Reviewer: Gryffindor Alfy
Date: 01/28/07 16:21
Chapter: Chapter 6 - Diagon Dalliance

wow this was the frist time i have read your story and this last chapter wow i loved to way you show how harry has grown up emotionly

Author's Response: I do hope you will continue to enjoy! Thanks again.

Reviewer: Gryffindor Alfy
Date: 01/28/07 16:21
Chapter: Chapter 6 - Diagon Dalliance

wow this was the frist time i have read your story and this last chapter wow i loved to way you show how harry has grown up emotionly

Author's Response: I do hope you will continue to enjoy! Thanks again.

Reviewer: Gryffindor Alfy
Date: 01/28/07 16:21
Chapter: Chapter 6 - Diagon Dalliance

wow this was the frist time i have read your story and this last chapter wow i loved to way you show how harry has grown up emotionly

Author's Response: Thank you for the kind words! I hope you like the story enough to keep up with it?
I definitely am trying to make Harry grow up – largely because he knows he needs to… which of course means that he will still have some “kid” moments as things proceed.
I do hope you will continue to enjoy! Thanks again.

Reviewer: Monster Book of Monsters
Date: 01/28/07 10:37
Chapter: Chapter 6 - Diagon Dalliance

Jeo, Jeo, Jeo... Okay, FIRST of all, thanks a lot for totally taking me off my task this morning. I'm SUPPOSED to be doing homework, but then checked my email and saw you had updated your story. Thinking I would read it REALLY QUICK (ha ha ha ha ha) I stopped what I was doing and got way off track. Dude, that was a loooooong chapter. Good, very good, but loooong. lol Okay - - review time.

Here's my fav line of this chap (before I got to the end, but oh well): "They stepped into the white-tiled bakery area and the wonderful smells of fresh bread and pastries flooded into Harry’s nostrils." It's my favorite because in one short line you painted this vivid picture of what you had in your head - something which I totally SUCK at, by the way, so kudos to you for that. Another "by the way" - kudos on finding a brit beta - you lucky dawg. That must come in handy! Back to the line - man, I wish I could write like that... *dreamy sigh*

Okay - as for the story and where it's headed - I LIKE IT. LOVE it, in fact. I love that Harry and Ginny are finally back together (you know I'm all about the romance stuff!) and I LOVE that you've created this weirdo mystery of "what in the heck is going on with this account???" Unlike the previous reviewer, I'm not mad at all about this turn of events with Petunia. In fact, I think Harry explained it all in that last paragraph when he was going off in a very mature (??) manner. I also think this is just a minor part of something major coming down the road. And I'm very anxious to see what it is! GOOD JOB.

If I've got any gripes at all, it would have to be the way everyone bent over backwards to make Petunia feel "at home." Afterall, she's not very deserving, AND she's cashing in. I think you may have explained this in the beginning of the chap but it was so long ago, I forgot what it was! Second gripe - how old is Harry again? Sixteen? And he's speaking like a 57 year old man? lol C'mon, Jeo. Yes, he's going to be on his best behavior in front of his aunt in this situation but still, he's no CEO. He's a kid. Just my opinion though! I still love what you're doing and can't wait to see how this all turns out. I'm also anxious to see what's up with Draco.

Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!
I always look forward to your reviews. Sorry that the chapter was long – though it was actually shorter than the previous one. I don’t know what has happened to me when I first started writing this all my chapters were averaging around 3,500 words, but once I started again they have doubled in length. In Life and Learning on Privet Drive I actually had to edit out about 500 words to meet the 10,000 word limit. The next one is real close to 8,000 words too. I hope my Beta doesn’t get mad at me, because when she agreed to read for me she asked me my average chapter length and I of course told her around 3,500. She hasn’t complained yet – Bless her – I love her to death and I don’t know what I would do without her.
I am writing a knew chapter about Draco now and I think this one will be closer to the previous chapter length.
Sometimes I worry that the story is not progressing quickly enough. The other night I started doing a Lexicon type calendar for the story so I could plot out when I think certain events should happen and how they will all relate together. And I realized that I am working on Chapter Eight already and I have only covered about a week! And, I have a lot to have happen yet before I even get to Harry’s birthday, or to the continuing Horcrux search! Still, once I get everything set up the way I want, it will start to move along much faster – sometimes I have to remind myself that I can’t push every little thing I think of into this story! I almost left this whole money thing out for that very reason, but I am glad I decided to keep it. And I am not quite done with the Dursleys yet either.
Remember months ago when you asked me how many chapters I was planning? I think at the time I told you I had 38? Well, I finished plotting to what I think is the end of the story, and I am up to 57 now… However, knowing myself that number will evolve yet as well.
SO, regarding the gripes of yours? With regard to everyone bending over backwards to make Petunia happy… Just remember that they are all doing this for Harry not really Petunia… And, well it is Molly’s nature to do her best to make people comfortable and happy…even if she doesn’t especially care for them… and to push that point further, I feel like Molly definitely has disapproved of what little she knows of how the Dursley’s have treated Harry. But I think she is prepared to try to understand the person given the opportunity, before she judges, and in this case, with Mrs. Dursley’s fears assuaged, Petunia is probably quite a tolerable person, as I also believe that everything that makes her unpleasant is deeply rooted in her fears. As for the second gripe… I think you are right, I have probably got Harry sounding too grown up in this chapter… But I guess I was thinking that British formality is a bit more rigid and so the propriety of both actions and words would be overly formal. And, in the bank… well, he had been thinking a lot about all of this, so it was actually kind of rehearsed… maybe not the words, but certainly the thoughts. And, one other thing about Harry and his language – I never worry about Harry’s vocabulary, it has got to be far, far better than the average 16 year olds… After all he hangs out with Hermione, and he is a bit more “aware” than Ron, so something has to rub off, and that girl knows every word in the dictionary, I’m certain.
Anyway, I am highly gratified that you continue to enjoy my story, and I will continue to strive, of course, to keep it interesting. Thanks again, so much!

Reviewer: Melindaleo
Date: 01/28/07 8:46
Chapter: Chapter 6 - Diagon Dalliance

Well, I suspected this was where you were going, but I'm sorry to see it. I'd really thought this one had a lot of potential.

In my opinion, that money was supposed to be for Harry's care, and I tend to think even if they had it, it wouldn't have been spent on Harry. By giving it to them now, I feel like it's rewarding them and condoning the abuse. Now, I can easily see Harry going all noble and simply walking away, but by rewarding them this way, I think it makes Harry look like a pushover.

I wish you well, but I think I'll pass on this one. Sorry.

Author's Response: Well, I am sorry to hear that. You will be missed… and not just because you are a reader who actually reviews, but because you are an author whose stories I have enjoyed, and a person whose opinion I respect. In this case however, I guess we will have to agree to disagree.
You obviously see this issue as being all about how the Dursley’s have treated Harry, and what they deserve. Because you see the Dursleys as undeserving (an opinion I share by-the-way) you see Harry’s position on the money as weakness. I believe I can understand that, however it is not how I see it at all.
For me this issue is not about what the Dursleys deserve, or do not deserve, but instead it is all about Harry, and what kind of a person he is, and I am sorry, but I would never describe him as a push-over, nor to I believe the actions I have written make him such.
Harry is a hero, and his actions need to be heroic… or if not heroic… certainly not base and petty. He doesn’t think the Dursleys deserve this money any more that you or I… but he really doesn’t care about this money… it is representative of a time and a people he desires to put behind him. If Harry had any need for the money… then of course he would be right to keep it. But, he has the fortune from his parents, and the Black fortune which many fans speculate was greater than his inheritance from his parents.
The point is, that Harry is compassionate, and while he cares little for the Dursleys, he understands the way in which his very existence has been a threat to them, and completely changed their lives to as much effect, as his being there changed his. The cause and effect equation here is far more complicated than [Harry was left on their doorstep + The Dursleys abuse Harry = The Dursleys are bad people and deserve nothing].
For me, Harry is giving over the money because:
1. The Durselys have an apparent need.
2. He doesn’t need it, and in fact has very little concept about how much it is, or what it really means.
3. He may not like them… but he doesn’t hate them.
4. To deny the Dursleys the money would be an act of vengeance – Maybe not legally, not even morally as the terms of the account clearly make it his by default, but if we eliminate the need for, or even a greedy desire for the money as a motivation, what other motivation would he have to say no, except some desire to get back at them? Which I am, as the author saying he doesn’t have.
Harry knows that the Dursleys would see it that way, and he has no desire to bring about further ire from them so close to being done with them forever. (Which of course begs the question – will he actually be done with them forever?)
If the money was significant to him in any way he would act differently. To you or I or to the few people who will ever read this story, it may be a lot of money… To Harry it is nothing. In my opinion.
Anyway, I am not certain that you will even return to read this response as your passion on the issue seems rather intense, and I guess you have written the story off now as a matter of principle, but I wish you would reconsider and follow it a bit longer anyway. As a possible enticement I will tell you this; I agree that the Dursleys are undeserving, scared and petty characters who represent some of the worst characteristics of humanity, or Muggledom, if you prefer… But it is not for Harry to judge them, judgment lies in the hands of a higher being (insert whatever higher power you choose to believe in) Just because I didn’t have Harry condemn them, and he has essentially handed them an opportunity for a truly financially unfettered life. I don’t for a minute think such characters would have the foresight or understanding to put this gift to good use. I rather believe Harry has handed them, what in their hands is a curse. I have some further plans for the Dursleys before the story ends… and I have a feeling they may just be more in line with what you… and many others think they truly deserve.
So, like I said earlier, you will be missed. And, if ultimately you choose to overlook my choice as an author and continue reading, despite your distaste for this particular turn of events, you will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for everything! P.S. If you ever care to roll the issue around some more and toss it back and forth a little I am open to any dialogue… I am even, quite open to having my mind changed by a good compelling argument. My e-mail works.

