Reviewer: Fiffer Haliwell
Date: 01/12/09 21:10
Chapter: Chapter 12: Past, Present, and Future

Wow the end of the story. I have to say this is by far one of my favorite stories. I love the way you write the characters and your plot is simplyu amazing. I'm sre someone other then me has done this before but jsut so you know. In times new romen size 12 font you have writen 194 pages. i am very impressed thsi story has grabbed my atttention all throughout and in fact i think epilogue one and two could go toghether so really you've written more then jsut 194 pages of the same story. Congratulations on a fantastic job. Your story is magnificent and you are a great writter. I can't wait to read your next story.

Reviewer: Fiffer Haliwell
Date: 01/12/09 21:10
Chapter: Chapter 12: Past, Present, and Future

Wow the end of the story. I have to say this is by far one of my favorite stories. I love the way you write the characters and your plot is simplyu amazing. I'm sre someone other then me has done this before but jsut so you know. In times new romen size 12 font you have writen 194 pages. i am very impressed thsi story has grabbed my atttention all throughout and in fact i think epilogue one and two could go toghether so really you've written more then jsut 194 pages of the same story. Congratulations on a fantastic job. Your story is magnificent and you are a great writter. I can't wait to read your next story.

Reviewer: Binka Fudge
Date: 08/07/08 19:19
Chapter: Chapter 12: Past, Present, and Future

This was absolutely amazing. You said at the beginning that it was to be a romantic comedy, but it's turned out so much more. One of the things that i think makes for a good author is the ability to make people feel, this talent you have in abundance. There wasn't a single chapter or paragraph for that matter, that i didn't feel whilst reading this. From the excitement of the Quidditch games and the defense against the dark arts test in the forest, to the heights of passion and depths of despair throughout Harry and Ginny's relationship, I've been on the edge of my seat. I found quite a few laughs too, but they seemed secondary somehow. Another thing I look for in stories is pearls of wisdom, for lack of a better phrase. There were lots of little gems in here that I'll be taking away with me and i thank you for those too. One last thing, Rathius. I think he's one of the most unique characters I've ever encountered and while i can't say I'd like him, I'd certainly respect him. Once again, tahnk you for sharing such a wonderful book.

Author's Response: ha ha. Rathius. I'm almost saddened that I used him in these stories because it makes it tougher to use him in my own work. But anyway, yeah, he's a fun character and you'll see more of him in part III. This story specifically was very special to me because it was the first time I finished a novel length story. Now, regarding the whole bit about this being a romantic comedy; it started out that way and I had intended it to end that way, but as I wrote this deeper, more personal and more emotional story began to bubble through, and instead of just repressing that, I let it come through and take over the story and I'm very happy about that. Okay, thank you very very much, and I hope you'll read part III and then join me over at my own blog at where I blog daily on games and music and am five chapters into my own original story. You can get there at

