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Name: Aikio (Signed) · Date: 12/04/06 17:40 · For: Chapter 10: Tests
Ok... I love your stories, and your writing... Rathius is brilliant.. But when will the next chapter be up??? :D Can't wait..


Author's Response: Thank you ever so much. The next chapter will be up as soon as I can get her up. I just finished writing chapter eleven last night, and sent it to my beta. I wouldn't expect it to be up too soon though because I haven't heard back from her yet, and I'm not very satisified with the chapter myself which may mean rewrites galore, but we'll see. Thank you so much again.

Name: AurorGirl101 (Signed) · Date: 12/04/06 14:47 · For: Chapter 10: Tests
that duel was amazing. You have seriously good writing ability! That was so amazing, I was speechless for like ten minutes. I couldn't believe how well you described everything and made it seems so real. It was greaet. Then, not to mention the ending. When are you going to update? I need to know what happens. This is the best story I have ever read. Please update soon!

Author's Response: ROCK ON! I loved writing that fight scene, and so any compliment on it is so much welcome. When it came to writing that scene, it was all angry music, and I just threw on some Deftones and some Chimara(sp?), and some APC and Tool, and I just got in a zone. It took longer to write than I initially expected it would, but it was fun as hell. As for the update, I am hoping it's soon, I just finished the next chapter, but it's got to go through the beta and get revised first. Thank you so much.

Name: AurorGirl101 (Signed) · Date: 12/04/06 14:32 · For: Chapter 9: Enemies at the Gates
No Way!! Cho?! What a twist!!! What a great chapter!! Why am I still here!

Author's Response: HAHAHAHA. Sorry, just watched soem Robot Chicken last night, and they make fun of M. Night Shyamalan with that phrase "What a twist" all the time... OKay, thanks..

Name: AurorGirl101 (Signed) · Date: 12/04/06 14:24 · For: Chapter 8: The Ball
That was really good. I skipped most of the end as you suggested, but caught the last few paragraphs. Finally, I figured Colin would kiss Ginny sometime soon. The ball was a nice touch, and I'm really enjoying this!!!!!

Author's Response: Thank you for skipping, I appreciate it. It's a bittersweet thing because I'm quite proud of that bit of writing, but it isn't necessarily appropriate for some readers. Thank you so much though.

Name: AurorGirl101 (Signed) · Date: 12/04/06 14:05 · For: Chapter 7: Respite
That was really good. I don't know why you dont like, i think it was one of my favorites!! I really liked teh speech that Ginny gave, it was sweet. The end, where she says, " I'll take care of him for you," is really sweet. I cant wait to get to the next one!

Author's Response: I think I didn't like it because I felt as though it could have been a little more emotional, it could have hit just a little bit harder. It's one of those situations where I know I'm capable of better, but I somehow just didn't make it, you know? Ah well, I need to stop criticizing myself. Thank you so much.

Name: MagicalMaddie331 (Signed) · Date: 12/02/06 18:38 · For: Chapter 9: Enemies at the Gates
Woah, fuzzbuckets much? But it was still an amazing chapter. I skipped over most of the previous chapter and just read the ending after a long time of not reading, but I got right into it. Adding Cho to the mix was a great twist. Great job.

Author's Response: er fuzzbuckets? Thank you so much, yeah, I think I had more planned for cho originally, but well, you'll see. thank you.

Name: MagicalMaddie331 (Signed) · Date: 12/02/06 18:30 · For: Chapter 10: Tests
I always say "Oh snap, this is the best chapter ever!" and I just have to say it again now, because this story just keeps getting better and better. Where to begin on the list of things I absolutely loved? Quidditch, Rathius, emotions put so amazingly into play -- well done. Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: hehehe. Oh snap. You know, looking back on it, I really liked writing this chapter. It was hard work, true, and sometimes very frustrating, but in the end, also very rewarding as I look back and think, okay, this was a pretty good piece of work. Thank you.

Name: Kabob (Signed) · Date: 11/28/06 17:14 · For: Chapter 10: Tests
I'm sorry, I'm guilty of not having written a review up until now, though I read the whole story a while back and read this chapter as soon as it was validated.

