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Name: Seer_Witch (Signed) · Date: 03/04/10 20:56 · For: Spring Showers
Gods I don't get Divination!

Oh my GOD I love old Dumby being a "sex symbol for seniors." That was hysterical! And I adore how they go running inside of making out because they've got be all restrained and stuff >.< I was wondering about Harriet the Spy...the reference you made? You know Harper Finkle from Wizards of Waverly Place, and how she's in that movie Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars? My mommy was wondering about it because she thought Harriet the Spy was, like, someone. Who is she??

I liked him asking about Tonks coming to dinner. Just in general, it was a good conversation! It made me laugh. And ooh yes, just the coincidental Maintenance! Drat cooling spells and their coinciding with precognition! :) And YES I'm SO excited for dinner with Mrs. C =D

Alas, I fear that tonight I'll have to go to bed at the time intended :( Two nights ago, it was midnight before I got scared of getting caught; last night, one in the morning before my computer overheated. So what will tonight bring? Will I actually be a good girl?

...well, probably not.

Author's Response:

Harriet the Spy is a novel by Louise Fitzhugh. Years ago it was made into a film starring the girl that played Buffy the Vampire Slayer's little sister. In the Potterverse, there's a witch in the Auror office named Harriet that likes to tattle to the supervisor so Tonks calls her Harriet the Spy.

Goodness is relative. Reading is good. Sleep is good. Whichever one you choose, how can you go wrong? ;)

Name: Seer_Witch (Signed) · Date: 03/04/10 20:20 · For: The Torrents of Spring
Woah. Aftershock. I feel like Tonks just matured twenty years; and it's a weird feeling. She also de-matured in a way, since she and Remus are, after all, just spooning. It's strange that she just grew up like 2 years in my head. Disorienting.

Wait why does Tommykins's family hate Julia-san?

I loved how Remus explained that she'd be disowned for ruthlessness and maybe rival for cunning. I dunno, but I really liked that conversation. And that's so sad, by the way. That's one of the many flaws in Bella/Edward's relationship in Twilight, and that's one I spotted here. What, they can't even kiss? Rawr. So frustrating:)

I liked the conversation in the bushes, too, it was very amusing. J'adore, ma cherie. ;)

Woah, what's with me and smileys lately?

Author's Response:

Smileys are good things! They trigger endorphins or serotonin or whatever makes you feel good. :D

Julia isn't good enough for Tom's family. Snobs. 

Tonks and Remus kiss, Remus isn't afraid of hurting her. It's the "cuddle" that goes along with the kissing that's getting too hot to handle. Remus won't seduce Tonks, so she has to work through issues during this story so she can let her love "bloom." :)

Name: Seer_Witch (Signed) · Date: 03/03/10 23:57 · For: The Rite of Spring
AHH I didn't remember this chapter AT ALL which made it mysterious and amazing and surprising. I loved it! Now it's bedtime, because my computer is overheating!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'd tell you to get a chill pad for your laptop, but I need one, too, and do the same thing--turn it off--when it overheats! :D

Name: Seer_Witch (Signed) · Date: 03/03/10 23:41 · For: Spring Forward
Clearly I lied about not reading on. I should go to bed (testing in the morning...buttttt I won't.) Ooh I remember this part now. I ALWAYS loved it, and still do ;) As for Evan...rawr. Let's see if I love that half-hag this time. (and yes, I'm aware that hags are women:D)

Author's Response: If men can call each other female dogs (heh) as an aspersion, you can certainly call one a hag!

Name: Seer_Witch (Signed) · Date: 03/03/10 23:18 · For: Spring Fancy
So I was trying to find my place in my alphabetical delve into everything you've ever written when I knew I was getting close. I stopped reviewing this story around chapter 10, which makes me wonder...And it's a damn shame, too, because I really can't read this until I finish Dark Angel because they're both the same ship and I'll get confused.

On the flip side, I really really really liked chapter one! (again) And the poem...again.

Wait. Is this the one with the circle of dark magic that required blood and she became a wolf when he did as she invaded his dreams? Or was that another story altogether?

Oh I remember reading this for the first time! I was in the Hamptons! And whatever, this is awesome. I don't mind the reread. ;) p.s. still LOVING her poem:D and her when she's drunk!

Author's Response: Real life gets in the way of fan fiction, especially when you're on holiday! You have too many other things to do than read! I'm happy you came back. The OotP story has the Wolfsbane Program end and Tonks use blood magic to bind the wolf to her so they can spend full moons together. This is the story just before it, where Sirius is guarding Hogwarts in Animagus form.

