Reviewer: siriuslypadfoot62442
Date: 08/01/06 10:58
Chapter: My Duty: Hunting Down Rule-Breakers

you're 14?! i'm 15 and im attempting to write a james/lily fanfiction. i honestly thought that you were in your late teens. you write soo well. God, my story isn't half as good as yours. o well. and, ya i read the whole thing *grins*. sry for responding to your response, but i just had to say that. anyways good job!!!!! (again)

Author's Response: Yup, 14. I've always been a huge Harry Potter fan and just started re-reading the story so many times I guess I kinda caught on to the habit of writing. And when you get your story up, please tell me. Either by a review or an email would be great for I would like to read it! And again, thanks!

Reviewer: siriuslypadfoot62442
Date: 07/31/06 20:04
Chapter: My Duty: Hunting Down Rule-Breakers

ha! good chapter, and story. i like the part where you say "i'd much rather spend my time with someone more worthwhile, you know?" except i would have put on "...someone more worthwhile, like malfoy." to show that she really thought low of him. just a suggestion.
anyways, nice job. you're a really good writer. how old are you? (jw)

Author's Response: Thank you very much! *hugs* The Malfoy suggestion is good - I nearly forgot that Malfoy was in school the same time they were. Thanks for the suggestion - you may possibly see it at use later. As for how old I am... quite young. 14. Though I hope that doesn't make a difference on the way you - or anyone else for that matter - sees my writing. I could be 22 and write the same. I just started out writing some ideas and they all went into place really well. Though I can say that chapters after this one get more complex as in who is feeling who and all that. Anyway - if you read all my rant, which if you didn't that can't be blamed *grins* - thanks again!

Reviewer: SecretEmeraldLily
Date: 07/29/06 22:54
Chapter: My Duty: Hunting Down Rule-Breakers

I like it. Keep Writing!!!!

Author's Response: Thanks! And don't worry about me stopping with writing this story - the third chapter is in waiting and the fourth one is already written!

Reviewer: kissxbyxlovex333
Date: 07/26/06 19:02
Chapter: My Duty: Hunting Down Rule-Breakers

I like how you do it at James and Lily's point of view. For your first story this is great!

Author's Response: Thanks! At first, when I go to make a new chapter, it's rather hard getting out of James mood and going into Lily mood. And it was even harder for the next chapter, which is in Sirius' POV. I think you'll like the next one if you like what I've done so far. And again, thank you! *hugs*

Reviewer: Jack Rendel
Date: 07/26/06 16:37
Chapter: My Duty: Hunting Down Rule-Breakers

I love it! Please submit the next chapter soon, I'm keeping tabs on this story! I like how you make Lily seem... different... and I like how you portray James. Keep it up!

Author's Response: Thank you! I've got two strong characters butting heads here, and I'm loving it! Thanks again.

Reviewer: lalagrl93
Date: 07/25/06 13:10
Chapter: My Duty: Hunting Down Rule-Breakers

nice lillys turning evil

Author's Response: Lily's not exactly evil. She just doesn't like James at all - more like hates him and in that chapter she realized she might have felt something more for him than average hatred. So she made mean comments. If that makes sense.

Reviewer: lalagrl93
Date: 07/25/06 13:06
Chapter: Evans is the Only One I Want


Author's Response: Harsh? Umm... what does that mean?

Reviewer: some_kinda_superstar
Date: 07/23/06 7:07
Chapter: My Duty: Hunting Down Rule-Breakers

another great chapter! for some reason, i am starting to like james a little more. well anyway, update soon. please?

Author's Response: The next chapter is in waiting! Yippe! Like James a little more, do you? Haha, that's good. Thanks for you comments! I really, really appreciate it.

Reviewer: 365 letters_ryan gosling 20
Date: 07/22/06 17:45
Chapter: My Duty: Hunting Down Rule-Breakers

Oooh, I like!!! Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks again! I love hearing from you all!

