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Reviewer: Kiryn
Date: 05/25/08 1:00
Chapter: Gillian's History

Updates, yes?

Author's Response: Yes, it's still updating! Thanks for reading and reviewing...I have a few updates ready and I'm just waiting on my beta. :)

Reviewer: Kiryn
Date: 05/12/08 15:31
Chapter: Gillian's History

Overall, a very good fic, and I hope you update soon! And I was wondering, Ted as in Ted Tonks? Or is Ted just a wizard stationed there to keep an eye on wizarding affects on Muggles? Either way, I like how he says that Harry Potter is a disturbed boy, because it fits with both his Privet Drive image, and the way the Ministry's currently making him out to be a liar. Again, great job!

Reviewer: red haired mom
Date: 10/08/07 13:43
Chapter: Wands and Wizards

Amazingly fitted into the dialogue from the book. I was slightly worried that it wouldn’t flow properly, but you did it remarkably well.
I love that she keeps being drawn to Harry and the Dursley’s house. Not to mention, that she is reacting very well to the things she has seen and now heard. Not just any muggle could be that accepting. I know things aren’t a bed of roses for her; well maybe, but they still have the thorns.
My only complaint would be, Moody can see through things with his eye, and in this situation, I think he would have seen her outside. Even though he was focused on what was going on in the house, he would have been focused on the outside also.
Excellent chapter, and I apologize for taking so long to read and review, but I have been busy writing and posting two one shots and more chapters of my WIP. Thanks for the escape into your story for a while, see you at the next chapter.

Author's Response: I was worried about what to do with Moody when I wrote this. What I was trying to convey was that she was not crouching, but lying flat on the ground, therefore harder to see...especially with Moody's now malfunctioning eye (I was crutching a lot on the idea that his eye is broken, and therefore it's harder to focus on one thing). Of course, in the end, he does see her...since, in the air, they all veer off to the side and out of sight :)

Reviewer: Stubbornly_appeared
Date: 10/05/07 18:18
Chapter: Wands and Wizards

Wow, cool! You should definitely keep this up.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm a little sporadic about updates, but I do have about 5 more chapters written! They just keep getting held up in mugglenet verification. (I'm really glad the verification process is so picky here, because it really improves the overall quality of the fiction, but ti's very frustrating when your chapter is denied after days of waiting for things like not capitalizing "Muggle", lol).

Reviewer: devil_duckling
Date: 10/05/07 17:34
Chapter: Wands and Wizards

No offense, but this is a Mary Sue...

Author's Response: I don't understand how Gillian is developed enough yet for you to make a judgment call about her character...especially one accusing her of being a "Mary Sue" when she already has obvious issues regarding self-worth, paranoia, and a chronic need to feel different. None of these are meant to be characteristics that I'm idealizing, since I am not an angsty preteen. Rather, they are immature characteristics specifically written into a character who has a lot of growing up to do. I'm sorry that you couldn't see that and were in such a rush to make judgments that make you feel insightful.

Reviewer: Pottergirl
Date: 08/27/07 19:41
Chapter: Gillian's History

Oddly enough, this sounds a lot like Roal Dahl's bokk, Matilda. I loved that book, and the movie, and I still do, it was a great read and watch! 10/10

Author's Response: A compliment I'm sure I'm not worthy of. I LOVE Roal Dahl. He's amazing.

Reviewer: red haired mom
Date: 07/30/07 23:04
Chapter: Welcome to Therapy

A therapist huh? Well the muggles need something to help with the dementors swirling around don’t they. A funny thought hit me while I was reading the doctors visit. Ted, would that be Ted Tonks even though his last name here is Clark? Or is it someone else that would know magical remedies? But even if he was why would he call Harry “a very disturbed boy?” I really can’t wait for the next chapter, so I hope you find a beta soon. Good luck and happy (quick) writing. See you then.