It seemed like quite the shift at first, moving from stories with mainly Harry's point of view to a story with Ginny's point of view, but hey, you did it masterfully. The story seemed light-hearted at first, which was a welcome change to the first Epilogue story. Ah but the story has developed so much more since then. The way this story develops itself is truly amazing, kudos!

As for this chapter, I was in awe. The match was amazing, and the fight... oh wow, was that ever exciting! I don't know how you managed to write such an intense scene, because personally I'd find writing an action scene as incredibly hard to accomplish. So now I know you're an incredible emotional, romantic, and action writer; Jack of all trades, eh? I'm impressed. I'm certain you've got more surprises around the corner; the cliffhanger seems like the tip of the iceberg.

I've got to ask something: are you a professional writer? Sounds like a silly question, but the caliber of your writing suggests that you could easily write for a living.

I've got a few more things to say, I know, I ramble on a lot :P I was reading your responses to GinnyPottergirl, and I agree with you on the romance stuff. Wouldn't be much of a story if all they did was kiss and tell each other how much they love each other, all the while never having that love tested. Some people put an external threat in which the characters respond "We'll love each other even with Voldemort out there!" Yeah... sounds good in theory, but without any threats taking place, it's all just words. You've done an excellent job with both internal and external struggles, making your romance stories worthy of that title.

Also, don't think you've failed with the Colin thing, I sympathize with him! I saw Ginny's treatment of him as pure abuse to his innocent nature. I'm not sure about everyone else, but I could see him falling in love with Ginny and the hurt he would feel, way back when the plan started. So yes, I sympathize with him and in fact see Ginny as insensitive. Ooooh her behaviour at the Ball especially made me angry. Oh yeah, and I thought she got what she deserved from Colin, Ratbone, etc. Now we see her struggling with her mistakes. There's so much depth to this story!

Don't feel rushed with writing the next chapter either. When the writing's this good, you have to expect it to take time! Good luck with the writing; I know it'll be spectacular. *End long review*

Author's Response: I love this review, and I'm really sorry I'm not getting to reviewing it now. I've been incredibly busy these last few weeks, and I'm so behind on responding to my reviews, and I really wanted to do this one justice. So, where to start. Point of Views. Well, I started off with Right Here and One Good Day writing from Harry's point of view because I wanted a specific JKR tone to the story. I wanted both those stories to have some of her voice, and the only way I could do that was to make it from Harry's view. With the Epilogues, I had always intended to have each part written from a different character's viewpoint. Obviously the best way to do this would be to have four epilogues so that Hermione gets a story too, unfortunately, I don't have a story she could tell. I was worried about writing the story from Ginny's perspective, however, it's gotten easier and easier over the course of this story. Being not a female, I was apprehensive about trying to tap into the feminine mind state, but something that the writing of this has taught me is whatever gender you are, you're still human, there are still universal truths to the human psyche, I guess. This has helped me a lot. As for the lightheartedness, well, the whole story was supposed to be light hearted, but I couldn't do it, the story took a tone of its own, and considering the responses I've gotten, I'm not upset one bit about that. The fight. I LOVED writing the fight. True pleasure. It did turn out to be more difficult to write than I thought it would, but I got it eventually. As for the cliffie being the tip of the iceberg, yes, yes it is. No, I'm not a professional writer. It'd be nice, and I'm thinking that once I'm done with Epilogues, I'm going to start writing something that may be publishable. I finally got the shades of an original story floating in my head. We'll have to see on that, and thank you for the compliment. Regarding romance, yeah, romance without conflict is fluff. I like the differentiation you make between external threats and internal threats. External threats are easy. If you have two people who really love each other, then external threats really could only strengthen the relationship, unless of course one of them dies. Very easy to write. Internal though is not so cut and dry, and what's more, it's much more realistic. And I think this is a topic I could go on about for quite some time, but I think I'll just move on to the next topic. And it's good to know that someone sees Colin as a good guy (I think chapter eleven will have some readers eating their own words), and yeah, Ginny could have behaved better. ONe thing you'll see, probably more clearly after reading the next chapter, is that I kind of do a lot of role reversals in this story, if anyone's paying attention. I think it's a matter of watching them grow, and seeing all of the characters become whole and complete people. Ginny starts the story off as this really confident strong individual, but we break her down, Harry on the other hand starts off as being kind of insecure about everything from his new job to his relationship with Ginny, but we see him make a turn around there. The one thing I regret about this chapter is that I had to cut the last bit off, because thematically, you were supposed to see Ginny face all of her struggles head on in this chapter, but I had to clip, so there you go. Yeesh, okay, long response, and I really have to try and get a couple more responses down before I head off to work and such, so thank you so much for the ultra awesome review, and I'll see you for chapter eleven.

