Reviews For My Deliverance
Reviewer: swmbkrn01
Date: 02/04/07 11:28
Chapter: Interlude V

PLEASE UPDATE! I cannot take it, this is one of the best Fan Fiction stories ever!

Reviewer: swmbkrn01
Date: 02/04/07 11:21
Chapter: Prologue

First of all, I would like to congratulate you on a superb story; it is one of the finest Fan Fiction stories I have ever read. There are very few, if any, spelling or grammatical errors, which I love. In addition, the way you write the story with in depth descriptions and emotions is very to similar to JKR would actually do.

Keep up the good work and update, please!

Reviewer: knowitallHermy12
Date: 01/30/07 18:26
Chapter: Prologue

fantastic start to a story!!! Totally mind grasping,man.

Reviewer: pravati
Date: 01/28/07 4:04
Chapter: Chapter Five: Progeny

awe! this is a great story!!! hurry with the next chapter!!! i cant wait to read it

Reviewer: harryginnyforever
Date: 01/25/07 12:21
Chapter: Interlude V

Please post Chapter 6. Please post Chapter 6. Please post Chapter 6. Please post Chapter 6. Please post Chapter 6. Please post Chapter 6. Please post Chapter 6. Please post Chapter 6. Please post Chapter 6. Please post Chapter 6!!!!

Reviewer: harryginnyforever
Date: 01/25/07 12:18
Chapter: Chapter Five: Progeny

I've always wondered about something...

James and Sirius get biten loads of times by Remus when in their Animagi forms, yet they don't become werewolves. WHY?

They're still people, just in the disguise of animals. If Harry learnt to transform, would he be safe from Fenir?

Reviewer: Splatteh
Date: 01/25/07 5:07
Chapter: Interlude V

Wonderful story! I love the interludes... and Lily's POV too. That bit of foreshadowing with the centaur was really clever too!

Reviewer: cupcake
Date: 01/24/07 2:56
Chapter: Interlude V

Hi there - I've just discovered your masterpiece (and I know it might be a bit of a cliche to say it), but you are such a talented writer! I have been on the lookout for a J/L fic that isn't yet completed to keep my thirst going, and now I have found it in your wondful story. A touching J/L fic that is actually believable - although we all know how the story ends, stories like yours help create a great way of knowing how it came about. Refreshing, delicate and superbly written (with excellent grammar and spelling too, which is always gets extra points), you have made my year (so far =) ) Keep up the amazing work and I thoroughly look forward to the next installment...A well-deserved standing ovation... = )

Reviewer: Obsessive
Date: 01/23/07 19:37
Chapter: Interlude V

This is turning into a great Lily/James fic. It's refreshing to see a different style of this type of fic. Keep up the good writing, and I'll look forward to the updates.

Reviewer: Obsessive
Date: 01/23/07 19:36
Chapter: Interlude V

This is turning into a great Lily/James fic. It's refreshing to see a different style of this type of fic. Keep up the good writing, and I'll look forward to the updates.

Reviewer: flapjack88
Date: 01/23/07 8:54
Chapter: Interlude V

Oooh an Interlude.
I really really love these. They're what makes your story so different and amazing.

And, I never really thought about him before, but I actually really like your Frank. He's so sweet bless his heart.

Reviewer: lilyandjames_x3
Date: 01/22/07 20:04
Chapter: Chapter One: Lost in Thought

amazing. i love your writing style.
good job!

Reviewer: Miss Radcliffe
Date: 01/22/07 17:58
Chapter: Interlude V

Wonderful job. It took me the better part of 2 hours to read these eleven chapters. I love how you show the effects of the war and how your story has so much to do with it. A lot of J/L stories focus exclusively on the romance and not the war. Progeny was very exciting to read. I actually skipped ahead and saw the part where the girls spotted James in his animagi form. I giggled out loud in excitement and went back to the part I was reading. Only one thing is bothering me: what did Lily realize at the end of that chapter? I have several theories about James and Remus but since this review is getting long I'll keep those to myself. The Interludes are a great aspect to include and provide even more insight into the ongoing war. Great job and please update soon!

Miss Radcliffe~

Reviewer: mugglebum
Date: 01/22/07 5:15
Chapter: Prologue

Thank you......This is the fire in which J KR Rowling's world is built upon and you have captured some of that majic for me.

Reviewer: Harrietta potter
Date: 01/21/07 22:50
Chapter: Interlude V

I was so happy when I opened my email to see that you had updated! This is my favorite story. The relationships are so wonderfully complex, it gives the story a whole other dimension. The writing is incredible as well, you don't know how refreshing it is to read a story that is both well written and grammatically correct. I love the interludes as they give us some background knowledge about what's going on in the rest of the wizarding community. My only critiscm is that the development of this chapter seems to be a bit rushed, but hey, that's my opinion. Kudos on the best story I've read in a long time, and keep up the incredible work. Cheers!

Reviewer: lovingu4ever
Date: 01/21/07 20:18
Chapter: Interlude V

Very Cool Chapter. I could be wrong but is the Order's head quarters where the future St. Mungos will be? If that's so it's very cool place to put it, I personally never would have thought of that. Well I'm so glad to see an update I was worried that you had stopped! I'm really looke forward to the next chapter. You have such an awesome way of writing, I just love it!

Reviewer: Quiditch fan
Date: 01/21/07 19:13
Chapter: Interlude V

wow....great chapter. you know that this story is my favorite on mnff, don't you? well, now you do. yet again, i am in awe of your brilliant writing, and i can't wait for more. i am dying to know what happened with lily and what she knows. PLEASE UPDATE soon! at least sooner than you did with this chapter. ha ha

Reviewer: SphinxRiddle
Date: 01/21/07 17:58
Chapter: Interlude V

WELL? Why aren't you CONTINUING??!!?!?!!!!!!

Reviewer: SphinxRiddle
Date: 01/21/07 17:53
Chapter: Chapter Five: Progeny

you must CONTINUE IT. Now!

Reviewer: readingforever
Date: 01/21/07 16:52
Chapter: Interlude V

Great story! I hope Lily and James get together soon!

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