Reviews For Imaginary
Reviewer: emmie4is
Date: 03/13/07 20:05
Chapter: Chapter 19

excellent! this is an awesome story! are you doing any one-shots about later on? :)

Author's Response: Well, I've got a one-shot but I'm not too happy with it right now. Give it time and you may see it appear in my profile. Thanks for reading Imaginary!

Reviewer: SweetStar
Date: 03/13/07 19:38
Chapter: Chapter 19

What an ending...
Oh, this story was wonderful, i still cant believe its over..I wil miss waiting for this story's next chapter..
But anyway, this was a awsome story,a nd your a awsome writer..will b waiting for more stories from u!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading! I'll miss making you wait for more chapters :)

Reviewer: NoxSomnium
Date: 03/13/07 18:30
Chapter: Chapter 19

You have finished. Do you have a wonderful sense of accomplishment or do you miss writing Imaginary more?

Author's Response: I have a mixture of both. I'm happy it's over, but then I'm sad because it was my favorite fic to write, and it was hard to top my old favorite. Thanks for reading! I'm glad you liked it.

Reviewer: froggie
Date: 03/13/07 17:00
Chapter: Chapter 19

yay happy ending! i looved it! this was one great heck of a story. i liked the ending, it was very powerfull. keep on writing more stories!

Author's Response: Yeah, a happy ending to make up for all the sadness I put you all through. Thanks for sticking with this to the end!

Reviewer: Remmy
Date: 03/10/07 14:47
Chapter: Chapter 18

Damn it, I hate Wilkins and essential OOC? Definately! I would enver thought of James, Siri, and Peter doing sucha thing to remus of all people. Honesty?! Update soon! I'ma ll worked up now, >

Author's Response: Yep, the OOCness was essential for this chapter. And I'll have the last chapter in the queue tomorrow. Thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: froggie
Date: 03/07/07 15:38
Chapter: Chapter 18

i just wanted to say that i had a dream about your story. The characters weren't actually there but it was about fearnks. there was bad stuff happening in the world and my family and i were trying to figure out who had a fearnk, and what their worst fears were. there was more to that but i forgot the other stuff that made it make more sense, lol. just wanted to let you know because you must be doing a good job with your story for me to dream about it!

Author's Response: Wow, that's got to be what I consider the biggest compliment ever - a reader dreaming about my fic. Actually, this whole story came out of a dream I had two years ago, so that's ironic you had a dream about it. Thanks for reading and sharing that!

Reviewer: Lioness06
Date: 03/05/07 21:48
Chapter: Chapter 18

Oh! I can't wait to see how it will all end! It's been a rather sad story lately (but still very, very good) and I hope Remus can conquer all those fears of his. I think he has more power in him than he thinks, since while he was in werewolf form, his 'human side' was still able to get through...

Author's Response: You won't have to wait very long, expect the final chapter up sometime next week. Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: emmie4is
Date: 03/05/07 18:58
Chapter: Chapter 18

Poor Remus!! Update soon :D

Reviewer: froggie
Date: 03/05/07 15:21
Chapter: Chapter 18

this is such a depressing story--i hope things turn up a little bit because at this rate things aren't looking to good for Remus. :(

Author's Response: Well the next chapter is the final chapter and you will see how it turns out for Remus.

Reviewer: Obsessive
Date: 03/05/07 14:44
Chapter: Chapter 18

Poor Remus! You had me almost to tears during this chapter! Please update soon, I'm loving this story!

Author's Response: I did? Well, as long as that means you like it. Thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: Obsessive
Date: 02/27/07 9:45
Chapter: Chapter 17

OMG! Loving this chapter! Poor Remus, he really does have it tough dont he.

Author's Response: He has it extremely tough.

Reviewer: kreachers cute
Date: 02/26/07 12:59
Chapter: Chapter 17

WHAT??!!!!! U cnt end like that!!!! it sez in da buks he nva bites anyone... update soon it a wicked story!

Author's Response: Glad you think this is wicked. You'll find out the answer to the cliffhanger at the very beginning of the next chapter.

Reviewer: Lioness06
Date: 02/26/07 9:52
Chapter: Chapter 17

WHAT?! Oh no! You can't end the chapter like that!

Well I really liked this chapter and the fact that James, Sirius, and Peter confronted Remus about working too hard, and over exerting himself. It showed how much their friendship is growing.

Author's Response: Those darn cliffhangers. It does show how strong their friendship is, doesn't it?

Reviewer: Remmy
Date: 02/26/07 6:22
Chapter: Chapter 17

*gaps* Remus killed her or infected her?! How is he going to live with himself by this?! Hows his mum doing? Loved this chapter! =)

Author's Response: His mom will be mentioned in the next chapter, or maybe it's the one after it. Either way you'll find out how she's doing.

Reviewer: Skewper
Date: 02/26/07 2:32
Chapter: Chapter 17

I'm sorry... i really am... i love this story to bits, but a werewolf gets sent to azkaban i it kills/ bites a human. And it woukd've mentioned in the books if remmy had... u must think i am way too strict on the books.

it was a good idea, but for me it jst didnt work... sorry

Author's Response: Wait until the next chapter before you get too worked up.

Reviewer: emmie4is
Date: 02/25/07 15:34
Chapter: Chapter 17

Oh I hope the girls alright!! Remus would die if found out he hurt someone.

Reviewer: Potter_freak0515
Date: 02/25/07 13:23
Chapter: Chapter 17


Author's Response: Evil cliffhanger, I take it?

Reviewer: bertiebott12
Date: 02/20/07 19:37
Chapter: Chapter 6

I loved it. I really did. It really annoyed me when he couldnt remember! I wish someone was there to tell him! This was probably the best chapter yet.

Author's Response: It is annoying he can't remember, but understandable. Thanks for reading and the 100th review!

Reviewer: bertiebott12
Date: 02/20/07 19:22
Chapter: Chapter 5

That was a great ending. Larry's personality has suddenlky changed and that is a way to enhance readers. Good job!

Author's Response: Yeah, Larry was always a little volatile anyway. Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: bertiebott12
Date: 02/20/07 18:20
Chapter: Chapter 4

This was very good!

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