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Name: HermioneDancr (Signed) · Date: 02/26/07 3:02 · For: Bound
Hello there, SPEW buddy! I have to confess that I tend to read pet-centric stories whenever I see them, mostly out of morbid curiosity. So… reading and reviewing this was a nice way to let myself indulge.

My biggest critique for this story is that you don’t seem entirely clear about Hedwig’s voice as a narrator. Her word choice and comprehension of the world around her seem extremely high, yet from the story we can tell that she takes a fairly uncomplicated view of the world around her –– that the realizations she is making are in fact revelations for her, even though she’s lived with Harry for five years. It doesn’t make a wholly consistent character.

Beyond the inconsistency between the narrator’s voice and thoughts, I really liked the content. I’ve seen several interesting stories showing differing perspectives on Harry’s anger during OotP, and this one is definitely up there. The idea of exploring how Harry’s anger and lethargy might affect his pet is refreshing and original. You do a great job exploring it, and I think that’s what makes this such a good story. *hugs*

Author's Response: Lian squee! *SQUISH* Yes, I know exactly what you mean about the narrator's voice. I submitted this on such an impulse that I don't think I actually looked it over once. *shifty eyes* But looking back - that's the one thing I would have changed about this. Thanks so much for the review, dear! And I'm glad someone likes pet stories! *giggles*

Name: Amanda_Potter (Signed) · Date: 11/25/06 15:00 · For: Bound
i love it

Author's Response: Thanks! =D

Name: AKA294 (Signed) · Date: 11/24/06 10:19 · For: Bound
Aww, that was cute. I didn't even know there was an owls contest. This story was very good. What year is Harry in in this story?

Author's Response:

Author's Response: *grumbles about submit button before writing response* Aw, glad you liked it! Yes, I wish I had mentioned Harry's year, but I had intended it to be around 5th year, when Harry started his angsting. Thanks for the wonderful review!

Name: crazyabouthermione95 (Signed) · Date: 11/11/06 14:53 · For: Bound
sorry it's a sign OF a GREAT writer!!!

Author's Response: LOL. Thanks; I got it. ;)

Name: crazyabouthermione95 (Signed) · Date: 11/11/06 14:52 · For: Bound
OMG!!! IT WAS AMAZING! I loved the story because it was so different but it was such a simple story-line but really powerful!
That's a sign if a GREAT writer!

Author's Response: Why thank you! I'm glad you liked it so much, and thanks for the thoughful review!

Name: whittyleah (Signed) · Date: 08/01/06 21:23 · For: Bound
The first paragraph was amazing! It captured my attention and made me want to keep reading.

You use description very well and integrate her thoughts with ease.

"And I realized that I, too, am bound. Not by the many cages that have held me, or by the fate I was born into. I was bound by love." - This is amazing! It ends the piece perfectly! Very well done!


Author's Response: *Giggles* Why thank you! I was hoping people would like it. It's not my favorite, but I do like the last line, as well.

Name: hermione210 (Signed) · Date: 08/01/06 12:55 · For: Bound
What an interesting story. It was very interesting to see your perspective on what went on in Hedwig’s head.

I really liked your descriptions, especially in the first paragraph. You used beautiful, precise words to accurately describe a scene.

I also liked the fact that you gave Hedwig complex emotions. She’s always seemed much more perceptive than many of Harry’s other friends. In real life, I don’t think owls think like that, but that is one of the beauties of the magical world- anything is possible. I thought it was very interesting to see how she felt when Harry started to withdraw from his friends.

Great job all around!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you liked the way I wrote Hedwig!

Name: Oppungo (Signed) · Date: 08/01/06 10:14 · For: Bound
Again, what beautiful description! It never fails to draw me into your work! “The ground was coated with a thin layer of snow, and the trees swayed slightly in the breeze.” I could seriously imagine that, just by reading it (accompanied by all the other description there), it was really good.

One thing I was unsure of was - why is Hedwig waiting for someone there? It’s not as if she’s waiting for someone to reply to a letter, or for food or something. I would have thought she’d have had enough of waiting generally to do it in her spare time!

Although these are rather complex thoughts for an animal, whose to say that they don’t have them? I think it’s great to explore what she might be thinking, if she could, even if it may be a little unrealistic! (But then, here everyone is writing about magic, which is pretty much the same as owls being able to have that complexity of thoughts - no-one can really say whether it’s true or not!) I loved Hedwigs thoughts on being bound, how she appreciated her flight and how Harry dealt without it, being somewhat a prisoner. I thought it was really interesting and well written.

Again, your last line was incredible, I found a whole new love for Hedwig, just reading that! Great job.

Author's Response: Lol, I don't know why she's waiting. Forgot about that part! I'm glad you liked the way that I wrote Hedwig, and didn't think it was too too unbelievable. Thanks for the amazing review!

Name: hogwartsduchess (Anonymous) · Date: 08/01/06 9:54 · For: Bound
This was incredibly touching. I really enjoyed reading about Hedwig's emotions.