Reviewer: moshigh86
Date: 01/27/07 22:30
Chapter: Chapter 6 - Diagon Dalliance

well written i've read your entire story up to this point and i am really waiting for your next chapter keep it up.. although i am a bit sorry to not get a response out of petunia at the end of this last exchange between harry.. but i suppose this will be in the next chapter.

Author's Response: Well, actually… yes and no. The next chapter will reveal some of what Petunia is feeling, but not I suspect the answer to the question you have burning inside you… However… be patient all will be revealed in good time. The next chapter is with my wonderful Beta as I write this, so I hope very soon to be submitted. And I am working hard on chapter eight which will take us back to what’s happening with Draco.
I am very happy you are enjoying the story, and I hope you like enough to spread the word. Thank you so much for taking the time to review!!!

Reviewer: pammiez_x3
Date: 01/27/07 22:12
Chapter: Chapter 6 - Diagon Dalliance

harry has really grown up! love the way you portrayed him. update soon!

Author's Response: Yes… yes he has. Part of my purpose at this point in the story is to mature Harry a bit. After all, he is coming of age and he will soon be out on his own, completely responsible for himself. Yes… he will always have Ron and Hermione, Ginny and the Weasley family, but very soon he will have to be his own man, so to speak, as well.
I am very glad you like my story and hope you will continue to read it as I write more. Perhaps you will even spread the word a bit?
Thank you so much for the review!

Reviewer: MankyOldBoot
Date: 01/27/07 20:20
Chapter: Chapter 6 - Diagon Dalliance

I'm very much looking forward to the next chapter. This sort of closure (or pending/potential closure) with Aunt Petunia is heart-warming. Harry really is a remarkable person. I can't wait until the Dumbledore card hears what he has done. Also, I have an image of Vernon getting choked up and thanking Harry with tears in his eyes. Any chance of that happening?

Author's Response: I hope to have the next chapter submitted quite soon. It is currently with my wonderful Beta reader. I am happy you find the situation heart-warming. I have gotten rather mixed reaction to the whole idea of the Dursleys getting their hands on any money, but I find the idea of a more amiable end between Harry and his aunt a very satisfying thing. However... I wouldn't count on a teary eyed Vernon anytime soon. I am not certain the man possesses quite enough brain to comprehend that level of gratitude.
Thank you so much for the kind review, and I do hope you stick around for more of the story.

Reviewer: threeh
Date: 01/21/07 20:40
Chapter: Chapter 5 - Life and Learning at Privet Drive

This is one of the best stories I have read. Very well done. I enjoy it and can't wait for another update. Well done!!!

Author's Response: Thank you! such kind words. I do hope you will continue to enjoy the story... and better yet, spread the word about it to other readers... As far as another update goes? Well, another chapter had already been submitted, just waiting for it to be validated. Do enjoy! Thanks again.

Reviewer: Phoenixis
Date: 01/21/07 2:28
Chapter: Chapter 5 - Life and Learning at Privet Drive

This is a truly awesome story!

