Reviews For My Anchor
Reviewer: ThatRomantic
Date: 10/07/09 3:30
Chapter: Chapter 10

I like it.

Update soon?


Reviewer: rakkanights
Date: 08/01/09 16:37
Chapter: Chapter 10

Can't wait for the next chapter!! Although, really if it were me I would give tom what he wanted and vent my heart out on all the horrible things he has done.....but that's just me.

Reviewer: KDHaynes
Date: 07/21/09 20:43
Chapter: Chapter 10

Where's the rest of the story????

Reviewer: AdrianaGodric
Date: 10/19/08 12:41
Chapter: Chapter 1

This story has a plot line I have not seen before. I really (really) love the direction it is taking adn the aspects it is revealing about Tom Riddle's character. Please do no abondon it!

Reviewer: Kiryn
Date: 05/21/08 2:26
Chapter: Chapter 1

Please keep this story going! Pretty please?

Reviewer: Magical Messrs
Date: 04/03/08 18:11
Chapter: Chapter 10

um i wish u wrote more... it was good tho. i like this couple a lot.

Reviewer: phoenix126
Date: 02/12/08 23:37
Chapter: Chapter 10

This fic is really interesting. You've got to keep going with it. PLEASE!!! ^^

Reviewer: mightymightykiki
Date: 02/10/08 15:18
Chapter: Chapter 10

I demand that you write more! lol i'm hooked. it was excellent!

Reviewer: Wistful_Stargazer
Date: 01/20/08 21:09
Chapter: Chapter 3

Tom is quite the bulldog isn't he--not wanting to let go of something. Nice bit of slight of hand to get Hermione's trunk back into time to her bedside, hey?

Reviewer: Wistful_Stargazer
Date: 01/20/08 20:57
Chapter: Chapter 2

Sheesh, he is such a brat looking for a smack, LOL.

Reviewer: Wistful_Stargazer
Date: 01/20/08 20:39
Chapter: Chapter 1

Busted! Wonder if she'll get detention with Filch for being tardy to class and running in the halls? Poor kid.

Reviewer: biggest hp fan
Date: 01/06/08 14:45
Chapter: Chapter 1

omg!i just read this story and i love it!!
pls,pls,pls update!!

Reviewer: Sweetpal
Date: 01/02/08 1:33
Chapter: Chapter 10

I can't possibly wait a few months!

Reviewer: Sweetpal
Date: 01/01/08 15:03
Chapter: Chapter 10

this should be intersting!

Reviewer: harryxfanaticxpotter
Date: 12/07/07 16:13
Chapter: Chapter 10

wow! this is my first fanfic other than hermion and draco cause those are the only fanfics i read. but today i decided to read this. and i really like your story please update.....

Author's Response: Winter break starts next week, and I won't have much homework (yay!) so I'll try really really hard to get the next chapter out for you guys. Thanks so much for waiting so long!!

Reviewer: LeStrange16
Date: 12/03/07 14:47
Chapter: Chapter 4

I am excited to c how the two will connect, and it seems like it'll b a good story so far. As for the author: skilled (talented would b an understatement)

Author's Response: ohh skilled~Thank you! I hope you keep reading, and I'm trying to work on the next chapter, so hopefully it won't be too long until I finish it!

Reviewer: Pissenoffanis
Date: 12/01/07 20:09
Chapter: Chapter 10

Oooh this is an interesting fic! Very intriging characters. I can't to see how the relationship between Hermione and Tom develops.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you think so! The next chapter may take a little bit while I figure out where exactly this is going to go (put simply: writer's block, especially in this story. It stinks.) I've started writing the next chapter about 10 times, but I hate each one. BUT I'll try to get it out soon!

Reviewer: rottenchild
Date: 10/04/07 13:54
Chapter: Chapter 9

this is really good.liking the plot.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm having a little trouble with the next chapter (read: Writer's block. Urghhhh) but as soon as I get over it, I'll get it up here as soon as I can! Thanks for the review, I'm glad you like it!

Reviewer: dr324
Date: 10/02/07 18:13
Chapter: Chapter 10


Reviewer: snowlessinfl91
Date: 09/30/07 13:30
Chapter: Chapter 10

I found this chapter interesting. Keep up the awesome work, and I cant wait until the next chapter is posted (in a few months even, thats fine =]). I was a tad confused at one point, but that was my own fault.
I love your use of vocabulary in here also. =]

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