While it is true that the emotions are very human and complex, I don't think it is improbable for her to have them. Hedwig is able to find Sirius when even the Ministry couldn't. She's always shown a sensitivity towards Harry, and I think you've displayed that very well. She is capable of feeling his rejection, as she showed in GoF when Harry was forced to use other owls to send letters to Sirius.

This is very emotive and beautiful. You have a talent for making the reader feel the emotions of the characters. Very well done.


Author's Response: Wow, THANK YOU! That made my day! I'm glad that you liked it, and found it probable. Thanks for your lovely comments!

Name: HarryPotter is my LIFE (Signed) · Date: 07/31/06 23:24 · For: Bound
I thought this was rather cute. Only one thing. Hedwig has been given human thoughts. True, the owls in the Harry Potter series seem to be fairly inteligent, but these are seriously complex thoughts.

But even as I write the above parapgraph, I can't help but be glad you wrote it this way. I enjoyed seeing the emotions of Hedwig. They were real emotions, that can be felt and agreed with.

One a related note. The first person POV kind of added to the complex thoughts, but that was good. Hedwig's thoughts are wonderful at showing what we see.
It's true. As the years ware on, Harry does indeed distance himself from his friends, also becoming rather snippy with Hedwig. Good job incorporating canon into this!

I also like your description. I noticed from a few of your other fics that description seems to be your strong point. I can completely see the exact picture you want the reader to have.

Author's Response: Thanks! I checked the lexicon, and it said that even for owls, Hedwig was incredibly intelligent. I went off of that. I hardly ever write in first person, but I thought that it added to her thoughts better than third person would have. Thanks SO so much for the amazing review!

Name: Avenger_of_Dumbldore (Signed) · Date: 07/31/06 22:36 · For: Bound
Hmm... very nice perspective. A few things I found wrong with Hedwigs character though-
1) when Harry first got Hedwig, she was a baby, so how could she have other homes? This isn;t that big of a deal though, just thought you should know.
2) Hedwig seems to be a little to... motherly maybe? She always seemed very independent, and very wanting. Not that she dosen't love Harry, but she does expect him to take care of her.
3) the last thing I would have liked would be to know which time era this is in, so I can figure out why Harry is changing. Why is he out by himself at night? These are things that could have been answered with a few refrences to current events.

Besides those three things, I liked the main idea, and I liked your use of language. You really made me want a pet owl :)


Author's Response: Thank you! (Sorry if this is confusing; I don't know how to do paragraph breaks in ARs.) 1) Lol, there's my lack of researching before I write! Thanks for pointing it out! 2) Yes, very true. But what I was trying to say was that Hedwig is her own person (er... owl), but she's always had a certain connection with Harry. 3) I meant it to be in his 5th year. Sorta forgot to mention that! Thanks for the wonderful review!

Name: I Love Severus Snape (Signed) · Date: 07/31/06 21:00 · For: Bound
I'm in absolute love with this story. I must admit to being surprised when you proved Hedwig to have almost... human-like thoughts, could you call them? It felt like you had a human being narrating the story, and I like that you give Hedwig so much character other than being just an ordinary owl that is oblivious to everything. The descriptions are absolutely beautiful. I think my favourite part of this, though, was the whole theme. It was put together so brilliantly, with the entire bound theme being tied in with fate and love.

I never thought about owls having multiple owners, but now that you mention it, it does seem likely I suppose. I mean, if someone no longer wants their pet then they must go back to the storeowner to be sold again, right? So, you thought that idea out quite well.

I'm just blown away at the way you wrote Hedwig's thoughts and emotions... it's like there's a real person in there. This was a really enjoyable read... excellent work!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! This is one of the sweetest reviews I've ever gotten; I'm honored! I'm glad you liked the theme and how I portrayed Hedwig. And that you find her having other owners plausable. Most people (including me) don't! Thanks for the lovely review!

Name: Marauder by Midnight (Signed) · Date: 07/31/06 19:48 · For: Bound
Oh my. I picked this story to read because it shared the same title as my own, but yours is not at all as terrible as mine. Another story that sent shivers down my spine.

I've always wondered what went on behind Hedwig's big eyes. You described what she saw and what she thought so perfectly, it was not a challenge for me to believe that that is what she thinks indeed of her "master." Hedwig, now that I think about it, really is the most perfect character to give us insight into Harry's life because she lives with him and because she, as his pet and friend, is, as you say, bound to him.

I completely fell in love with your ability to describe. You are able to pinpoint exact emotions with concise and meaningful words. Nothing blank nor filler at all. Every word plays a role in your story; if you left out just one word, your entire story would fall apart (well, okay, it's probably not that serious. But you get the drift ;))

Hedwig's feelings toward Harry, I think though, are a bit unjustified. Harry actually wasn't all that great to her. From time to time he forgot to feed her. He yelled at her once or twice. He banged her cage a couple of times as well. While I was reading the books, I always thought to myself, Harry shouldn't be able to keep a pet. But alas, she still loves him. That's real, deep love. Also, I never imagined Hedwig to have many owners. I would've thought Harry was her first owner, but I suppose she might be talking about the pet store owner too.