Author's Response: All great questions...I wonder if they'll be answered *sneaky face*

Reviewer: red haired mom
Date: 07/30/07 23:03
Chapter: Tombstones and Cauldrons

Oh dear, this just keeps getting better and better. I hope for Gillian’s sake she doesn’t allow that name to slip out in front of the Dursleys. I am trying to figure out why she would be having Harry’s nightmare. Unless he did more magic than he thought he did. Curiouser and curiouser, I guess I need to read the next chapter to find out what’s going on. See you there.

Reviewer: red haired mom
Date: 07/30/07 23:03
Chapter: A Cold Presence

Wow, that chapter, while a little short for my taste, was really good. I like that you have added another person to the events of that fateful night. I wonder if she had looked up, would she have seen the dementors, or just felt the effects? Nice teaser in the summary, and now it has me wondering. Hopefully she will be able to overcome her fear of that Potter boy soon. See you at the next one.

Reviewer: red haired mom
Date: 07/30/07 23:03
Chapter: Gillian's History

I have a feeling I’m going to like Gillian, just for the simple but heartbreaking fact, she was basically thrown away. First into a children’s home, whether she was orphaned, or thrown away, you haven’t told us, then when Piers was born, by the two who had promised to love her. If this wasn’t a fictional story, I would really be angry with the characters.
So far I am enjoying the story, but I wish the chapters were longer. Anyway, I am reviewing as I am reading, just jotting down thoughts as I get them, and will post them for each chapter all at the same time. See you at the next one.

Reviewer: A Magical Muggle
Date: 05/11/07 15:15
Chapter: Welcome to Therapy

It's so good!

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it so much! Do keep reading and reviewing, it means a lot to me!

Reviewer: Chaser921
Date: 05/06/07 0:38
Chapter: Welcome to Therapy

Excellent! Ted's a wizard! That was a nice little twist you threw in there. I look forward to reading the rest!

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it! Please do keep reading!

Reviewer: Chaser921
Date: 05/06/07 0:31
Chapter: Gillian's History

Aw, poor Gillian. I don't think it's weird that she read Beauty and the Beast as a little kid; I did! Though the Polkisses do seem a bit like the Dursleys in that any little thing that's the least bit odd is bad. Ah well. Good start!

Author's Response: Thanks a lot! I don't think it's weird either...Gillian just didn't get adopted into the right family for her. I hope you keep reading!

Reviewer: starfisher
Date: 05/05/07 23:01
Chapter: Welcome to Therapy

Love this story, please update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! The next update should be up very soon!

Reviewer: Shadow2007
Date: 05/05/07 21:30
Chapter: Gillian's History

Really good so far! Can't wait for more :D Update as soon as possible please.

Author's Response: Thank you and I am! The update should be up as soon as it is approved!

Reviewer: phoenix_fille
Date: 05/05/07 18:18
Chapter: Welcome to Therapy

Good story, but what happens next? Update soon!

Author's Response: I don't know what happens next! Lol. Actually, the next chapter should be up as soon as it is approved. I hope you enjoy took a lot of time, I kept having to look study England's geography and such! What a nightmare!

Reviewer: I Am Peeves
Date: 05/05/07 17:44
Chapter: Welcome to Therapy

This looks really interesting. I like Gillian. Please update soon.

Author's Response: Thank you, I tried to make her pretty personable! I should have an update up as soon as they approve the next chapter.

Reviewer: HedwigsChristie
Date: 12/31/06 17:42
Chapter: Gillian's History

Seems like a good story update soon please its been ages
good luck with your creation

Reviewer: HedwigsChristie
Date: 11/09/06 14:40
Chapter: A Cold Presence

hmm seems good very intersting
please update it looks like im going to enjoy this story

Reviewer: ladyeulalie
Date: 08/27/06 5:51
Chapter: Gillian's History

hey.. this is interesting.. :).. hope that you will update soon.

Author's Response: Thank you very much for your interest :) I hope you find the rest of the story as interesting.

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