Reviews For Fair Exchanges
Reviewer: SugarxSpunxQuill
Date: 04/04/07 15:32
Chapter: Chapter 6: The First Brick Crumbles

omg, i think snape is falling in love! :-0
I am so addicted to this, it is great writing with a great plot! You really seem to get us inside the mind of snape, how are you doing this???!!!

Author's Response: Snape's my alter-ego. It's true, secretly I'm a greasy git.

Reviewer: SugarxSpunxQuill
Date: 04/04/07 15:19
Chapter: Chapter 5: The Great Escape

That was so flippin funny! I loved it!!! Oh my days, Snapes thoughts just had me cracking up!

"Severus!" Her eyes widened. "Are you trying to tell me you're queer?"

Bloody hell no, I'm not, but thanks for asking. "I, tee hee, I'm afraid so, dear."

That was soo funny! And his revenge on lucius at the end - genious!

Author's Response: *bows* Ch. 5 is one of my favorites, too.

Reviewer: radcliffelove
Date: 04/04/07 8:33
Chapter: Epilogue

I thought it was interesting, but contained some discontinuities towards the middle. I liked the ending, though it was somewhat abrupt.

Author's Response: That's probably because this story isn't complete here on MNFF. See my author bio for more info on where you can find the rest of it.

Reviewer: phLeGmdELaCoUr
Date: 04/04/07 0:41
Chapter: Epilogue

best HG/SS fan fic i've read....


hem,hem.. bloody brilliant.


Author's Response: *bows* Thanks! The sad part is, that's only about half the story--the rest I couldn't post here.

Reviewer: SugarxSpunxQuill
Date: 04/03/07 17:01
Chapter: Chapter 4: Compound Interest

I kinda have a love/hate relationship with snape and harrys relationship, if that makes sense!
I love to hate snape for saying thing like that to Harry!
fave line - had been too busy fawning over some tart and pining for his lost Quidditch priveleges to practice Occlumency.

Author's Response: LOL I know, Harry and Snape truly need to just go out and get rip-snortin' drunk together just once. they're way too hard on one another.

Reviewer: SugarxSpunxQuill
Date: 04/03/07 16:48
Chapter: Chapter 3: Old Habits Die Hard

Your paragraph on why snape left voldemort was truly worthy of JKR. I seriously wouldn't be suprised if we see something like that in Deathly Hallows! I hope to read more of your work soon!

Author's Response: Hee hee! Thanks! If not, there's something like it in my book 7 fic, Heirs of Slytherin.

Reviewer: SugarxSpunxQuill
Date: 04/03/07 16:37
Chapter: Chapter 2: Fair and Square

'He despised Umbridge; she was so incompetent, she could barely find her own arse with both hands.' that had me craking up!

Author's Response: It's just funny cuz it's true... :)

Reviewer: SugarxSpunxQuill
Date: 04/03/07 16:35
Chapter: Chapter 2: Fair and Square

This is so wacky, i can't believe Hermione is reading to Snape, and i as i read the words i don't find them strange at all!

Author's Response: LOL--that's how life usually is, these bizarre things that somehow seem like a good idea at the time...

Reviewer: SugarxSpunxQuill
Date: 04/03/07 16:24
Chapter: Chapter 1: The Art of the Deal

Cool! I really like this! I just love the way you always refrence to harry, and to his lessons! Great story story so far, and a great opening chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks!

Reviewer: altheafitz
Date: 04/02/07 11:15
Chapter: Epilogue

wow!! I couldn't stop reading it until i had finished! Briliantly written. Sincerely...

Author's Response: Thanks! More to come--the next chapter is extremely long.

Reviewer: KewlKat
Date: 03/29/07 19:30
Chapter: Epilogue

Well, to be honest, the ending was disapointing. You should have said in more detail about how Hermione and Snape were back together. But all the same, I really enjoyed this story! Exelent job!! ^_^
Love, Kacey

Author's Response: That's probably because this story isn't complete here on MNFF, see my author bio for more info on where you can find the rest of it.

Reviewer: Life_is_42
Date: 03/29/07 0:20
Chapter: Chapter 6: The First Brick Crumbles

i was recommended to this fic by a friend, and despite my dubious views of Hermione/Snape dear this is brilliant!'s's interesting..if it had paper pages it would be a page turner. You have a natural talent with the words, twisting them into emotions and settings that envelope the reader into the scene as if they were actually experiencing the same as the character. Bravo (or rather Brava).


Author's Response: Thanks! What a nice review! You can print it, I think...This story isn't complete here on MNFF, see my author bio for more info on where you can find the rest of it.

Reviewer: Life_is_42
Date: 03/28/07 23:30
Chapter: Chapter 1: The Art of the Deal

Wow...she'll read him a bedtime story! i can just picture snape tucked in bed with a teddy and hermione sitting in a rocking chair with dr. suess

Hermione: And what do we say at this part?

Snape: *grumples* I do not like green eggs and ham, i do not like them, sam i am.

Author's Response: I do not like anything, sam I am. bwahahahahaha

Reviewer: _Levicorpus_
Date: 03/28/07 17:37
Chapter: Epilogue

this is probably my favorite story I have EVER, EVER, EVER read. Please oh please become a published novelist, writing like this can't possibly be overlooked. it is people with your sense for character and wit who change the world.


Author's Response: LOL, I have one book out already but it's not fiction. There's a link on my bio page. PS. This story is incomplete on MNFF--you'll have to go to other sites to read the whole thing.

Reviewer: holyflyingpig
Date: 02/25/07 18:42
Chapter: Epilogue

I love this story! It makes me so sad that I missed out on so many chapters. I don't know if you have the others written.....if you have them written where can I find them so I can read them?? Please let me know!!

Author's Response: They're at my author bio for details.

Reviewer: pel_89
Date: 02/19/07 19:14
Chapter: Chapter 1: The Art of the Deal

Hermione reading to Snape in bed!!!! gosh!

Author's Response: Stranger things have happened...and will in future chapters.

Reviewer: radcliffe4eva
Date: 02/18/07 20:56
Chapter: Epilogue

I finished! Yay, I loved this story!

Author's Response: Thanks! You might check out the Extended Version on other sites (see my author bio for details)

Reviewer: radcliffe4eva
Date: 02/18/07 17:16
Chapter: Chapter 1: The Art of the Deal

I've only read one chapter, and you already have me hooked! I practically fell out of my chair laughing when she offered to read to him - never even imagined he would agree...And now I'm off to read more!!!

Author's Response: Heh, and Teh Funneh has yet to begin--wait'll you hit chapter 5.

Reviewer: PuNkYLiZ87
Date: 02/09/07 20:17
Chapter: Epilogue

it started of good but the ending could have been better.............

Author's Response: That might have to do with the fact that the last 25 or so chapters couldn't be posted here at MNFF...

Reviewer: eatyoheartout
Date: 02/07/07 16:17
Chapter: Chapter 1: The Art of the Deal


Author's Response: Thanks

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