Thank you very much for that very enjoyable story. Thank you for not making it Hedwig/Harry. I confess, that's what I was preparing myself for. Good luck with the challenge!


Author's Response: You have a story called Bound? I had no idea; I wasn't copying you! Kinda cool, though! Thanks for the concrit! I agree; I decribed how she felt quite well, but I never bothered to mention why she felt the way she did. I might fix that. And about the many owners thing, I agree. It's a slim chance; just a random idea I thought of. Thank you very much for the very enjoyable review! :P A Hedwig/Harry, Beth? (I think that's where this 'eek' smilie would do its justice.)

Name: Fly to Dawn (Signed) · Date: 07/29/06 22:20 · For: Bound
Oooh, Rachel, what an iinteresting story!
I loved the concept of this story - fate and love, which we are bound by.
There's no dialogue in your fic, but the descriptions and thoughts from Hedwig's point of view makes it seem natural.
As a pet, I think Hedwig is wonderful. From what we've seen in the books we know that she is a very clever and loyal owl, and you portray her brilliantly. The way she looks over Harry in a somewhat motherly fashion is just perfect!
Hedwig has a serene glow surrounding her - she's an owl, not a human, and she thinks peacefully, yet she has thoughts and feelings. You captured Hedwig beautifully in your story. Well done!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you, Dawn! I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for the review! *Huggles*

Name: solemnlyswear_x (Signed) · Date: 07/29/06 20:42 · For: Bound
Another great story. =]

I’ve never read a story from Hedwig’s POV, so I was hesitant to read this. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed reading your story.

Hedwig’s observations about Harry were very interesting. They provided a new way to see Harry, and the changes he’s going through. It’s sad though, that Harry begins to forget about Hedwig.

The use of bound in your title and throughout your fic really added something special to it. I especially liked the last line, very touching.

A few tiny things,
And I wondered if you knew that you misspelled relationship in your summary. You forgot the letter ‘n.’

“Wait for everything to be alright again.”
‘Alright,’ should be all right here.

Overall, very good story. Who knew I could like reading about an owl so much? =]

Author's Response: "And I wondered if you knew that you misspelled relationship in your summary. You forgot the letter ‘n.’" Haha, thanks! I never knew the difference between alright and all right. But thanks, anyway. I'll fix that. Thanks SO much for the review!

Name: Lil Red (Signed) · Date: 07/29/06 19:08 · For: Bound
Once again you describe the feelings of the characters with amazing accuracy. How you showed Hedwig feeling sad by Harry's lack of attention got to me. It's true that she's hardly mentioned through the books anymore, as Harry doesn't depend on her as much.

I like how she says she has always had the option of flying away from her problems, but Harry had no such option. It really makes you think that that's the major difference between people and other things. It's like that saying, "You cn run, but you can't hide." It's true. Humans may run from out problems, but we can't hide from them forever.

The one thing I would change is how you got into the ending. I would ease into it through another 2 or three sentences, just so we don't feel like, it's over already?

All in all, great piece.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I agree, it is a bit short; I'll check that out. That saying fits this fic perfectly! You highlighted everything I was trying to say perfectly in your review. Thanks!

Name: nysuperstarz (Signed) · Date: 07/29/06 17:53 · For: Bound
Awww that was a very well written and I absolutly adored the ending when she realizes she was bound to Harry. I loved the way you made the story from Hedwigs POV and you did it very nicley as well! I also liked the way you described hedwigs surroundings and the ways that she noticed him changing over the years! You also brought up her past which was a very interesting way to go and i feel that I was satisfied by the information you gave us, a true one shot!Just lovely, keep it up!

Author's Response: Aww... thanks! Glad you liked it; the review meant a lot!

Name: Emily_the_Poet (Signed) · Date: 07/29/06 17:49 · For: Bound
Awww... That was wonderful.

I liked Hedwig's ability to communicate like a human and still do normal owl things, like hunt for food. You incorporated it quite nicely.

I also like the story itself. It was a nice fluffy tale, and very similar to things we all face.

Great Job!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! Glad you liked it!

Name: Emily_the_Poet (Signed) · Date: 07/29/06 17:47 · For: Bound
Awww... That was wonderful.

I liked Hedwig's ability to communicate like a human and still do normal owl things, like hunt for food. You incorporated it quite nicely.

I also like the story itself. It was a nice fluffy tale, and very similar to things we all face.

Great Job!

Author's Response: Double review, lol! :P

Name: Cheshlin (Signed) · Date: 07/29/06 17:29 · For: Bound
I love the description of the forest. I can totally see how she sees things. Her description of her relationship with Harry was very nice too. I like how Harry was introduced into the story too. It was like she wasn't really thinking of him until he walked into the picture. The contrasts of how she thinks she should be treated and how things have become were great too. The last sentence was definitely the best. It is great how she realizes that she is bound to Harry. :) Thanks for a great story

Author's Response: Why do people keep thanking me for the story? I should be thanking them for the reviews! Therefore: THANK YOU! I like the last sentence, too. I didn't care too much for the rest of the fic! Thanks for the reviews!

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