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 10/16/09 12:14 · For: A Spring Bouquet
Eww--Tom's father wants him betrothed to one of the Carrows? I see Tom as a handsome young man and the Carrows as close relatives to some homely apes--not cute apes, but homely ones. I think it's so funny that Remus won't tell Tonks where they're going. I also get all weepy (with happiness) when I read about weddings. I do the same when I go to weddings. When I'm trying to catch a chapter at work, it becomes very embarrassing.
Actually, my cane is a practical one. My nephew thinks I need a carved, wooden walking stick or staff--probably something like the Malfoys would carry. I hope it's not permanent though. Since I broke my femur, it takes around a year to get back to normal. The funny thing I didn't tell you is that I fell on the handicapped ramp at work when it became unexpectedly icy last spring. So, if you think Tonks is clumsy, I could give her a run for her money. Great book. Thanks for writing it and I'll see you in the next one.

Author's Response:

Not cute apes, loved that line! I got Planet of the Apes flashbacks. :D

I'm with your nephew, even if it's for a few months, why go geriatric when you could be stylin'? A Gandalf staff would rock.

Why didn't somebody put ice-melting stuff on that ramp? It's for the handicapped! That is very Tonks-ish, breaking a leg on the handicapped ramp. I shouldn't giggle.

Thank you for making me smile! (and giggle)

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 10/16/09 10:38 · For: The Challenge of Spring
I enjoyed all the romantic talk at Evan's expense. How sweet of Tonks to eat the day lily and risk a tummy ache. I don't know if I would've done that. I probably woud've gone into a long, boring diatribe about how I can't eat day lilies. I also liked all of the discussion of troll living conditions. That was very well done. It kind of reminded me of that movie "District 9" where the living conditions of the aliens were so bad, that despite it being a movie, I was physically sick--about the discrimination and how they were forced to live. So, Tonks wants to get married--or at least go on a honeymoon:) Great chapter.

Author's Response: I've never seen District 9. I had to go look it up. Sounds grim and aw, geez, I would've cried at the end over the metal flower. That's so pathetic and sweet!

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 10/15/09 15:49 · For: False Spring
My favorite part was Tonks talking to the troll and then buying him birthday flowers which he promptly ate. And, of course, Tonks would know which flowers would give one a stomach ache. I also liked Julia's comment that Tonks has the weirdest friends. I really didn't expect Maris to be one of the blackmailers. Great chapter.
You know, i thought about going to the big mall in Sioux Falls but I was tired and I ended up telling my sister why bother--you can buy pretty much anything on the internet and you don't have to put up with crowds and parking. I broke my leg in March and I'm still not fully recovered. I have to use a cane--it's kind of psychological--more of a safety thing--but using it is tiring.

Author's Response:

Thank you for liking that part! I may work trolls into the new Scorpius and Rose fic (when I get back to it, heh).

I'm sorry to hear you broke your leg! Did you go for something showy in canes or practical? I wouldn't want to have to use one, but I think a Lucius Malfoy pimp cane would be fun to swish about. :)

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 10/15/09 14:21 · For: Visions of Spring
That was nice of Tonks to keep her appointment. I know I'd feel angry if someone made an appointment like that for me. I guess humiliated and embarrassed would be a better description. I'd see that as a sign that they thought I was weak--even if underneath I knew they were doing it for my own good. It was fun to see Tonks play with the Patil children and Remus. Remus just seems like the ultimate teacher no matter what he's doing. I thought it was funny near the end when Tonks thought she had Remus tied up but he had other tricks up his robes, so to speak. Great chapter.
Yes, we went to Sioux Falls. While not a huge city, it's bigger than what we're used to, living out in the country. My sister hasn't driven much and I learned to drive in Boston and drove all over LA. With work and all, neither one of us gets away too often and it was so wonderful to go to the bookstore. I wish I could've spent more time but I'd already spent enough money:)

Author's Response:

Remus is a natural teacher. In the HBP story, he puts his talents to use for the werewolves. His mission didn't work out--the werewolf "threat" was never an issue in the books--but I couldn't see him spending all that time and not accomplishing something good. :)

I've been to Boston...and I wouldn't have wanted to be the one driving! Yikes! LA is just frustrating with freeways going from 4 lanes to 2 without notice and the bumper to bumper traffic, argh, I'm with your sister, it's a lot less stressful when someone else is driving. :D

I like buying online anyway, free shipping and discounted, too!