Name: ally1123 (Signed) · Date: 11/25/06 21:54 · For: Chapter 10: Tests
I love this story so much! You are a wonderfully talented writer and you describe things so well. Your whole plot is extremely unique, and I think it's amazing. I can't wait for the next chapter!!

Author's Response: Thank you kindly. Chapter eleven is moving much slower than previous chapters, and I'm really sorry about that, but I will try and have it to you as soon as I can, okay? I think if I can just get past the bit that I'm on now the rest will go rather smoothly. Thank you so much.

Name: GinnyPottergirl (Signed) · Date: 11/24/06 23:23 · For: Chapter 10: Tests
He cannot be cheating on her. He can't be. But what is he doing with Cho then...? Nice Quidditch win, and strange battle. She's really good at taking control, isn't she? Good chapter. Update!!
ps. Please put more romance in. Thanks! : )

Author's Response: "Please put more romance in..." You know originally I was just going to kind of touch on this topic and move on, but I caught a spark and well... It's funny, for one, the story is what it is, I can't put more or less of anything into it. I can't force the romance in there, though I will say there is some more to come. And then you have to ask yourself what is romance? Is it all cute and fluffy stuff? I think not, that's not romance... True romance is as real as it is fantastic, it isn't just the bad but the good as well. Think about Part I. Would the last chapter and the last scene be nearly as effective without the first five chapters that preceded it? I don't think so. To be honest, I think th elast two chapters coud be a stand alone story, but they wouldn't have nearly the punch if you hadn't read the four before them, or even Right Here and One Good Day. My point is, Romance isn't just the kissing part, it's also the pain one goes through to make the kissing parts worth it, see what I'm saying?

Name: GinnyPottergirl (Signed) · Date: 11/24/06 22:36 · For: Chapter 9: Enemies at the Gates
Colin is a huge jerky prat! I cannot believe Cho is the new professor! This gets wierder by the minute/paragraph! I loved the last chapter, but this one has my head spinning!!!

Author's Response: I think I'm considering this all an error. I never intended people to hate Colin, and yet, he seems to garner this kind of response a lot in the later chapters of this. So I'm going to say that somewhere along the line I failed. Oh well. Thanks for the read and review.

Name: Igo Retla (Signed) · Date: 11/24/06 19:39 · For: Chapter 10: Tests
I could swear that i dropped a review for you when I read this a couple of weeks ago...

I hate to disappoint you, but I didn't think that it was that big of a cliffie. I trust Harry.

I do enjoy the story, but I do hope that you offer an explanation of how Rathius manages to appear to be so powerful.

Yes, I would have put him beyond Dumbledore--unless there is something that we don't know.

Stiil, you write very well. Trust me, I wouldn't be reading if you didn't :)

By the way, this is itended to be constructive criticism rather than simply "critical". ;)

Thank you.