That Dumbledore card bit was a stroke of genius. Most of your ideas are great. And that money bit. Please, please don't let the Dursleys get their hands on that money. The money was for Harry, they can't have it for themselves!!! Four million pounds, oh come on!

And I'm also very curious about the mysterious person who opened thze account. I hope Harry has a long talk with Dumbledore about this.

And of course, that Whisper was great. Thy're back together. But they had to be together. They are after all made for each other.

Author's Response: Thank you! Such wonderful praise, I hope I can continue to live up to your praise as the story continues.

The money… Wow… This is going to be a big hot button issue with lots of fans I can tell. I can promise you that I will reveal where it comes from quite soon… say within the next four or five chapters. And yeah it’s four million pounds! When I first had the idea I tried to figure an appropriate allowance and settled on the 200 pounds a month. Then I did a spread sheet to calculate all the deposits, interest payments etc., over the nearly sixteen years. The total astounded me too… It is amazing what interest can do over time, especially if money is just left to grow! So yes it is a lot, but it is all based on a logical formula, and what I hoped was a reasonable allowance. (It is probably actually a little high as an allowance goes… But then Harry is from a wealthy family right?)

I am very glad you like the Dumbledore Card Base. It is one of my favorite inventions for the story. But, don’t look for it to replace Dumbledore entirely, after all it has limitations and can only be a counselor, advisor and teacher.

The Whisper is another invention I was quite proud of… I am so glad you liked it! Yeah… I am obviously a Harry/Ginny shipper, and proud of it, but don’t think that just because Harry saw the error of his ways and decided to follow his heart, that life will be all roses for them from here on out, relationships can be hard work.

Anyway, thank you so much for the kind words and I hope you will continue to follow and review future chapters.

Author's Response: *Correction to above: Galleons per month, not pounds, regarding the account allowance.

Reviewer: Monster Book of Monsters
Date: 01/13/07 23:08
Chapter: Chapter 5 - Life and Learning at Privet Drive

Jeo! Where the heck have you been man? Glad to see you back and writing again. Wow - where to start. First off, it's been so long since I've read this story that I had forgotten what it was about. I remembered Harry wanting Ginny again, Draco acting strange, and the chocolate frog card. However, having read this chap, I was actually able to remember where you had been going.

Now - for the review. Don't know if I mentioned this before, but your Dumbledore is AWESOME on cue. The line "Hatred, by its very nature, obscures itself easily in deceit and partial truths." Kiddo, I had to read that a second time to get it - it was SO dead-on. Bravo! Your writing is very eloquent - nicely done. And I love how you're brave enough to take book seven and totally run with it. I'm sure if J.K. could read this, she'd be saying, "Damn. Hadn't thought of that..." ;) And now with the whole Dursley/money situation coming out of left field - but not enough to be ridiculous - well I'm just really impressed with your ideas. That being said, I have to say that sometimes when I read your chapters, I'm jearning for a bit more humor and fun. I realize that this is the heaviest part of the story but even J.K. is going to toss some humor in there now and again. Just a suggestion. ;)

Take care kiddo. I'll be watching.

Author's Response: I do agree! I tend to get so involved in what I am trying to say that I forget that life just plain has its quirky moments. I’ll work on that. As for where I have been, well there is a little bit about that in my Bio, but no real great detail. Life just hasn’t been all roses and sunshine for about half a year, but I hope that I am back on track now, and I am at least writing again.
I am thankful that you have found your way back to the story because I always appreciate your thoughtful reviews. The next chapter should be posted very soon, it is in its third and I hope final revision with my new, phenomenal Beta reader. (She’s British! And I am finding that so incredibly helpful! I love her!)
Sorry, but I have to report that the next chapter will be fairly heavy as well, with, I hope a few light moments, after that expect a chapter that is sort of fluff, and hopefully fun, and then, if it is not giving to much away, I think a chapter back with Draco to further his sub-plot, and touch one other things. Then, well… if you thought you’d got hit from left field a few times already, all I can say is oil up your mitt, and look for more fly balls.
I sincerely hope you stick around. I mean it when I say I appreciate your reviews! Thanks.

Reviewer: pammiez_x3
Date: 01/13/07 20:58
Chapter: Chapter 5 - Life and Learning at Privet Drive

Great story so far! Wonder who the mysterious account-setting up person is? update soon!

Author's Response: All will be revealed in good time. I promise. Thanks for reading, and enjoying! Hope you stick around.

