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Reviewer: aussiegirl587
Date: 06/29/06 11:55
Chapter: I'll Just Go Throw Myself a Large Pity Party

this is great you have to keep writing this

Reviewer: Christie
Date: 06/28/06 14:57
Chapter: I'll Just Go Throw Myself a Large Pity Party

"Lily ignored the fact that British people don’t use the word ‘hot’ and opened her eyes."
Oh, I beg to differ, but some British people do use the word 'hot'. We use lots of different words that mean the same thing.

Author's Response: Oh really? I'm so sorry! I don't live in Britain (clearly) so I didn't know... I thought you didn't. On the forums some British people were saying you didn't. Oh well. Thanks for the notice.

Reviewer: Mordrian
Date: 06/27/06 20:09
Chapter: I'll Just Go Throw Myself a Large Pity Party

I love this story. It's my source of all cliché piled into one tale. Don't take this the wrong way, but it's practically so bad that it is equivalent to deliberate travesty! I mean that all in a good way. All of the chapters so far have made me laugh, well done.

Author's Response: Thank you. Deliberate travesty. ;)

Reviewer: xLiFEerasedx
Date: 06/27/06 17:32
Chapter: I'll Just Go Throw Myself a Large Pity Party

Aww, I just read that this fic is going on a temporary hiatus.. :'(

I'll be waiting!!! No pressure! ;) Take your time!

Author's Response: lol. Thanks. It's not because I take too long, but because I'm going away for most of the summer and will not have access to a computer.

Reviewer: xLiFEerasedx
Date: 06/27/06 17:30
Chapter: I'll Just Go Throw Myself a Large Pity Party


I CANNOT get enough of this fic.

You are freaking awesome.

Wow, I think that chapter just made my day. :D

Keep it keep it up!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I'm glad it made you so happy! I'm so elated that it can make you so ecsatic. :P

Reviewer: lily_writes
Date: 06/27/06 14:23
Chapter: I'll Just Go Throw Myself a Large Pity Party

Oh. My. God. That was too funny. I wish this wouldn't go on a hiatus, I like it too much. Angsty! Harry is too funny, yelling all the time, all that's missing is Coming back to life! Sirius (or whatever it's called).

Author's Response: Oh my goodness, I forgot about Sirius and Dumbledore coming back to life! That'll have to go in Chapter 4, thanks I was running out of cliches anyway. I just realized this story can't be too long since there aren't enough cliches... I expect about 4 or 5 chapters. Unfortunately this must go on hiatus but I'm glad you liked it and think it's funny!

Reviewer: Ellie4Harry
Date: 06/27/06 14:05
Chapter: I'll Just Go Throw Myself a Large Pity Party

So funny!!!!! I can just think of Hermiones children who will be horrible until they develop sweet, caring, new personailtys!

Author's Response: Hahaha, that made me laugh out loud. I'm glad you like the personality bit.

Reviewer: YourLastHope
Date: 06/27/06 12:26
Chapter: I'll Just Go Throw Myself a Large Pity Party

hahahahhahaahha omg, this is seriously THE funniest thing ever, hahaha wow, i can't wait for more!!

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. Unfortunately there will be no more chapters until August.

Reviewer: x_lily_evans_x
Date: 06/27/06 4:21
Chapter: A Collection of All-Sorts

You know, I just thought of something. There was one cliche in the Marauder Era that you missed out!!! It's not really important though, but here it is:
1) Lily walks to the Prefect's Compartment with a grin.
2) Lily sees James in there and a)snaps at him to get the heck out of here, b) sees his Head Boy badge and screams before running out, c) gives him a slap.
3) James acts super mature and handles things coolly.
4) Lily a)looks surprised, b)is still annoyed with him and finds some stupid excuse to snap at him.


Author's Response: That sucks I missed out on it... oh well. Thanks, I'm so happy you love my story! *squeeeee* Yay!

Reviewer: sashakula15
Date: 06/26/06 23:43
Chapter: I'll Just Go Throw Myself a Large Pity Party

'snorts' this is an "interesting"

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm happy you found it funny.

