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Name: Celebwen (Signed) · Date: 10/03/06 17:53 · For: A Custom Built Prize
To the person who wrote that a) Dumbledore died in HBP and b) Umbridge didn't set the dementors on Harry:
You need to pay attention. YES, Umbridge DID set the dementors on Harry, and "Book 6 disregarded" isn't up there for decoration. Hermyrox12 knew what she was talking about on those two counts, as (s)he pointed out in her/his response. (Sorry- the lookup doesn't say whether the author is a boy or a girl. So it's not my fault.) :)

Author's Response: Thanks for defending me. Of course, some people have bad memories and maybe forget to look at things, so we can't take it too hard on them. Oh, and I'm a she. Thanks! ~HermyRox12

Name: Celebwen (Signed) · Date: 10/03/06 17:47 · For: A Custom Built Prize
Meh. I'm sorry to say that this one didn't hold my attention much better. A little better, but it was very confusing and mixed-around, and hard to stay with. I didn't finish reading it because I just didn't see the point. A little better, but still needs to hold people's attention!
P.S. Please don't take offense. I'm a seriously picky reader and get very touchy when people mess with Harry Potter and turn it into something less desirable. That's why slash makes me so mad. Don't give up, though- you're a good writer, you just have to work on continuity and making the writing flow and make sense to the reader, so that they don't lose interest and give up. And don't try too hard with the jokes- they're better if they just come naturally. Some of these seemed kind of forced, and thus were not very funny. 3/10
And also, it may be because I'm very fond of George and people who kill him off without proper emotion in the story make me very bitter. *Sniff* :*-(

Author's Response: Sorry you didn't like it, but I guess you can't please everyone.

Name: Sadey_Asawood (Anonymous) · Date: 08/30/06 11:46 · For: A Custom Built Prize
I didn't read the whole thing because the first fourth or so was not well-written at all. You got several facts wrong:

a)Dumbledore died in HBP.
b)Umbridge didn't set the dementors on Harry, is was Voldemort/Death Eaters.
c)Professor Sprout was EXTREMELY out of character, and a prank played on Umbridge years ago wouldn't affect some maze game. Besides, Sprout didn't like Umbridge either.

Sorry to be so harsh, but this story had amazing potential and would be so good if you reviewed the story for mmistakes.

Author's Response: I'm sorry you didn't like the first forth, but I think you are wrong/mistaken as well. a) I put a book six disregarded on there for a reason. I knew that Dumbledore was dead, so I added that. If you take a look at my warnings, you would have realised this. b) Once again, Umbridge DID infact set the Dementors on Harry. Harry thought it was Voldemort, but Umbridge confessed at the end, remember? c) Okay, this was written for a challenge, and they told me what Sprout had to say. Besides, she is head of Hufflepuff where they believe in being "just and loyal." It doesn't matter if she liked her or not, just is just. Over all, if you read more on the first two "errors" that I made, you would see that they weren't errors. I made the first one known, and I am right about the second, read it yourself.


Author's Response: Okay, here is the quote from OotP where Umbridge confesses, *** " What Cornelius doesn't know won't hurt him," said Umbridge, who was now panting slightly as she pointed her wand at different parts of Harry's body in turn, apparently trying to decide what would hurt the most. "He never knew I ordered dementors after Potter last summer, but he was delighted to be given the chance to expel him, all the same..."

"It was you?" gasped Harry. "You sent the dementors after me?"

Somebody had to act," breathed Umbridge...*** OotP ch. 32, pg. 747, American version. I hope that clears that up.

Name: DaddiesGrl1919 (Signed) · Date: 08/27/06 12:18 · For: A Custom Built Prize
I like it. It was sad and sweet. And hilarious! how did you come up with all those riddles! That is clever.

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it. Actually, I wrote this for a challenge, so the riddles were given to me. But I did come up with the answers :-) Thanks for the review! ~HermyRox12

Name: grim reaper (Signed) · Date: 07/12/06 18:02 · For: A Custom Built Prize
Very nice, I like it.

Author's Response: Thanks. It is nice to come home to reviews. I'm glad you like it.


Name: Katt_Jamie (Signed) · Date: 07/09/06 13:08 · For: A Custom Built Prize
This story is beautiful. It made me want to cry.

Author's Response: Here is a tissue. *offers tissue* I'm glad you thought it was beautiful. I think so to. :P


Name: ProngsWorshiper (Signed) · Date: 07/08/06 17:53 · For: A Custom Built Prize
Sorry, correction on my previous review Harry's fifth year was his last.

Author's Response: . . .

Name: ProngsWorshiper (Signed) · Date: 07/08/06 17:50 · For: A Custom Built Prize
I feel really bad about it but I'm going to have to give you a bad review:( I didn't like this story. The rhyming riddles were a bit clever I suppose but I didn't see this as fit in humor. I also thought some parts weren't very fell thought out. For example, Fred just happened to find flea reppelent on the ground beside him, why didn't he notice it when he found the stone? Also, why did Fred try to Apparate if everyone knows you can't Apparate on Hogwarts grounds? Why is Fred back at the school when fifth year was his last? Too many odd things like that. Sorry :( 5/10

Author's Response: About him at school, he wasn't: he was at his shop, when Dumbledore sent him his letter. He returned to the school for that day, and then left after the maze. Re-read the begging. I don't recall Fred Apparating. I'll look again. He didn't notice the flea-repelant because Dumbledore hid it until the answer came to the Fred. I guess I should have made that more clear. Dumbledore set it there for the contestants to get through the maze. I'm sorry you didn't like it, good luck finding those you do like.


Name: Lurid (Signed) · Date: 06/20/06 1:56 · For: A Custom Built Prize
Ooh, well done on geting it Validated! It's great! To me, it really was Fred Weasley; I thought you portrayed him well. I liked all of your little riddles, especially the one at the Sphinx- that was great.

*giggles* I really likes the one at the end. It reminds me Holidays is coming. I was trying to decipher it, then looked to the next line, and grinned. And, it tied it off nicely without Fred reaching the end of the Maze.

I didn't find any major mistakes, so again, congratulations on getting it Validated, and congrats on writing such a great fic! ♥

Author's Response: And, it tied it off nicely without Fred reaching the end of the Maze. What? Fred did make it to the end of the maze. I finished all of the prompts... at least, that is what my guide told me. Thanks for all the congrats. Thanks for the review! HermyRox12

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