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Reviewer: wendelin the wierd
Date: 11/16/06 0:26
Chapter: A Collection of All-Sorts

Wow! I liked it. A rather twisted parody of all the normal clichés. This is just the second humour fic I have reviewed. I am usually into dark fics and prefer dark romance. However, I really liked a few which made fun of all the clichés.

You fic has taken it's place among those few.

Did you write the beginning yourself? That poem? Because I really liked it. It's got good rhythm and serves as a very nice introduction to the story ahead.

Now, let me start with all the basic issues of this story.

First of all the angsty Harry part did wonders. It was hilarious, especially-


And of course,


Ron wasn’t listening because he was busy snogging Hermione.

That part actually made me laugh out loud. It's portrayed very well, and believe me, the number of times I have read angsty Harry.

Good use of the Mary-Sue's as well. They are really cliché' though what I liked best here was their names. You really chose very sparklypoo names.

You used the masquerade cliché well too. But funnily enough one of my favourite stories is centered around it. However, it is often badly written. I liked the part where Ron states how overused it is. I couldn't agree with him more.

Now for a bit of concrit,

I didn't understand one part. In the beginning and the end of the story it's Ron/Hermione all the way but then somewhere in the middle it was Draco/Hermione? That was a tad bit confusing. I would suggest using Draco/Hermione in one chapter and Ron/Hermione in one chapter.

Well, that's all for now. This was a rather pleasant read and I hope to see a lot more from you! Good luck.

Author's Response: Ooh! Such a long review! I love long reviews. I really appreciate all the concrit. Well, I guess it's true I should have had the Hermione ships in seperate chapters, but it was meant to be stupid and I can't really go back and change it. :) But thank you so much and I'm happy that you actually enjoyed humour!

Reviewer: Violet Waller
Date: 11/15/06 4:23
Chapter: A Collection of All-Sorts

lol god the harry bits were classic...laughs out loud seriously!

Reviewer: Violet Waller
Date: 11/15/06 4:23
Chapter: The New York Student Exchange

oh god too funny...stomach ache..
a trail of semi conscious girls behind him...
angry harry
oh goodness this is so funny

Reviewer: Violet Waller
Date: 11/15/06 4:09
Chapter: The New York Student Exchange

oh god too funny...stomach ache..
a trail of semi conscious girls behind him...
angry harry
oh goodness this is so funny

Author's Response: Thank you so much for all of yours reviews. I'm happy you liked the fic!

Reviewer: Violet Waller
Date: 11/15/06 4:06
Chapter: A Collection of All-Sorts

lol god the harry bits were classic...laughs out loud seriously!

Reviewer: Harriet
Date: 10/22/06 20:09
Chapter: Bring Me to Life

I love this story! I can't believe it's over! And about your warning: my family already knows I'm insane!

Author's Response: Hahaha, good thing. Thank you!

Reviewer: Marauder by Midnight
Date: 10/18/06 17:11
Chapter: Bring Me to Life

I have finally made it through your little story of horrors. Believe me, the moderator in me was just itching to stab each character over and over again.

But as a reader, I couldn't help but laugh. It's so odd to see every little terror of a fanfiction put together (relatively) neatly. EVERYTHING was in this story. Everything.

I enjoyed angst!Harry immensely. He was by far my favorite character because I had a big problem with his character in book five. Your clever exaggeration of this made me appreciate good characterization a whole lot more. Perhaps you should send this little gift to Ms. Rowling to show her just how angsty her Harry was.

Hermione was my second favourite. I think it's something about the sheltered bookworm-transformed-beauty pageant winner that gets everyone in a hype; Hermione can be paired with almost ANYONE. Draco/Hermione, Snape/Hermione, Ron/Hermione, Harry/Hermione. You name it. The way you took care of Hermione's transformation from nerd to OMG!HOT was hilarious. Of course, the pairings were very funny as well. Don't we all love promiscuous!Hermione?

