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Name: harry potter lovee (Signed) · Date: 12/05/10 15:13 · For: Chapter 12-Firewhisky and Rain
this story is amazing! i can't stop reading it! when are you posting the next chapter?

Name: xoxoZMHxo (Signed) · Date: 07/09/08 8:46 · For: Chapter 12-Firewhisky and Rain

Name: The amber cat (Signed) · Date: 05/21/08 16:43 · For: Chapter 12-Firewhisky and Rain
sorry, an edit to the last review.

I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Yeah, I realised!!!Thanks, amber cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: The amber cat (Signed) · Date: 05/21/08 16:39 · For: Chapter 12-Firewhisky and Rain
that was a good chapter, i espcially liked how you ended it. i can wait to read more.

Author's Response: You CAN wait to read more?Ooops I just noticed your edit - thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: ginnygirl16 (Signed) · Date: 05/17/08 21:00 · For: Chapter 12-Firewhisky and Rain
aewome so far! Please update soon!

Author's Response: Thanksssssssssssssssssss!!!Soooooooooooooooo much!!!!!

Name: heartachin4harry (Signed) · Date: 05/14/08 20:18 · For: Chapter 12-Firewhisky and Rain
This chapter was so good!! I loved the flashback, it fit in perfectly. I love how after a year, Lily finally tells him that she heard him. So cute!! I love it! Update soon and good luck on exams!

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I'm glad everyone enjoyed the flashback - all serving the purpose of Lily finding out - after a million years - that maybe darling James isn't as bad as he looks!!! The worst part of my exams has finished (phew!) so updates will be frequent!

Name: Treacle_Heart (Signed) · Date: 05/14/08 17:56 · For: Chapter 12-Firewhisky and Rain
awhh, that was so cute! I loved the ending!
Good luck on your exams, and try to update again soon!! b29;

Author's Response: Treacle_Heart thanks!!!All this good luck probably helped me survive the shock of the exams!!!I'll update soon!

Name: Passion For Prongs (Signed) · Date: 05/14/08 16:23 · For: Chapter 12-Firewhisky and Rain
What a sweet chapter! I liked the flashback, it was pretty funny that Lily of all people got drunk!!!

Godd luck on your exams!

~Passion For Prongs

Author's Response: Lily drunk was an inspiration - coupled with a little personal experience I have to admit - something that caused an indefinite amount of giggling when it came to me!!!Thanks for wishing me good luck!!! You guys are so GREAT!!!!!

Name: Secrets4life (Signed) · Date: 05/14/08 11:46 · For: Chapter 12-Firewhisky and Rain
GREAT chapter!!! please update when possible - GOOD LUCK with your exams!!

Author's Response: Thanks!!! Oh, I should have read these reviews sooner - they would've given me a little courage! Especially in the face of monsters such as Ancient Greek Philosophy, Latin and Modern (ie late 1800s) Greek History! Thanks for the review!!!

Name: eaglette with wheels (Signed) · Date: 05/13/08 11:42 · For: Chapter 12-Firewhisky and Rain
oh, ever so awesomely awesome. I claim that fluff is good for the soul- it' s yet to be scientificly proven- but I think theres enough 'warm fuzzies'' here to cure disease.

Author's Response: Ah! That was absolutely brilliant! What a cute review! "Warm fuzzies" have never been my thing - I gag a little when the fluff is too suffocating - but sometimes there's just no escaping it! And when it comes to Lily and James it just fits!!! I agree it is good for the soul sometimes - what's life (or fiction!) without a little romance???

Name: Wicked Wench (Signed) · Date: 05/13/08 4:38 · For: Chapter 12-Firewhisky and Rain
I enjoyed the flash backs.

Author's Response: A lot of people were threatening me for those - so I thought I'd make them good! Glad you enjoyed them!

Name: KDTheRavenclaw (Signed) · Date: 05/12/08 22:48 · For: Chapter 12-Firewhisky and Rain
Oh, when will they snog already?! Haha. I love this story, by the way.

