Reviewer: theempresslol
Date: 01/02/11 19:56
Chapter: A little water CAN hurt

Now when I read SS I won't be able to look at this scene the same again. Before when I read SS I thought that (during this part) Fred and George were just being Fred and George. Nice way of looking at it.

Reviewer: Binka Fudge
Date: 07/29/08 20:32
Chapter: A little water CAN hurt

Wxcellent, but it's a good job the effects wore off or classes would be a fiasco and Quidditch would be even more dangerous than usual.

Reviewer: miss padfoot
Date: 09/06/07 2:48
Chapter: A little water CAN hurt

Leslie! *squishes SPEW Buddy* My, oh, what a cute, little story!

I’m amazed at how easily you seem to write Fred and George. They’re the type of characters that I’d rather just let JKR write, but your portrayal of them was so close to canon that I could’ve sworn it was an extra scene in PS that we never found out about. ;) I especially liked how they kept switching bodies in the middle of interrupting each other. Hilarious!

Aw, and the scene with Ginny was so sweet! It was nice to read about the brother-sister relationship without making it sound corny or anything. =]

“Why, George! I have no idea what she’s talking about, do you?”

George coughed. “I think I do, Fred.”

LOL. That was just so funny, and a George thing to say! *giggles*

You definitely win at creativity with this fic here. Everyone just assumes Fred and George were messing around with their Mum as usual in that scene in PS, but wow, you’ve created such a nice explanation for it that it completely changes the way I look at that scene. Indeed, I think every time I read that scene in PS, I’m going to be forcibly reminded of this fic. Which is rather nice. =]

“Oh dear,” said George from Fred’s body. “Oh dear, oh dear.”

Hee, I wonder if George would use more “colourful” words here. ;)

I caught just one typo for you:

Mum had come up the stairs and, while, not particularly interested in their conversatin about scars, was interested in the messiness of their room and the emptiness of their trunks.

I wonder if you need that comma after “while”. I think it flows better without it, but that could be just me. Also, “conversation” is missing an ‘o’. =]

“Good morning, Fred. Good morning, George. All packed and ready to go?”

It could be just me, but I thought this line was too stiff for Mrs Weasley. It’s too formal, you know? Similarly with the “good nights” in the scene with Ginny. I’d rather she just say “Good morning, Fred, George.” That feels more like Mrs Weasley. =]

Fred and George grinned at each other. It seemed they were back in business.

*grin* Loved that ending!

Overall, thanks for such an entertaining read, my dear! Oh, and congrats on being a finalist! You definitely deserved that. =]

Reviewer: muggler180
Date: 03/17/07 20:51
Chapter: A little water CAN hurt

i always reread this story because i love how funny it is

Reviewer: Leahr
Date: 01/11/07 20:22
Chapter: A little water CAN hurt

lol. Really funny. I guess that line where they pretend to be each other really inspired you. Best switching story I've seen, I think.

Reviewer: kmb86
Date: 10/03/06 20:28
Chapter: A little water CAN hurt

haha i really liked that! i loved how you interpereted those lines of diolouge in the from the story

Author's Response: thanks for your review! i'm glad you liked the way my bunny turned out; I'm rather pleased with it myself! Thanks again and have a nice day! *D*

Reviewer: Ginny4evah
Date: 08/13/06 13:03
Chapter: A little water CAN hurt

Oops, just read the book and it seems I was wrong, the whole 'honestly woman' stuff WAS in the book...humtidumtidum...Honestly, girl, call yourself a Harry Potter fan..?! ;)

Author's Response: lol

Reviewer: Ginny4evah
Date: 08/13/06 12:56
Chapter: A little water CAN hurt

REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALL (you want me to go on, or am I allowed to stop now..? ;)) good!!! I really like the way you used the dialogue from the movie (the 'honestly woman, you call yourself our mother' thing wasn't in the book, or was it..? mm...and I call myself a Harry Potter fan...ritiditidi..! ;)) and the book and made it work with your story. Ginny feeling sad about being left alone was really cute too and it's just a really good idea. Keep writing, you're MUCH better than me ;) (suck..suck..suck..suck ;))

Author's Response: Don't put yourself down! Thanks for your review, too! I was glad I got a plot bunny from the books instead of having to go off on my own, it made more of a framework. Glad you thought Ginny was good! have a nice day! *D*

Reviewer: Cheshlin
Date: 08/11/06 12:15
Chapter: A little water CAN hurt

That was a really cute story. It was funny how they didn't even know when they were switching. I'm glad that it calmed down by the time the train left. It would have been really hard for them to explain it if it hadn't! :) Congrats on being a finalist! :)

Author's Response: Thanks, Cheshlin. I appreciate the review. Glad it worked for you -- also glad that it didn't seem too weird to you that they just stopped. Thanks again! *D*

Reviewer: Gmariam
Date: 08/10/06 22:39
Chapter: A little water CAN hurt

Great job! You worked in the scene from SS in a really believable way - it was a neat way to explain that little exchange on the platform, and very original! I really enjoyed reading your story - you did a good job with the twins' and their dialogue. Good luck with the challenge!! ~Gina :)

Author's Response: Aww, thanks so much Gina! I really appreciate your nice review! The twins and their dialogue is a little tough for me, so I'm glad you thought it was believable. Good luck yourself. :) Thanks again and have a nice day! *D*

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