Reviews For Turning the Corner
Reviewer: rambkowalczyk
Date: 10/20/06 22:30
Chapter: Crisis in the Greenhouse

Delightful chapter. One thing I noticed about this story is that it sort of reminds me of "Clueless", the girl who tries to help other people with their problems but is inept with her own. Not that Michael is a matchmaker, but he is an empathetic person to Blaise's jilted girls, as well as Parvarti when she got disappointed by her hopedfor date.

BTW the letters after ramb is a Polish last name that is the equivalent to Smith in English. Out of curiousity is English a second language? Generally speaking your grammar and syntax is good (much better than I could express in French) but I noticed a couple of quirky expressions.

Author's Response: Hi Ramb, That's an interesting etymology. I don't know any Slavic languages, so I would never have worked out Kowalczyk by myself. Are you actually Polish, or is this an ancestral left-over? I hadn't heard of "Clueless", but it sounds a bit like a modern version of "Emma". Emma means well, but she really doesn't understand other people, or the limits of what's her own business. I supose I could say the same for Michael Corner! Yes, English is my native language. I am a very British person, but of course not all Brits speak alike. Morag MacDougal uses grammatical constructions that are only correct in Scotland (she lives near Loch Ness). Lisa Turpin's English is not "correct", but it's the way a working-class Yorkshire girl really talks. Terry Boot, who is from Nottingham, likes to quote from an old-fashioned version of the Bible, which would be disconcerting if you don't recognise his quotations. Thank you for keeping up the reviews, GhV

Reviewer: the_wind
Date: 10/18/06 3:45
Chapter: Inferential Statistics

A good story. Not the sort of fanfic you see every day, but that just makes it better. There's also just the right amount of humor, romance, et cetera. Keep it up!

Author's Response: Dear The Wind, Thanks for taking the time to review. I'm always glad to hear whether I'm hitting the right note with my readers (especially when they tell me that I am!). I suspect that what makes this story different is that it's about Michael - Ginny and the rest are only supporting cast. And thank you for laughing at my jokes! Regards, GhV

Reviewer: rambkowalczyk
Date: 10/17/06 16:14
Chapter: Damsel in Distress

I like the detail you've put into the spells and counterspells. Makes for an amusing story.

Author's Response: Thanks, I had great fun designing those spells! GhV

Reviewer: rambkowalczyk
Date: 10/17/06 16:06
Chapter: The Lotus Drowned

Just saw this story on the recently added, so I started reading it. Good story about the ups and downs of teenage love or not love in this case. I like the periodic reference to the book of wisdom. Although humorless is not how I think of your Michael character (that's really more Zacharius imho) I like how the word or wisdom is interpreted. The only thing that seems out of place is that Zacharius is going with Pavarti. Canon wise she went with Harry. Or will she dump Zach for the boy who lived?

Author's Response: Dear Rambkowalczyk, Great username? What does it mean? Thanks for reviewing. As you say, this story is more about the "downs" of "not" love. And, yes, Michael does have a sense of humour, but he isn't good at laughing at himself. I agree, however, that Zacharias would be even worse, and I doubt that Draco is any good at it either. The Ball does not start until Chapter 16, so there is plenty of time for Parvati to sort out her dancing partner. Don't worry, the story is canon-friendly. Regards, GhV

Reviewer: shimotsuki
Date: 10/01/06 15:28
Chapter: Chucked

I'm still here, reading and enjoying. I've particularly liked Krum's cameo in chapter 6, and Malfoy's "cheatproofing" of Zabini in chapter 7.

I've never really understood the Michael and Padma relationship very well in this story, but perhaps what we learn here in chapter 8 is that Michael and Padma haven't been understanding it that well, either.

Looking forward to more chapters.

Author's Response: Dear Shimotsuki, Thanks for keeping up the reviews. My son did help with the cheat-proofing part of the plot, but I threw in the reference to Pascal, just in case you missed it the first time. I don't think you need to understand "why" a 14-year-old boy fancies a 13-year-old girl; it just shows that his hormones are working. Their ship is now well and truly sunk, and both are ready to move on. More chapters are in the queue, GhV

Reviewer: capella_black
Date: 09/22/06 16:36
Chapter: The River-Lotus

I'd never have thought a fic about Michael Corner would capture my interest, but whaddya know... it has! The first chapter is good, and it's refreshing to see things from a totally new POV instead of the same old, way overdone main characters. :D

Author's Response: Dear Capella, Congratulations on reading something outside your comfort zone. I am so glad you did! Thank you for taking the truoble to review. Regards, GhV

Reviewer: shimotsuki
Date: 09/08/06 14:51
Chapter: A Bucket of Hexes

When I visited MNFF as a visitor a few months ago, "Moons of Deceit" was one of the stories I most enjoyed, so I was delighted to find that you're posting a new story. Now that I have an account, I wanted to be sure to leave a review.

"Turning the Corner" looks like it will be quite different but equally compelling. Stories that take on canon events from the viewpoints of minor characters, and explain why those characters do what they do when we see them in canon, are fun to read. And you do a lovely job both with storytelling and character development (I liked Ariadne very much in MoD), so I look forward to finding out more about your version of Michael. Not to mention Blaise's bet with Draco -- which can't possibly end well! -- and all those wonderful questions you raised in the Introduction to Chapter 1.

So far, your Michael seems a very good fit for Ravenclaw. He is a sympathetic character, but he has quite an analytical outlook on life, even on its emotional aspects.

Author's Response: Dear Shimotsuki, Congratulations on acquiring an account. You could make no better use of it than to write reviews! "Turning the Corner" is a rather frivolous story, but I promise you the Slytherins' bet will end badly for all concerned. Michael is quite the White Knight in comparison - or so he'd like you to believe. Thank you for taking the trouble to write such a thoughtful review. After I've finished with "Corner", I shall be posting a sequel to "Moons of Deceit". Best wishes, GhV

Reviewer: Zacko Borni
Date: 08/30/06 10:03
Chapter: A Happy Announcement

Heyyyy! No offence, but how is this a story about a Jedi?

Author's Response: Jedi? I think you're in the wrong fandom. This is a Harry Potter rip-off. GhV

Reviewer: mugglegurl
Date: 08/30/06 9:59
Chapter: A Happy Announcement

I really enjoyed this story so far. I was just thinking, "I wonder how Ginny and Michael hook up" when I came across your story. Nice job!

Author's Response: What a wonderful coincidence - I'm so glad I was able to answer your question. Actually you don't meet Ginny until chapter 17; we have to torture Michael a little first. Thank you for taking the trouble to review. Regards, GhV

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