Ron was a bit boring to me. He was slow, of course, but so slow that he didn't really have a big role in this story. He seems like just a side character here while in most other stories, he's one of the funniest characters. I'm not sure if the role switch was intentional, but either way, it worked out all right in the end, since I was much more intrigued by all the other characters.

I liked your spin on the Sparkly-poo. While I haven't seen a story yet with a House full of Mary-sues (Knock on wood), it's thoroughly entertaining to generalize (correctly) the characters named Mary-Sue. I wish they had a bigger role in this story though instead of just being cheerleaders who pop in randomly.

The theme of America was perfect. Too many people bring Harry and his world to America where apparently the Sparkly-poo reside and reproduce at surprising rates. And to have everything that happens in America to be perfect (ie, Snape and Dumbledore and Sirius' appearances) just cheers me up after reading a few stories where, oh wow, Harry meets his fiancee in America.

Your story was HIGHLY entertaining. You trivialized, criticized, and laughed at the various cliches that riddle some of the worst Harry Potter fanfictions. It makes me feel better knowing that here at MNFF, we can weed out these dreadful stories and make fun of them with a story as funny as yours.


Author's Response: Oh, my goodness. Thank you for the amazing review. I assume this is for the Quicksilver Quill awards *squee* and I'm incredibly happy you liked it and thought it was funny. I've never gotten a review like this before and it's AWESOME. Now I know exactly what's funny about my story and what I could write better. I'm plotting (muahahaha) another humour fic right now that actually requires a plot, unlike this one, so now I know what I do well and what I should do better. I'm so happy you liked angsty!Harry and beautiful!Hermione. Me too. People seemed to like angsty!Harry, and I had tons of fun writing him even though I know he should never be written this way for a serious fic. Your suggestion about sending this to Ms. Rowling got me so excited - if you think this is good (or very very horrible) enough to send to her, I've done what I wanted to do. I do agree about the Sparklypoo thing, that they should have had bigger parts, but... I have no excuse. They should have gotten bigger parts. :) I wanted to emphasize the stupidity people write Ron with, though, that's why he may have been boring, although it's true I could have made him funnier. And AMERICA! I'm so happy you liked that part. For some reason I thought the part in America wasn't as funny - I'm glad I was wrong. Again, thank you so much for this great review and I hope you consider this this story for the Quicksilver Quills! :)

Reviewer: EtherealElation
Date: 10/16/06 20:16
Chapter: Bring Me to Life

"if anyone in your house thinks you’re insane from laughing so hard, I’m dreadfully sorry." Well, only my dad, but I doubt he cares. xD This was a wonderful anti-example... Good work - if it's not against the rules to tell you that. It hurts to read, but it was worth the laughs. Bravissima!


Author's Response: Nothing is against the rules with my humour fics. I'm so glad you liked it and thank you very much! :)

Reviewer: EtherealElation
Date: 10/16/06 20:13
Chapter: I Came, I Saw, I Dissolved Into a Fit of Laughter

"Yes, and all the ones that write fanfics and insert Americanisms"... Ah, so true. I hate that. xD Wonderful chapter again - Voldie. I'm sure he'd hate that... xD On to the next!


Author's Response: Alrighty. Merci beaucoup.

Reviewer: EtherealElation
Date: 10/16/06 20:12
Chapter: I'll Just Go Throw Myself a Large Pity Party

xD I love the Harry's scheduled duels and the house points... And the shouting! Ah, to die for. That was Harry in the 5th book, yes indeed, all shouting. Brava, again!


Author's Response: Yes, Harry's scheduled duels what one of my finer points, I say. Thank you.

Reviewer: EtherealElation
Date: 10/16/06 20:09
Chapter: The New York Student Exchange

And presenting... Another great chapter of a MarySue World! Must read more. Brava!


