Reviews For My Deliverance
Reviewer: chevy8589
Date: 07/13/10 3:37
Chapter: Chapter Nine: Bonded

hope to see more. I've really enjoyed reading so far. very nice story development.

Reviewer: potterchassid
Date: 07/07/10 2:10
Chapter: Prologue

Any chance of an update? Please don't drop this story!

Reviewer: dancer2luv
Date: 06/15/10 15:24
Chapter: Chapter Nine: Bonded

Nice cliffhanger there. I for one have no liking for Betram. He is very rude. I wonder what Dumbledore wants to talk to Lily about. I can't wait until the next chapter.

Reviewer: Beautifulmessx
Date: 05/28/10 10:31
Chapter: Chapter Nine: Bonded

Ahhhhhh you need to update this! I'm dying of suspense!

Reviewer: dracos_darling
Date: 04/01/10 6:00
Chapter: Chapter One: Lost in Thought

I absolutely love this fic. It's pure brilliance.I hardly ever review because I just want to keep reading without interruption, but I do hope you know how fabulous it is! It's my favourite, hands down. Please keep it up!!

Reviewer: bryce man
Date: 03/17/10 23:11
Chapter: Prologue

this is amazing so far

Reviewer: maggie_95
Date: 02/28/10 0:58
Chapter: Chapter Nine: Bonded

hey please please update soon!! im dying here!!
i love this story.. ure a freaking genius..

Reviewer: lovespotter17
Date: 02/17/10 6:54
Chapter: Chapter Three: Through Unveiled Eyes

this is amazing! i really love this fanfic! i hope you continue to update b/c i cannot wait until james and lily get together! i like how you did a james-lily story instead of one of the classic relationships. i really enjoy reading this!

Reviewer: Yellow Flower
Date: 02/07/10 19:04
Chapter: Prologue

Oh my goodness! I have only read the first chapter and I can not wait for more! You are truly an amazing writer! :)

Reviewer: jamlil
Date: 11/25/09 23:01
Chapter: Chapter Nine: Bonded

oh my god that was realy gr8. amazing! i hope to read more & soon!

Reviewer: AmayaBlack
Date: 11/25/09 19:39
Chapter: Chapter Nine: Bonded

WW that was sweet and a very good chapter.

Reviewer: bumblebee33
Date: 11/23/09 17:56
Chapter: Chapter Nine: Bonded

This is an absolutely amazing story. The characters are so believable--Lily is not a red-headed Hermione; James is a dynamic character rather than a jerk turned mushy boyfriend; Sirius is not overwhelmingly chauvinistic; and Peter actually seems like someone the others would hang out with. All around fantastic story, I can't wait to read more!

Reviewer: abrcrmbiblueyes
Date: 11/11/09 23:55
Chapter: Chapter One: Lost in Thought

Your an amazing writer! You should write your own book. I knows I would buy it!

Reviewer: HPlvrmegs
Date: 11/08/09 18:03
Chapter: Chapter Nine: Bonded

I love your fic! Please keep posting, you are a great writer!

Reviewer: ron lover
Date: 11/02/09 15:20
Chapter: Chapter Nine: Bonded

YAY!!!! I can't even tell you how happy I am that the next chapter is here. This is a very great chapter. I liked in the first part I didn't have to read the previous chapters to remember what happened. It was self explanitory without going into detail what happened. I like that.

I like what happened between Petunia and Lily too. It was fun to read a good fight/talk thing between them. The only things is I don't think that Petunia would swear like that.

The next part is my favorite. I love what Lily is thinking about James. It's very good. What Lily says to James is also very good. It's good to see her messing with him like that.

The part with Frank and the other guy is good too. It was good seeing him in there in a good way. I liked reading Frank and Fabian together. Having Alice and Frank so close but seperated by glass is also very good. It's like the 'close but yet so far' thing. That's what I thought when I read that scene.

With the next part my favorite line is “Lily, you’re lying half-naked in my bed, and you’ve just asked me to shag you. Trust me, I won’t be any longer than basic hygiene permits.”. Honestly, I don't know why I like it. It's worded really well and it fits with the scene well. James seems like a teen with that line, which is good. Lot's of fics make James very mature and that line sounds like a teen.

I like the next part too. It's kind of slow but not really. I hope you know what I mean. I wasn't expecting what happened to Alice. I was very surprised with that. It's kind of good though that she isn't pregnant. It would change everything. I'm glad that she's not telling Frank.

I think the last part ending really well. It leaves off at a great place for the next chapter and it make the reader wonder what happens next. I wonder what he has to say. The part with Bertram was also good. It's was fun to read. It was also interesting. I like the whole scene with him it.

This chapter was really great. I love the way you wirte. Your characterization is really good too. It's really good to read a well written story with James, Lily, and the others with them. I'm excited to find out what happens next with them.

Reviewer: lily_c_evans
Date: 11/02/09 13:41
Chapter: Chapter Four: Face Off

Wow, I LOVE that James' bird is named Icarus.

Reviewer: lily_death_flower
Date: 10/31/09 15:28
Chapter: Chapter Nine: Bonded

great chapter. though i wish there was more lily/james


i hope lily tells james of bertram's kiss so it doesnt becfome a whole situation thing



the alice part was interesting. i feel bad for her but she's really strong.  

anyways update soon ur writing is amazing :)

Reviewer: maggie_95
Date: 10/31/09 11:43
Chapter: Chapter Nine: Bonded

have been waiting and waiting for this chapter.. it didnt disappoint!!! but hurry up with the next chapter, your cliffhangers kill me!!

Reviewer: Essence of Potter
Date: 10/31/09 9:14
Chapter: Chapter Nine: Bonded

Oooooh! Good chap! But you just have to update more often! I know you're probably really busy....but ya gotta be faithful to the fans! heehee
Anyway, My Deliverance is one of my al time fave fics on MNFF and i'm so happy you haven't forgotten about it!
love, Fi X

Reviewer: expectopatronass
Date: 10/30/09 20:03
Chapter: Chapter Nine: Bonded

I absolutely love this chapter! James and Lily's relationship is perfect; I love how you are progressing it. I also loved the bit about Alice and the miscarriage, although it was sad. Nice cliffhanger, too, by the way. Now I really can't wait for the next chapter! :) Keep up the good work; I love this story like no other! You are an amazing writer!

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