Author's Response: I am back!!!*bows to applause yet again* I loved your question by the way "when will they snog?" that had me laughing quite a bit! They will snog I swear - this is essentially a James/Lily romance fic - of course they will! Just have a little patience - only a little! I'm not one for torturing my readers!!!

Name: GinnyTonks (Signed) · Date: 03/31/08 15:56 · For: Chapter 11-Head Detention
that was good....please update quicker next time! ...the only thing was it was a little cheesy that she was crying at the end....but other than that great job!

Author's Response: Ah, I know...at first I ended the chapter with just James feeling wretched but I couldn't resist...I didn't want Lily too seem too cold or whatever...anyway glad you enjoyed it...and keep in mind that this last delay wasn't my fault! I'm finishing chapter 12 soon!!!!

Name: Wicked Wench (Signed) · Date: 03/27/08 17:58 · For: Chapter 11-Head Detention

Author's Response: Cheers right back at you!!! Thanks for reading!!!

Name: heartachin4harry (Signed) · Date: 03/26/08 20:11 · For: Chapter 11-Head Detention
I really like this! Poor James! Poor Lily! Gah! I don't know who to be sorry for! Oh well! THis chapter was amazing, and I cna't wait til you update, which I hope is soon!

Author's Response: I know it's ghastly what I've done - I'ma heartless author - but thanks for saying this chapter was good - I was a bit nervous I'd be getting hate mail and Howlers for making this happen!!!! I'll update asap!!!!

Name: lola_lovegood (Signed) · Date: 03/26/08 17:14 · For: Chapter 11-Head Detention
great chapter but dude!!!! luna was not even in this one *shakes head in sadness* other than that though brilliant chapter cnt wait 2 find out what happens next


Author's Response: Lola!!!! See, I've updated!!!!! Luna'll be in the next - promise!!!!rnrnttfnrnleighpotter

Name: jojo_dolphin2394 (Signed) · Date: 03/26/08 16:34 · For: Chapter 11-Head Detention
Nice. I like. Update. Pretty please!

Author's Response: Nice. I like review. I will update soon!!!!!! xoxoxoxo

Name: ritaskeetertobe (Signed) · Date: 03/26/08 15:18 · For: Chapter 11-Head Detention
PLEASE post the next chapter soon! Can't WAIT to see what happens!

Author's Response: I love impatient reviewers! And, as I've al;ready got most of chapter 11 ona scratchpad it'll be posted soon - I just have to fix a problem my computer has with my Word program and then...tata! Chapter 11 will be here!! Thanx for the review!

Name: Secrets4life (Signed) · Date: 03/26/08 11:44 · For: Chapter 11-Head Detention
also what about the flashback you said you were going to write about? PLEASE UPDATE SOON - LOVEIN IT

Author's Response: I was wondering when someone would ask me that!...*grins mischievously*...I'll give you a hint...James spends some lonesome time next chappie and the flashback ( which i must say is hilarious) helps him get a grip...also - yes I am soooooo sorry james is no longer head boy and for now - since no one knows the truth - it must remain so...but don't worry - I love him too much to spoil his chances with Lily or keep him away from his duties...thanks for the review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: eaglette with wheels (Signed) · Date: 03/26/08 8:58 · For: Chapter 11-Head Detention
RRR. I really dislike snivellus. I wouldwish that Lupin would bite him... but I like Remus to much to want him tobe imprisoned, killed etc. An update! IS very,very exciting. Congrats. I really liked this chappie, although am now un petit peu irritated with Lily. Oh well.. can't have everything!

Author's Response: First thing's first ; eaglette with wheels...I like the name...:) Second: I sense that at some point in the not-so-distant future Remus might get close to biting Severus but I won't imprison, kill etc him...Third: an update is indeed very very very very exciting!!!! And fourth: un petit peu irritated with Lily? Even I, as the author, find it tres heart-breaking that she acts this way to my cherie James! there, I've put my french to use! Excuse mon accent! Thanks for the r&r!!!

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