Reviewer: proudgryffindor
Date: 04/16/08 23:01
Chapter: Chapter 1: Stupid

hey look at that my next review and i'm almost finished rereadin..just one left!!! lemme tell you how hard it is not to jump to the new chapter of "the nightshades" that i saw u posted up today, but i do have to stick to my flow and reread the whole thing. ok on to this story, i forgot how much i LOVE it!!! i gotta say Ratbone is one of my fav characters of all time. one of my favorite aspects of ur stories is the fact that u switch up the pov's, so its not constantly harry harry harry. i like readin from other peoples perspective, and especially ginny's in this story. i do gotta say though that my favorite scene is Ratbone's "final examination", and not just because its a bad ass battle, but it shows that ginny is every bit as capable of a leader and warrior as the trio, and it kinda gives her her "moment to shine" if u will. last thing i wanna say is in ur final a/n u said somethin about how u learned a lot about writin cliffhangers and how theyre great for keepin readers comin back. well that is true, but i definitly believe that u are an amazing enough writer that u DON"T need a cliffe to keep us fans hangin on (not that i don't like them of course!). all i'm sayin is that i personally enjoy everypart of this series and thats y i keep readin, not just for the cliffes. and now for the final rearead.... "EPILOGUES PART III: THE NIGHTSHADES"!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: OH NO! I can only respond to a review once! If I had known I wouldn't have left the response to your review in Part I that I did. But I did. So I'm going to respond to this review and the Part I review right here. PARTI RESPONSE: Okay, you mention the opening sentence, and you know, I really loved opening up both part I and Part III. I love it when you get into a situation where you get to really describe the setting, and I love it when that setting is dark and you can set the entire mood of a story with just a single sentence, so I'm glad you liked that. Also you made mention of how I didn't just make it a happily ever after story. There's a practical from a story telling standpoint to this, and a very real life standpoint. From story telling, you really can't have a story without conflict. So Iwouldn't have these stories if there wasn't the greater conflict of how do these people, after living what they have lived through, how do they go back to being just normal people again? this, itself comes with all kinds of challenges and conflicts. From a real life standpoint, well, I guess it's just that there never is a happily ever after, even in the most mundane and simple of lives. You also note that I have a happy sad kind of pattern to my stories, which I suppose is true. But more accurately, especially once I sat down to write the trilogy, is that I had different directions I wanted to go with each, and different aspects of the human condition I wanted to explore.. Anyway, so that's Part I. Here we go with part II. Wow, you're going to reread all of part III as well? That's, well, that's pretty cool actually.okay, as you say, on to this chapter. You know, Ratbone has really gone over incredibly well, and I'm very pleased with that considering how long it took to create him. It's sad knowing that soon I will never write him again, especially knowing that I have so much more in my head about him than you will ever see in a real story. As for perspective, I really did want to explore aspects from each of the main characters. The only one missing is Hermione, but the thing is that I have a hard time connecting with her, and I really didn't have a story for her. In truth, I think what it was about Hermione is that perhaps she's the grown up of the group, the one that really didn't need to develop and move to a different stage in life . I'm not sure. As for the cliffies, and the compliment, thank you so much. You should know, the thing about cliffies isn't just that they keep the reader coming back, but they help me structure the story. They help me develop a rhythm that makes it easier for me to go from one chapter to the next and kind of help with writer's block. For instace, this new chapter that I have for Part III, I know exactly how I am going to start the next chapter now, and since I know the cliffie I want to put at the end of that chapter, I know how it will end. So all I really have to do is write all the stuff in between. Finally, if you liked the final exam, oh just wait until you read the new chapter. Just you wait. Anyway, thanks for the review and hope to hear from you again soon.

Reviewer: ginnyrulz13
Date: 02/28/08 9:15
Chapter: Chapter 12: Past, Present, and Future

omg great story!!! i loved the ending!!! and now i like that ratbone guy. lol! :D :D :D

Author's Response: Heh. He and so much more is waiting in the third and final part of the trilogy. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and while I think the third part may be a bit of a departure to what you seem to like most, if you give it a shot, you may end up liking it even more. Thank you for reading this far, and hope to keep seeing more reviews from you.

Reviewer: ginnyrulz13
Date: 02/28/08 8:51
Chapter: Chapter 11: The Gift

lol!! perfect!!! althugh i've always been a luna/neville shipper myself...

Author's Response: At one point, I was of the mind that they might end up together, but I can't remember exactly how, I came of the knowledge that they in fact weren't. Truth be told, they would never actually fit together quite right; I don't think Neville would be much attracted to, nor cope well with Luna's eccentricities.

Reviewer: ginnyrulz13
Date: 02/27/08 23:34
Chapter: Chapter 10: Tests

kinda freaky chapter, but good ending. harry would never cheat!!

Author's Response: ... I'm getting the impression you may not be the biggest fan of the third part of this trilogy. Oh well, I've been wrong before. Thank you.

Reviewer: ginnyrulz13
Date: 02/27/08 22:38
Chapter: Chapter 9: Enemies at the Gates

an all out very very good chapter!! one of ur best i'd say! the rat guy (as i like to call him) was a bit rude, but i love how u put cho is there!!! pure genuis!! there was some colorful language, but i just overlooked it in an attempt to not damage ur great record in my eyes. lol!

Author's Response: Gotta tell you, it's very interesting. Usually Rath gets very good responses, but on the other hand, i don' think I ever actually wrote him to be liked. So there's some mixed feelings here. At once I want to defend him, and yet I realize that, hey that's how I wrote him. Anyway, yeah, I had to throw Cho in the mix as well, though, she ended up playing a smaller role in this story than I initially intended. As for the colorful language, but I'm sorry, the kids are growing up, and they're liable to let a harsh word fly here and there. Part III there's quite a bit more colorful language, but I think you'll agree that such words are warranted. Also, wanted to thank you for making this the first story to reach four hundred reviews. Thank you very much!