Reviewer: lovingu4ever
Date: 07/22/06 12:11
Chapter: My Duty: Hunting Down Rule-Breakers

hmm. what could happen next! please update soon! :)

Author's Response: You never know. But I think the chapter that I submitted will give you a hint.

Reviewer: fire_cookie
Date: 07/22/06 0:53
Chapter: Evans is the Only One I Want

Great chapter! I like how james is actually like his character; basically just stuck up. A lot of fan fics have james magically become mature and yours is a nice change! Keep it up =)

Author's Response: Lol. I really like what I've done for James. I don't know if I can give that up when the time comes. I mean, everyone knows he becomes more mature in his 7th year and that's the only reason Lily goes out with him, but who knows? Maybe I'll just make him just a little bit more mature. Haha. Thanks again!

Reviewer: lovingu4ever
Date: 07/21/06 17:33
Chapter: Evans is the Only One I Want

haha! that was brilliant!

Author's Response: Thanks!

Reviewer: heartachin4harry
Date: 07/21/06 16:51
Chapter: My Duty: Hunting Down Rule-Breakers

I like your story so much!!! Update soon!

Author's Response: It's been updated. I hope you enjoy the next just as much as the first and second. I know I liked the third one a lot. Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: Masked Marauder
Date: 07/21/06 11:41
Chapter: My Duty: Hunting Down Rule-Breakers

Hi! I really like your story. Have you mentioned what year Lily and James are in or did I miss it?

Author's Response: Umm... I'm not sure if I mentioned it or not. Sometimes I think I did but really I just thought about it in my head, y'know? Lol. They're in the sixth year. And thank you so much!

Reviewer: Sirius_Rulezs
Date: 07/08/06 7:46
Chapter: Evans is the Only One I Want

this is really good, i cant wait for more, i just cant seem to get into chapter 2 cause everytime i try to it just keeps sayin acsess denied and i really want to read it cause it sounds so good

Author's Response: Just like everyone else, THANK YOU! Hehe, I love you guys! As for the second chapter... I just submitted it to be read for the administraters. So once they approve it, you should be able to get into it. I can't wait either, as strange as that sounds. I guess you can say I'm a crazy author. Hehe. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Reviewer: blue sapphire lady
Date: 07/07/06 23:59
Chapter: Evans is the Only One I Want

This story is so funny! I love it! Great job!

Author's Response: Thanks! It's so great to hear that. I don't know how many times I read and re-read this story to make sure it was suitable before submitting it. And again, thanks!

Reviewer: Jack Rendel
Date: 07/05/06 13:12
Chapter: Evans is the Only One I Want

Nice! I love it. If this is your first fanfic than I think you deserve a congrats! Haha, write more soon!

Author's Response: Thanks Jack! I know I mentioned that in your story and I'm glad you came to check mine out. Thanks again!

Reviewer: i love prongs
Date: 07/05/06 10:14
Chapter: Evans is the Only One I Want

i love you! lol another really good lily n james fanfic please update im gonna read regularly chelsea xxxxxx

Author's Response: Thanks! I'll try to update soon because I hate to let people down even for something like this. I'm glad you enjoyed it! And I love you too for reviewing. It's feels so good to know that people like your work.

Reviewer: some_kinda_superstar
Date: 07/05/06 6:44
Chapter: Evans is the Only One I Want

hehe james is such a prick! great story!

Author's Response: Haha. *huggles James* I'm not sure if he was actually like that in canon. I admit that I added some spice to his personality that might not have been there. But still, thanks again! James is a prick, but he's lovable too. Hehe.

Reviewer: sarcastic hp lover
Date: 07/04/06 21:27
Chapter: Evans is the Only One I Want

I love the ending. I can't wait for the next chspter.

Author's Response: Aah, thanks! I'm enjoying writing this so much and to get reviews with people saying they like it too makes me feel so happy and proud! Thanks again!

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