Reviews For Reign O'er Me
Reviewer: beanibuddy
Date: 05/19/05 2:57
Chapter: Chapter 01: How Can You Do It Alone?

More!! Finish this story, please! It's every bit as good as the real ones!

Reviewer: crazyfan13
Date: 05/17/05 22:44
Chapter: Chapter 08: I've Had Enough

WOW!! I almost thought this was the sixth book. It is soo good. You will be a even greater writer someday. Good Luck. I cant write anymore cus I cant wait to get back to the story.

Reviewer: padfootprongs4eva
Date: 05/17/05 1:23
Chapter: Prologue: Circles

please update really soon. u havent updated in a while and i know these are long chapters, but please update. everyone is excited. please update!!!!

Reviewer: Lpike
Date: 05/14/05 11:57
Chapter: Chapter 28: Faith in Somthing Bigger

PLEASE update soon! I love your story! more! more! more!

Reviewer: iahp_mom
Date: 05/09/05 18:48
Chapter: Chapter 28: Faith in Somthing Bigger

Another fantastic chapter. I'm surprised at how few reviews your chapters are getting, but perhaps most of your readers are impatient like me, and are reading them on your cts site. Lovely Job. 10/10

Reviewer: Sae
Date: 05/03/05 3:24
Chapter: Chapter 28: Faith in Somthing Bigger

simply brilliant!!! Amazing!!! This is for sure my favorit story! Thanks for writing and (the very fast) updating *10*

Reviewer: professormoody
Date: 04/29/05 13:20
Chapter: Chapter 28: Faith in Somthing Bigger

One of the best stories on this site!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: bookaholic_au
Date: 04/29/05 1:27
Chapter: Chapter 28: Faith in Somthing Bigger

love it! more please

Reviewer: mad4sirius
Date: 04/28/05 14:38
Chapter: Chapter 28: Faith in Somthing Bigger

Great chapter, lovely speech Molly made to Jaime. I'm very impressed. Great work. Keep it up!

Reviewer: mad4sirius
Date: 04/28/05 12:35
Chapter: Chapter 27: Amazing Journey

Ohhh....creepy. The little hairs on the back of my neck are standing up. Your plots are great, I love all the twists and turns it takes. On a lighter note, I love the Monty Python bit, that's my favorite: "NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquistion!" Wonderful.

Reviewer: Millsie
Date: 04/28/05 2:43
Chapter: Chapter 28: Faith in Somthing Bigger

Excellent. This story just keeps getting better. Does this mean that they are giving into Voldemort's demands? Is Harry now the guardian? Please update soon.

Reviewer: professormoody
Date: 04/26/05 17:19
Chapter: Chapter 2: Pure and Easy

Just amazing, I wish i could write like this!!!!!

Reviewer: Katastrophe
Date: 04/26/05 10:27
Chapter: Chapter 26: New Song

Just found your story this past weekend. I read all the way through it in one sitting and now to have an update is wonderful! Your writing is exquisite! Please keep it up. Do you plan on a sequel? And how much more do you have for this one? Enough questions....please update soon.~~~~Kat

Author's Response: ROM will go through the end of summer. And yes, a sequel is planned.

Reviewer: mad4sirius
Date: 04/26/05 9:09
Chapter: Chapter 26: New Song

Great chapter, the sorting hat song was wonderful. I'm glad Jaime is a lion like her bro! I'm curious about McGongall's lessons, and what Sirius did. Hmmm...keep writing and I'll keep reading! 10!

Reviewer: ellimayer
Date: 04/26/05 3:30
Chapter: Chapter 26: New Song

YAY!!!! GO GRYFFINDOR!!! i like how all the spotlight and prophecy is no longer ALL about harry, that jamie's getting some mystery too. this is such a good story! i'm completely're writing is addictive! i wonder if madam flamel will consent to bond ron and hermione now? this is amazing, keep it up.

Reviewer: Vaalin
Date: 04/25/05 11:57
Chapter: Chapter 25: Dangerous

Good story. Got my interest.

Reviewer: ellimayer
Date: 04/25/05 0:33
Chapter: Chapter 25: Dangerous

voldy certainly is a slimy character...offering harry and dumbledore the thing that will tempt them both the most. and this not forgetting about the dementor-like-creature is very good. but i have one problem with your that we're back in england, where is dudders? him and jamie both need training, will they be taught together? i hope they will. i can't wait to read about dudley's introduction to hogwarts, it promises to be hilarious. i wonder if he'll go shopping with them now and also get a wand, after all, he needs one too... well done on another amazing chapter!

Reviewer: ellimayer
Date: 04/24/05 21:16
Chapter: Chapter 24: Music Must Change

awww! how sweet! they finally figured it out. and jamie has a phoenix, it interesting. i still want to know more about cassandra, enue, and all the prediction stuff that applies to jamie... great chapter. keep it up!

Reviewer: ellimayer
Date: 04/24/05 20:06
Chapter: Chapter 23: Don't Look Away

i love all this action! but ron and hermione seriously need to pull themselves together. ginny and jamie would make great chasers, and if you DARE put jamie in slytherin, i'll stop reading! (i won't, i won't be able to, but i'll not like it at all!) she's a true gryffindor, and putting her back with malfoy would be awful, voldy would know absolutely everything about her, which wouldn't be good. i'm getting annoyed with all these american techs, joining in where it's none of their business, using guns and's just not their place. and now that you've re-introduced politics, i can tell i'm going to be confused again...keep up the excellent writing

Reviewer: ellimayer
Date: 04/24/05 19:16
Chapter: Chapter 22: Eminence Front (Part 2)

hahaha! malfoys suck! and sirius finally got bella. how satisfying.and now jamie's safe, and presumably she'll believe them all. and i know that ginny's not going to die, because that would make harry incomplete, and we can't have that when he's got to kill voldy.

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