Reviewer: ginnyrulz13
Date: 02/27/08 22:20
Chapter: Chapter 8: The Ball

ooohh!! poor colin!!! i feel sssooo bad for him!!! sadly, i kinda knew this was gonna happen...

Reviewer: ginnyrulz13
Date: 02/27/08 22:15
Chapter: Chapter 8: The Ball

ooohhh!!! poor colin!!! i feel sssoooo bad for him!!! sadly, i kinda knew this was gonna happen...

Author's Response: I think I was on familiar ground here; being the guy who didn't get the girl. It was an easy emotion to channel. Yeah, poor guy, wish I could have been nice to him, but then again, not really. As a reader once remarked, "you're not very nice to your characters, are you?" No, I'm afraid I'm not. Being nice to one's characters leads to boring stories I think.

Reviewer: ginnyrulz13
Date: 02/27/08 21:33
Chapter: Chapter 7: Respite

:) that was a really sweet chapter. it touched me very much.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it. It's funny, I remember not liking it terribly much, but then, that would be because it's largely fluff, and as time passed I liked fluff a lot less in my writing.

Reviewer: ginnyrulz13
Date: 02/27/08 20:21
Chapter: Chapter 6: The Colin Plan

ooohhh!! thats so sad!! i bet they get through this though.

Author's Response: Man, it's been so long since I wrote this one I can't even remember what was sad about this chapter... oh well, thanks anyway.

Reviewer: ginnyrulz13
Date: 02/27/08 20:01
Chapter: Chapter 5: Trouble

wats the plan?! and im not so sure i like this rathius guy...

Author's Response: Are you kidding? Everybody loves Rathius! Okay, maybe not, but he's turned out to be one of the most popular characters I've ever written. Give the guy a break, you may end up liking him.

Reviewer: ginnyrulz13
Date: 02/27/08 19:21
Chapter: Chapter 4: Rathius

uh oh... a mad romilda is very, VERY bad! and that was such a funny spell!! lol!

Author's Response: That was, I think, one of my best comedic moments in writing; it's taken a while to learn that comedy is one of the more difficult things to pull off, particularly in a drama piece such as this. Usually, when I write comedy, I have a tendency to adopt Douglass Adams' voice. Anyway, glad you liked it, thanks.

Reviewer: ginnyrulz13
Date: 02/27/08 18:59
Chapter: Chapter 3: Lessons

lol!! i bet harry's a great dada teacher!!

Author's Response: Maybe, maybe not. He has some issues, but thankfully Ginny does help him through.

Reviewer: ginnyrulz13
Date: 02/27/08 18:52
Chapter: Chapter 2: Surprises

i knew it!!! yay!!! harry's back!!

Author's Response: heh...

Reviewer: ginnyrulz13
Date: 02/27/08 18:32
Chapter: Chapter 1: Stupid

was it harry?! is harry going back 2 hogwarts?! or is it someone else? someone important maybe....

Author's Response: Who else would it be?

Reviewer: topgunHG
Date: 01/28/08 22:03
Chapter: Chapter 12: Past, Present, and Future

this has to simply be the best series EVER i also think you should consider contuing it to the futrue and involve the wealsey family in a wedding maybe

Author's Response: Well, I'm done writing weddings; the wedding at the end of part I was the only one I ever really planned on writing (really, there's only so much fluctuation you get from one to the next and after a while they get boring I expect). On the other hand, part III does take place very much in the future (I think sixteen years) and so I hope you like it when you read it (not done yet, and at the rate I'm going, it won't be done until the fall). Thanks for the review.

Reviewer: ObsEssedHRHLS
Date: 01/25/08 14:26
Chapter: Chapter 3: Lessons

“And here’s a thought, you’re a wizard. You even have a wand. Try waving it around once in a while. I hear they do spells if you wave them around correctly.”
I love that line! Hilarious.

Author's Response: Gosh, it's been a while. I think that might have been one of my best laugh lines now that I think about it. Took a while to remember the context. Thanks for the review.

Reviewer: riddle321
Date: 01/08/08 21:16
Chapter: Chapter 12: Past, Present, and Future

rally nice story

Author's Response: Thank you.

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