Reviewer: Arwynn
Date: 06/26/06 19:42
Chapter: I'll Just Go Throw Myself a Large Pity Party


Author's Response: Um no I cannot hear you because you are typing, not actually laughing... you warped my review page.

Reviewer: Chaser47
Date: 06/26/06 18:13
Chapter: I'll Just Go Throw Myself a Large Pity Party

I just read all three of your chapters, and they were hilarious! Draco on leather pants: “No, it’s okay,” Draco said in a drawling voice. He continued to smirk. “My dad gave them to me. He has a matching pair, isn’t that cool?” Very funny! I've always wondered where that cliche came from...

Anyways, you have a real knack for humor and I am looking forward to your next chapters!!

Author's Response: Thank you very much. I love that line, it's one of my favourites. I'm happy you like it! Unfortunatley there will be no new chapters for a while as I am going away but thank you and I'm elated that you like the leather pants.

Reviewer: Sperk Carm Evans
Date: 06/26/06 17:20
Chapter: I'll Just Go Throw Myself a Large Pity Party

Oh.. too many capital letters.. I'm starting to sound like Harry....

Author's Response: Hahaha. I seem to be laughing a lot. Well, maybe because I've just read Oppungo's 'Dear Dumby' (read it it's awesome) but eh. Don't sound like Harry! Oh, the scar... thank you. [/babbling like a brook[

Reviewer: snowy_owl_92
Date: 06/26/06 15:20
Chapter: I'll Just Go Throw Myself a Large Pity Party

it's very funny but it would be better if there was more of a plot and a little less random. but i still love it!!! it's one of my favourites.

Author's Response: Hahaha thank you very much. Yes, I agree there should be a plot but this is a Humour fic, and there's my rules (run away) so there isn't. :)

Reviewer: Werewolf_sympathiser
Date: 06/26/06 12:15
Chapter: I'll Just Go Throw Myself a Large Pity Party

Hahaha! I loved Draco starting to sob about his awful childhood XD That was a great stereotype lol Keep it coming!

Author's Response: Aahh, werewolf_sympathiser! The lovely fan who laughed in her Drama exam because of me. :) Thank you so much. I love the Draco part too, I laughed at my own writing. Is that not very sad? Oh well. Thank you! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

Reviewer: Hilary
Date: 06/26/06 10:49
Chapter: I'll Just Go Throw Myself a Large Pity Party

hahaha, best one yet! Draco and Hermione should elope!!

Author's Response: Thank you. You're right, they should. ;)

Reviewer: Growingmandrakes
Date: 06/26/06 9:57
Chapter: A Collection of All-Sorts

Hilarious is nothing compared to this. i think I'm gonna be laughing for quite a long time.

Author's Response: Thank you! Well, remember not to go near people or they'll think you're crazy.

Reviewer: x_lily_evans_x
Date: 06/26/06 6:12
Chapter: I'll Just Go Throw Myself a Large Pity Party

“My father is horrible to me. I hate him!” he cried, suddenly sobbing and grabbing onto Hermione. “I have had such a tortured childhood, he is so mean! He’s a Death Eater! He wants me to be a Death Eater too, but with my newfound personality I just can’t bring myself to be one. Oh, woe is me!”
This is just so original-- not! *falls about laughing* Plus, the lily-kristin-anna with james-remus-sirius was so cliched! It's actually really impossible that Lily's best friends and Lily fall in love with all the Marauders except Peter. And you're making Peter pee so much, it's ingenious!

Author's Response: Oh thank you very much. Yes, you liked the Draco sobbing part too? I'm so glad. :) I'm glad you caught on *coughcough* to the lily-lily's best friend-lily's other best friend/james-sirius-remus type thing. Yay! I'm slendiferously icredibibibibly happy you liked it. Toodles!

Reviewer: Christie
Date: 06/26/06 0:48
Chapter: I'll Just Go Throw Myself a Large Pity Party

Hehe! I just burst out laughing when I saw the last two sentences. Can't wait for more.

Author's Response: Thanks very much.

Reviewer: HermioneTwin7
Date: 06/26/06 0:16
Chapter: I'll Just Go Throw Myself a Large Pity Party

very very very very cliche!

Author's Response: Yes, I know. :) Thank you.

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