: After

loved it hough!

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