Reviewer: Marauders Girl
Date: 08/28/08 20:40
Chapter: Stephen Smith

Yes, it makes sense!
I loveddd the chapter.
I can't wait to read the new plotlines,
And summer vacation is way over for me, so I have no problem with learning things! Haha. :]

I loved the whole belly rub/scratch behind ears thing. It was adorable, and def. made sense too. I think yourhuman self probably would take on at least some of your animagus self's characteristics. :]

Reviewer: fredweasleyliveson
Date: 08/28/08 19:54
Chapter: Prologue: Making History

cute. sirius is adorable.

Reviewer: PeaceLovePotter
Date: 08/25/08 16:42
Chapter: Prologue: Making History

Oh I love seeing all Lily's classmates before Hogwarts!

Reviewer: Leah_Lovegood
Date: 08/25/08 16:40
Chapter: Stephen Smith

This was a fluffy chapter, but I like fluff. Fluff feels good!

Reviewer: jellydogt
Date: 08/25/08 0:09
Chapter: Mood Swings

Just wanted to say that i really like your story, but it takes so long for the next chapter to come up i have to re-read the previous one. other than that, this story is great, and I've only cought one gramatical error in the entire story - an amazing feat!!! keep up the amazing work!

Reviewer: Toongen
Date: 08/24/08 2:54
Chapter: He’d Probably Have a Seizure of Joy

what is going on with amber?????????? she's a total bitch now and i don't like it!!

Reviewer: Toongen
Date: 08/21/08 5:22
Chapter: In Which We Discover Two Kinds of Falling: Sick and On James

ok, that last line was a lil gay, but i loved lily randomly sitting on james..

Reviewer: the don
Date: 08/12/08 4:48
Chapter: Stephen Smith

Who is Stephen Smith?

Reviewer: Flying_Fawkes
Date: 07/30/08 17:05
Chapter: It’s Not Called a ‘Ride-On-Me-and-I-Won’t-Hurt-You-at-All,’ Ray!

I really love this story it's so funny! but if agie really gave the muggle kid a couple of notes in british money that kid would be able to but about ten ice creams! lol!

Reviewer: afterglow745
Date: 07/27/08 11:44
Chapter: Mood Swings

your writing has progressed nicely! update soon please! :]

Reviewer: The Fleaks
Date: 07/27/08 4:25
Chapter: Drink This Pink Goo Because My Friend Thinks You're Cute!

the firewhisky part was funny. and i also liked the note. i knew that amber would be with remus and agie with sirius.

Reviewer: The Fleaks
Date: 07/27/08 4:24
Chapter: Prologue: Making History

it was funny how she kept on bumping into other first years. i have guesses as to who the couples will be.

Reviewer: its_prongs_world
Date: 07/22/08 0:45
Chapter: Operation: Perfect Boyfriend


Reviewer: its_prongs_world
Date: 07/21/08 23:54
Chapter: Stage 2: Anger (Why Lily and Amnesia Don't Mix)

that is really good!!! i feel so bad for sirius!!!

Reviewer: its_prongs_world
Date: 07/21/08 23:37
Chapter: Hostile Suits of Armor: The Ultimate Antidepressant

that last part brought tears to my eyes!!!

Reviewer: its_prongs_world
Date: 07/21/08 20:41
Chapter: Neglecting Your Friends is Good For Them...Sometimes

i think the denial bits add a nice touch of extreamly funny humor!!!!

Reviewer: its_prongs_world
Date: 07/21/08 19:43
Chapter: Inturrupted Snogging Scenes and Bittersweet Goodbyes

WOW!!! that was intense!!!!

Reviewer: Lyra the Lovely
Date: 07/20/08 23:45
Chapter: Mood Swings

Great chapter. I got a liitle scared when Agie was gone. I was thinking suicide but i'm glad you didn't kill her off. That would have been terrible. And you brought regulus intothe picture iun a veryy different way than expected. I can't wait to see what happens when Sirius finds out. Keep writing. Please don't let your new fic let you lose interest in this one.

Reviewer: flamingred
Date: 07/19/08 11:46
Chapter: Mood Swings

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW pleeeeeeease write the next installment fast!!!

Reviewer: Ginny_Luvs_Malfoy
Date: 07/18/08 20:01
Chapter: Mood Swings

awww! im mad at James right now... and yay for Regulus!!!! he has a heart! allieluia! i cant spell that word...7.7... anyway. another awesome chapter of course! and i understand the rejectuon thign... i cant get a story up cause they're constantly being rejected...

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