Author's Response: :)

Reviewer: EtherealElation
Date: 10/16/06 20:06
Chapter: A Collection of All-Sorts

*rolls around on the floor* Oh! *wipes eyes* This is wonderful, I tell you, absolutely great. Sparklypoo... And all with naturally perfect coloured hair, too. xD A Hogwarts full of Mary Sues and Gary Stus! Can't wait to look at the next chapter.


Author's Response: Thank you so much.

Reviewer: lily_writes
Date: 10/16/06 12:28
Chapter: Bring Me to Life

*stuffs fist in mouth to keep from disturbing library/study hall* That was hilarious! Exacatly what I needed after a not so awesome weekend. And you brought Sirius back! :D You've made me happy, even if it is a cliche. Shame you ran out of cliches, if more surface, you could make a sequel! (Like their kids' lives!) This chapter was full of super wicked awesomeness. I don't care if that's not a word, because this chapter was so fanastic, I had to make one up. ;)

Author's Response: Ooh! How enthusiastic! Thank you so much. I'm so happy I brightened your day - that's really one of the best things a humour writer can hear. If enough new cliches surface, I will write a sequel. Of course I brought Sirius back! I <3 Sirius. :) It ended with him alive, too. Hehehe. Well, thank you!

Reviewer: Sekhmet
Date: 10/14/06 22:13
Chapter: I'll Just Go Throw Myself a Large Pity Party

I think I'm freaked out about the thought of Draco and his father having matching leather pants! I'm scarred for life now!

Again, a very funny story you have here, I'm so very amused by it all. All of the cliches coming together so nicely! I love it.

Author's Response: You mean you didn't like the leather pants thing? :O Just kidding. I think that would be a very humorous sight. Thank you so much for your reviews, they're so nice. I'm really happy you are amused by it all and love it!

Reviewer: Sekhmet
Date: 10/14/06 21:56
Chapter: The New York Student Exchange

This is just too funny! I think I many of the stories that I have read have been lampooned in this story! I love it! Is it easy putting together all of the cliches, or is it more difficulty than it seems?

Author's Response: Thank you so much. Oh, a question! Well, I'd say it's fairly easy except you have to find a way to connect them. You can't just randomly go, 'Hermione lived in Head Dorms. Ron was stupid.' You connect them and make it into a story. But it is not one of the harder fics to write, no. :P I just love writing humour. :)

Reviewer: HermioneOfCali
Date: 10/08/06 15:58
Chapter: A Collection of All-Sorts

I love it! It's everything that i've ever wanted in a humor fic and more.

Author's Response: Thank you! If you review now (which you have), we'll double your order to TWO humour fics! Yes, that's right - TWO for the price of ONE! Everything you want in a humour fic and more. ;) :)

Reviewer: padfooyroxmysoccks
Date: 10/07/06 21:38
Chapter: Bring Me to Life

I loved it!! especialy since sirus came back. and dumble dore. You know i think that i was the one that ffainted when sirius fipped his hair. God, he's so hot!!

Author's Response: You mean you were one of twenty that fainted when Sirius flipped his hair. :) Thank you very much. I'm happy you loved it.

Reviewer: JewellPotterFan
Date: 10/07/06 17:34
Chapter: The New York Student Exchange

I'm not sure if I've already reviewed his chapter (probably) but at the very beginning you wrote,
"It was...hippo?"
shouldn't that have been, "It was...a hippo?"

Author's Response: Yes, I know. Hehehe. But then I'll have to go delete all the breaks and I'm much too lazy. :) But I do know. Thank you.

Reviewer: hpfreakdk
Date: 10/07/06 12:04
Chapter: Bring Me to Life

Oh, god. I can't stop laughing... I love it... All clichés all in one... Fantastic!

Author's Response: Oh, thanks for reviewing one of my fics. I'm happy you like it. :)

Reviewer: LunaRoxDaRadishes
Date: 10/06/06 19:10
Chapter: Bring Me to Life

P.S. The title for this chapter...I love that song!

Author's Response: Me too. :)

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