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 10/15/09 11:47 · For: Turbulent Spring
It was funnier than I thought it would be when Tonks said her destination was "Dung Heap." I'm getting a totally different view of Uncle Dungie. How creative--using a boggart to figure out what your fear is. I didn't think Tonks would be that affected and that she'd know how to banish it. But, look at Harry and his boggart turned dementor. So her biggest fear is rejection by Remus? Excellent chapter.

Author's Response:

I have a soft spot for endearing scoundrels. :D

The sad part is one day Remus will use that too old, too poor, too dangerous excuse to say they shouldn't get married! Not anytime soon, though, thankfully!

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 10/15/09 10:55 · For: Spring Cleaning
Yay, I'm back. I had a good time. My sister and I went to see Celtic Woman. She's a fan but doesn't like to drive in larger cities so I was the driver. It was fun and I got to stop at Barnes and Noble and buy a bunch of books and a couple of HP movie soundtracks.
Poor Tonks--she never got to eat her morning chocolate fix. That was just mean on the part of Gulch. Supervisors shouldn't take advantage like that. I think Healers are trained to not look shocked or disgusted about something. There have been times when I've gone to a doctor about something that's a little gruesome and I've told them to get ready to say "ewww" and they've all said "We're trained not to do that." I always figure that I know it's something "ewwy" so they can just come out and say it. I thought you did a really good job of describing Tonks' nervousness while in the counselor's office. I got the feeling that Tonks was kind of apologizing for Remus--even though she loves him, she's worried about what others think. He's a werewolf and he's older than she is. She also knows what it's like to be an outcast--so it was kind of like "if you complain about him and reject him then you reject me too." Excellent chapter.

Author's Response:

In Sioux Falls? Anywhere in the country, I love Barnes and Noble. It smells good and no one gives you the evil eye if you read the merchandise and don't buy it. :D

You've "gone to a doctor about something that's a little gruesome." How intriguing.

I think Tonks can't help be defensive about Remus. Even HE ends up telling her he's no good for her. Sigh.

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 10/12/09 20:30 · For: Stormy Spring
Tonks' cousin sure wasn't very nice. For some reason I thought her cousins knew she was a witch. Remus is so patient and just outright gentlemanly. It was kind of funny when Tonks was worried that people would think that drunkeness ran in the family. The drugstore scene was pretty humorous. It must have looked kind of odd that Tonks is buying contraceptives but hasn't had sex with Remus yet. I'm not sure if I'll read much more tonight and I'm out of town for a couple of days. So if you don't hear from me as regularly, that's why. Great chapter.

Author's Response:

What? You can go out of town and not drag along a laptop to stay connected to the internet and support your internet addiction? Wow. :D

Tonks would have been a good Witch Guide, being prepared. ;)

Have fun on your trip!

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 10/12/09 19:47 · For: Spring's Sprung
Those Patil kids are so cute. Damn, I knew the song but forgot it was by CCR. It was so sweet of Remus to go with Tonks to see Evan. And I'll bet they come up with a better plan. So are Pansy and Prissy sisters? I've been wondering about that. Where do they get the pug noses:) Great chapter.

Author's Response:

You forgot CCR??? O_o

Just kidding. :D A lot of people probably don't have the foggiest who they are. They're cousins, and pug noses must run in the family...all that inbreeding, LOL.

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 10/12/09 18:10 · For: Caterpillar Spring
I get such a kick out of them riding the Hogwarts Express. If students only knew what went on in the train. I'm impressed that Remus can just translate from the Latin to English--but of course he can. Poor Tonks, coming home from vacation to a bunch of crap. Sometimes that happens to me. I don't do transitions well and am often a roaring bitch when I come home from somewhere. How did that foot pervert find Tonks? He wouldn't be such a pervert if he had to deal with me:) Great chapter.

Author's Response:

Poor kids wouldn't be able to eat...queasy stomachs...:D

I sympathize with the need to come home to peace, not a bunch of issues demanding attention. Really makes you reconsider that 'no place like home' saying, heh.

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 10/12/09 16:31 · For: Waiting for Spring
Well, I loved this chapter. The best part was when Tonks impersonated Pansy and went into Hogwarts. The conversation with Draco was priceless. Leave it to Severus to figure out who she was. Tonks' conversation with Snape was pretty funny too, especially why his robes billow. Then her meeting with Albus was wonderful. I liked it when they noted that Sirius as Snuffles was holding his head proudly. Great chapter.