Author's Response: I know it wasn't that big of a cliffie. When chapter eleven comes out I would like to see if people could guess what the original cliffie was supposed to be. Remember, I had to cut this chapter short because originally it was about four hundred words longer than the maximum allowed. About Rathius, for one, he is incredibly powerful, and we explain so far why he is as powerful as he is, and I kind of explain in the battle why he seems to transcend mere powerful and appears nearly godlike. His actual prowess stem from the fact that he is incredibly intelligent, and has dedicated his life to learning. Something we will see in Part III is that he owns his own library, lives there, and spends nearly every waking minute studying and experimenting. His power, therefore, has come from a lifetime of hard work and discipline. In the battle, what you have to realize is what Ginny realizes... The fear spell... His appearance, and some of the spells he casts are all affected by the fear spell that he casts at the beginning of the battle which makes things seem farworse than they truly are. And finally, never mind you about the criticism. You've always given it, and I've always accepted it happily. Thank you.

Name: Igo Retla (Signed) · Date: 11/24/06 19:31 · For: Chapter 10: Tests
I could swear that i dropped a review for you when I read this a couple of weeks ago...

I hate to disappoint you, but I didn't think that it was that big of a cliffie. I trust Harry.

I do enjoy the story, but I do hope that you offer an explanation of how Rathius manages to appear so powerful. Yes, I would have put him beyond Dubledore--unless there is something that we don't know.

Stiil, you write very well. Trust me, I wouldn't be reading if you didn't :)

Thank you.

Name: GinnyPottergirl (Signed) · Date: 11/24/06 16:56 · For: Chapter 7: Respite
That was kind of sad. But, at the same time, it was kind of happy. The ending, with all the doubts and stuff, was a little strange, but the beginning sections of the chapter were great!!! : )

Author's Response: hehehe... You are definitely a fan of the fluff, aren't you? sorry, I guess I kinda got out of the business of writing fluff. But please trust me, going through the hardships makes the bits at the end so much more rewarding. Thanks.

Name: GinnyPottergirl (Signed) · Date: 11/24/06 15:41 · For: Chapter 6: The Colin Plan
Oh no! They can't break up! Things have to get better, not worse! She can't wish that she had never been together with Harry, or never had him come there! The Colin plan can't destroy them!!

Author's Response: I believe this would be an appropriate place for an evil grin. Thank you so much.

Name: GinnyPottergirl (Signed) · Date: 11/24/06 15:17 · For: Chapter 5: Trouble
Are she and Colin going to have to pretend to be dating so that she can stay undercover with Harry? Does this mean that Colin is going to find out the whole truth of them dating? Is Ratbone actually a good guy??? I'm confusedish!

Author's Response: hehehe. WEll, you now know the answer to all of your questions here except one. Unfortunately, I can't tell you the answer to that last one, ti would ruin both this story and the next.

Name: GinnyPottergirl (Signed) · Date: 11/24/06 14:52 · For: Chapter 4: Rathius
That was hilarious!!!!! : D
What the heck is the deal with Ratbone? Is he a vampire? Will there be more romance coming up soon? Will Ratbone be like a Death Eater?

Author's Response: Thank you, I loved that scene, let me just kinda get loose a little, you know? With Ratbone... You'll see.

Name: GinnyPottergirl (Signed) · Date: 11/24/06 14:20 · For: Chapter 3: Lessons
Now I know who the first years were talking about when they said that she probably liked the cute but boring DADA teacher...That's really funny! Poor Ginny, he is so mean..."Will you grade the tests for me?" Evil stupid boyfriend...

Author's Response: Ah, cut him a break, Harry's a decent boyfriend, I think. I would so try and get the girl to do my work for me too though... er... thanks for the review.

Name: GinnyPottergirl (Signed) · Date: 11/24/06 14:07 · For: Chapter 2: Surprises
YES!!! It is Harry! Hahah! Yay! They get to be together, and they still love each other! Hurray! I like this story WAY better than Epilogues: 1. That was good, but this already has romance, plot twists, and they're at Hogwarts!! Yay chapter 2!!

Author's Response: I so wish I could have responded to this one as soon as you wrote it. I think I would have been laughing my arse off... Ah well.

Name: GinnyPottergirl (Signed) · Date: 11/24/06 13:35 · For: Chapter 1: Stupid
Oh that evil cliffie! Is it Harry? That would be really wierd, but cool! The perfect week does sound really nice.

Author's Response: Heh... I never really thought this cliffie was much of anything at all. Really, how many students could make Harry's jaw drop?

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