Reviewer: charmaine23
Date: 08/14/13 7:55
Chapter: The Right Decision?

So i starting reading fanfiction again and was about to have a heart attack because i couldn't remember my password so i can find this reallyyyy good fic i read a while ago :). I hope you finish, you got some straggling fans left... And do you have an account by another name on fanfiction or something?

Reviewer: KBWeasley
Date: 06/17/13 11:18
Chapter: Catharsis

Please notify me when completed. Need to know hiw it ends. Thank you

Reviewer: rosemerta
Date: 04/17/13 3:41
Chapter: The Right Decision?

Are you still writing this story?? Please please please! -Your Fangirl

Author's Response: Still here, I promise! Writing right now, in fact.

Reviewer: ShePotter
Date: 04/12/13 10:55
Chapter: Catharsis

R u still there. Please come back, we need more! Please update, you still have a lot of fans. Thanks

Author's Response: Thank YOU and the rest of the guys that keep reviewing. Writing right this minute.

Reviewer: ShePotter
Date: 07/26/12 13:14
Chapter: Catharsis

I have been folowing this story and then lost it. I hope you update soon, but I also hope you get Ron and Hermione back together soon. This story has to have some happniess for Ron and Hermione. Please, please, soon. Thanks

Reviewer: Jbubbles
Date: 07/21/12 16:06
Chapter: Catharsis

I read this entire story yesterday it was so good and interesting! Please keep on writing it!

Author's Response: Thanks!

Reviewer: Potterlover171
Date: 07/18/12 0:35
Chapter: Catharsis

Please Hurry and write the next chapter!!!!!! :)

Author's Response: I'm on it! ;)

Reviewer: rosemerta
Date: 07/08/12 22:07
Chapter: Catharsis

im really glad you decided to keep up with this story. it makes me so sad when i invest a lot of time and infatuation in a story and the author is too busy or uninterested in the story to complete it! i know everyone has busy lives but i so appreciate it when authors continue to work on my favorite stories!! keep up the good work.

Author's Response: I'm so sorry I'm so slow, but I do promise to keep on writing. Thanks for writing a review and I hope to update in the near future. :)

Reviewer: deadmeat_123
Date: 05/28/12 21:34
Chapter: Catharsis

keep on writing

Author's Response: Will do!

Reviewer: pottergurl92
Date: 04/06/12 14:02
Chapter: Catharsis

Ron's back

Author's Response: And he's here to stay!

Reviewer: GoldenPhoenix18
Date: 03/21/12 21:53
Chapter: Catharsis

Hi I've read all the chapters previous, and this is a review for all of them.
I was getting fed up with this story, really, because even I could tell Michael was cheating! And I just wished Hermione would wake up and smell the roses! But then she got pregnant. Then I was ready to ditch the fic all together, but no! You just had to get me exited when Michael got in a car accident, and I saw the next chapter was called Funerals or something, so I had to keep reading! I'm so angry with you right now! You don't even know!

Author's Response: Oh no, keep reading! I'll keep writing, I promise.

Reviewer: PageantRoses
Date: 02/28/12 23:51
Chapter: Catharsis

AHHHH omg I am soo soo glad that you updated.mi love this story so much, please don't stop!!!!

Author's Response: :') Don't worry, I might be the slowest author ever, but I won't stop working on this. I've been so busy (I started this in high school and now I'm out of college with a job and no free time) it's hard to make time for this but I'll finish it!

Reviewer: lovesmyreligion
Date: 02/27/12 5:19
Chapter: Catharsis

Wow. I feel so many emotions when I read this. I was on the verge of tears so many times. Please update soon! I'd love to see where this story goes!

Author's Response: I'm dying to show you all what's next!

Reviewer: Lovedyoufromthestart
Date: 01/23/12 0:05
Chapter: A Picture Is Worth More Than A Thousand Words

Well dang it took her long enough!!! Favorite chapter

Author's Response: Thanks :)

Reviewer: Lovedyoufromthestart
Date: 01/22/12 17:50
Chapter: The Wedding of the Year

Nooooo! She should've left Michael, like found him cheating or something and went to find ron

Reviewer: theprophecy07
Date: 01/03/12 6:31
Chapter: Catharsis

Ahhh!!! I am so excited that you have finally updated this story. I'm being completly honest when i say that every day for the past 5 years or so I checked this story to see if you have uploaded anoher chapter. And now that you have I am sooo excited. Once again it was wondurful, it truly feels like I am there watching it all unfold. I was just thinking that when I first started reading this story I was in grade 6 and now I'm almost finished highschool!!! Keep up the excellent work and don't leave me hanging for another year!!

Author's Response: God, I'm so embarrassed I've made you wait so long for this. But you have no idea how much it means to me that you guys are still reading!

Reviewer: ArabellaWeasley
Date: 01/02/12 14:44
Chapter: Catharsis

That was wonderful.I mean oh God ,I cant explain it but your writing language is perfect,story line is smooth and exciting.I LOVED RON always and I feel sorry for him. Hermione is blind with vanity.I also like triplets of Gin an Harry.Especially Ron Potter.
There have been a long time,Im still waiting but impatient now.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Yes, I'll keep writing, hang in there!

Reviewer: Itsybitsy
Date: 12/15/11 16:31
Chapter: Catharsis

very good story i love it please keep on writing :)

Author's Response: Will do ;)

Reviewer: charmaine23
Date: 12/14/11 21:29
Chapter: Catharsis

nevermind, i found my original account!!! but yeah still keep it up and stop playing with my emotions :)

Reviewer: hpalways
Date: 12/14/11 21:09
Chapter: Catharsis

I was hoping you would continue. I lost my account pename/password, or they deleted it but luckly I remembered the name of your AMAZING fic.
Please keep it up, don't play with my heart k?

Author's Response: Aww yay! Will try to be nice to your heart. But what happens in the next chapter will probably be... unexpected.

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