Author's Response: Severus has a habit of poking into people's minds, :D. I like to think Tonks did Draco a favor, making him doubt Pansy's worshipful devotion, heh. Sirius didn't get much of a chance to hold his head proudly when he was cooped up in Grimmauld, so I was glad to give him that opportunity here.

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 10/12/09 12:33 · For: Spring Fever
I know it wasn't funny but I had to chuckle about the foot fetish part. I'm extremely ticklish in my feet. It's always embarrassing when I go to the doctor and s/he has to examine my feet. I sit there giggling like a maniac and shouting "stop!! stop!!". Then the idea of Tonks and Remus snogging in every compartment on the train:D. Finally, overhearing Sirius and Cami discussing Tonks and Remus. I don't know if I'd trust Sirius to put up the privacy wards. After all it was Remus who put up the age line at Sirius' bedroom door:) Great chapter.

Author's Response:

You'd definitely kill a perv's buzz if you giggled madly when he was caressing your feet! :D Bet the doctor gets asked "What were you DOING in there?" after your examination, heehee.


Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 10/12/09 8:51 · For: Spring Thaw
Well, I think Snape has a sexy voice and I'm not ashamed to admit it. At least Hestia has something going on with Sturgis and will hopefully leave Remus alone. Although, having her point out the age difference between Tonks and Remus, ad nauseum, wasn't nice. Sirius must be worried about Harry. Great chapter.

Author's Response:

I've written a few SSNT fics, and scared a few R/T shippers that I would sneak in a love triangle, heh, but in this universe Tonks only has eyes for Remus...although she does have to admit Snape's voice is sexy, :D.


Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 10/11/09 22:35 · For: Spring in Action
It's late but I thought I'd get one more chapter in. Now I'm hungry for souffle. It's been a long time since I made one. I just don't know what to think about Evan. Sometimes he seems helpful and then he doesn't. I guess he's helpful when his ass is on the line, like now. Do you think Jerry's mum will like Tonks' muggle cousin? Something tells me that's not gonna work. I've always found trolls to be disgusting no matter where they come from:) Great chapter.

Author's Response: If you read Terry Brooks' epic fantasy The Sword of Shannara, (which was inspired by LOTR but without the poetry and songs, heh), you might change your mind. There's a mountain troll named Keltset who is heroic and as a character appropriately rocks. :D

Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 10/11/09 22:03 · For: Spring Surprises
Bill does seem to have a thing for the French. That was pretty funny--sitting by his dad in the restaurant. As always, I loved seeing Arthur again. Now who ran into Arthur and Tonks when they were shopping for lingerie--wasn't that Bill? Whose animagus form is a ferret? That reminds me--I was thinking of taking that quiz to find out what my patronus was--but I was afraid I'd be disappointed. I'd want a big, flashy patronus. I'm such a show-off:D And what is wrong with me--Remus dresses up like a homeless person and I still think he sounds sexy. Great chapter.

Author's Response:

Yup, Bill keeps running into his dad and Tonks...causing him some son-stress, heh. The bad guy is the ferret, but I'm not saying he's an animagus. ;) I refuse to take those kinds of quizzes. I didn't even like getting "sorted" on the beta boards and still wonder how they determined I was "Gryffindor" when I thought my answers were a mix of Hufflepuff and Slytherin. :D

Remus is sexy in whatever he wears. 


Name: Fynnsmom (Signed) · Date: 10/11/09 21:28 · For: Illusions of Spring
I'm halfways tempted to buy a Latin dictionary when I go book shopping. I've been thinking, just reading this makes me feel kind of classy--a feeling I lost. I thought Tonks' outfit sounded adorable. How did Anne describe Tonks--aggressive? Well, that's way better than passive aggressiveness. I sat here laughing, thinking of a Freudian Floo. Can you imagine, sitting there in your home minding your own business and then someone arrives in your fireplace. And then Tonks had to floo so other wizarding families wouldn't think Mrs. C's floo was out of order. Where do you come up with this stuff? Great chapter.

Author's Response:

I took Latin for two years...and it's all repressed, heh, so I had to buy a dictionary so I could make up spells and double check meanings by looking up the English-to-Latin and then Latin-to-English. Sometimes there's a difference!

I have a twisted mind. :D

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