Reviewer: sskywalker00
Date: 01/12/07 8:37
Chapter: Chapter 5 - Life and Learning at Privet Drive

very interesting, update soon please

Author's Response: Interesting good? interesting bad? Well, I'll assume good since you seem to want to read more. Thanks for taking time to leave a few words!

Reviewer: Melindaleo
Date: 01/11/07 7:46
Chapter: Chapter 5 - Life and Learning at Privet Drive

Okay, now, I know I had several comments to make as I read through this chapter, but I find I'm so enraged by the ending that I can't think straight. You did manage to extract wonderful emotion from me, although I'm not sure if it's the emotions you were seeking.

The thought that Petunia gets that money now sickens me. That money was for HARRY. It was money to reimburse them for his care and wellbeing. They provided nothing of the sort, so they forfeit the right to any reimbursement now. I know most people tend to write Venon as the real bad guy, but personally, I think Petunia is much worse. Harry is her own flesh and blood, and she allowed the treatment to continue for his entire life. She's despicable. I dont believe for a minute that if she HAD had access to that money, that even a pense would have actually been spent on Harry. Please, don't let the Dursleys get their hands on that money. Let Harry use it to buy some decent clothes and to never have to worry about being hungry again. Let the Dursleys manage on their own - it's what they left Harry to do from the time he was 15 months old.

Author's Response: Wow. I am expecting strong reaction to the whole issue of money, but you are obviously quite passionate about it! Okay… well, I am not going to tell you what happens, you’ll have to read the next chapter for that, but I can tell you I hope to get more reviews and more opinions, and maybe… just maybe I will let that effect the outcome. On the other hand, I don’t want to hold off the next chapter too long. I think the delay in this one was quite enough and I want to get really moving on this story. I am re-writing the next chapter now though due to a canon mistake caught by my wonderful new Beta reader, so if I get a barrage of review opinions that differ insistently with my own thought processes one way or the other, I will definitely consider the merit of majority opinion. As it is right now, only my Beta reader knows what I have already written.
When you remember all the other things you wanted to say about the chapter, definitely send another review. I love to hear what people think, and I respect differences of opinion and thinking. I may not write everything just as you would like, but that is the beauty of Fan Fiction isn’t it? So many possibilities! I only hope that you will like the story enough that you will keep reading.
Thank you so much for the review.

Reviewer: Dumbeldave
Date: 11/02/06 11:34
Chapter: Chapter 4 - Draco Displaced

Wow, what an interesting twist.

Very interesting


Author's Response: I am so glad you seem to enjoy it. Reactions have varied to Draco's present predicament. It is certainly intended to be an unusual and ultimately character transforming twist. Hope you stick around as the story continues. Which should be very soon I hope as the next installment is off with Beta readers. Thanks so much for reading and responding.

Reviewer: Dumbeldave
Date: 11/02/06 9:54
Chapter: Chapter 3 - Privet Perplexed

Good chapter, you seem to have captured there thoughts and feelings and got them on paper perfectly

Author's Response: Very high praise, thank you.

Reviewer: Dumbeldave
Date: 11/02/06 8:37
Chapter: Chapter 2 - A Little Advice

A bit short but still very good
You have the accents down very good if this makes any sense


Author's Response: Yes... I think it does, and thank you.

Reviewer: Dumbeldave
Date: 11/02/06 8:31
Chapter: Chapter 1 - Beyond Friendships & Chocolate Frogs

Wow a great chapter and a great ending off to read more !


Author's Response: Thank you! I am glad you are enjoying my story.

Reviewer: Dumbeldave
Date: 11/01/06 21:54
Chapter: Prologue - Wrath of the Dark Lord

Excellent first chapter, off to read more.


Author's Response: I am so glad you enjoyed it. I hope you enjoy the rest. Please let me know what you think. I am writing more... but I have been gone for a while. I hope to have more submitted soon. Reviews definitely help the motivation level. Thanks again.

Reviewer: Monster Book of Monsters
Date: 09/03/06 22:50
Chapter: Chapter 4 - Draco Displaced

Hey stranger! Where's the rest of this story, hmm? ;)

Author's Response: Actually... I've been working on some other writting over the summer that unfortunately had to take priority. I am moving MInneapolis Minnesota in a few days and will be off line for a short while. However, the next chapter is well on it's way, though slow, and plans to continue the story are underway. I hope to be back to it in force very soon. Thanks for staying interested.

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