Reviewer: MaraudingMarauders
Date: 10/15/07 16:17
Chapter: Chapter 36: Fear

Horrible cliffie at the end but a fantastic chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you! That's exactly the reaction I was hoping for. At least the next chapter's already up, so you don't have to wait in agony for me to post it. ;-)

Reviewer: MaraudingMarauders
Date: 10/15/07 16:11
Chapter: Chapter 35: The Calm Before the Storm

Yeah great idea for the Quidditch game! Another fabulous chapter

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the Quidditch. :-)

Reviewer: MaraudingMarauders
Date: 10/15/07 16:02
Chapter: Chapter 34: Houseguests

The Dursleys are great in this chapter! Go Hermione!

Author's Response: Thanks! It's always fun to write about Vernon getting shown how powerless he really is. :-)

Reviewer: MaraudingMarauders
Date: 10/15/07 15:55
Chapter: Chapter 33: Rescue

Terrific chapter! This story really can't get any better!

Author's Response: Thanks! I hope you continue to think so. :-)

Reviewer: MaraudingMarauders
Date: 10/15/07 15:48
Chapter: Chapter 32: An Unexpected Plea

Great job! Can't wait to read the next chapter love these long ones!

Author's Response: Thank you!

Reviewer: MaraudingMarauders
Date: 10/15/07 15:36
Chapter: Chapter 31: A Day Off

Amazing fan fic. Congrats on a great story!

Author's Response: Thanks!

Reviewer: MaraudingMarauders
Date: 10/15/07 15:13
Chapter: Chapter 30: Death of a Werewolf

Yeah Remus will probably be glad to hear that piece of news. Great chapter

Author's Response: I think so too. Greyback totally had that coming to him. Thanks for the review.

Reviewer: MaraudingMarauders
Date: 10/15/07 15:08
Chapter: Chapter 29: The Return of the White Wizard

A nice cliffie at the end! Amazing battle sequence

Author's Response: Thank you! This is one of my favorite chapters, so I'm really glad you liked it.

Reviewer: MaraudingMarauders
Date: 10/15/07 14:58
Chapter: Chapter 28: Christmas and a Plan

Loved it! Amazing that Harry is creating his own spells.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you liked the chapter, even if it was a bit disjointed. And creating a spell may not be easy, but Harry will get some use out of this one. :-)

Reviewer: MaraudingMarauders
Date: 10/15/07 14:45
Chapter: Chapter 27: A Natural Legilimens

Very interesting idea about Harry's soul. Well written!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you liked the explanation.

Reviewer: MaraudingMarauders
Date: 10/15/07 14:31
Chapter: Chapter 26: The Lightning Warriors

Nice to see that the Trio is not a good as they orginally thought! Go Neville!

Author's Response: Yeah! They haven't been training, and it shows. Now they've had a wake-up call, so they'll be a bit more motivated.

Reviewer: MaraudingMarauders
Date: 10/15/07 14:24
Chapter: Chapter 25: Little Hangleton

Wow, getting exciting at the end!! Great chapter, I like these longer ones

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it. Battle scenes are always both fun and difficult to write, so I'm glad it turned out.

Reviewer: MaraudingMarauders
Date: 10/15/07 14:17
Chapter: Chapter 24: Dumbledore and Slughorn

Superb chapter! Reminds me never to mess with a red head! Ginny was on a roll in Transfiguration.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm really glad you enjoyed the chapter.

Reviewer: MaraudingMarauders
Date: 10/15/07 14:08
Chapter: Chapter 23: A Honeymoon and a Horcrux

Loved this chapter! Kinda funny to see Mad-eye's mistake. But better to be safe than sorry!

Author's Response: Thank you! I just love Mad-Eye's paranoia, don't you? Even if it does make sense in this case (his conclusion was quite logical, especially given his own history with Polyjuice), it was still pretty funny. Thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: MaraudingMarauders
Date: 10/15/07 13:53
Chapter: Chapter 22: Halloween

I loved Remus' reaction to Harry and Ginny as James and Lily!!! The wedding was fantastic! Good chapter

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm really glad you liked it so much. :-)

Reviewer: Ginny_Harry4ever_74
Date: 10/14/07 11:45
Chapter: Chapter 37: Answers

That was the best story I have ever read. This chapter was absolutely amazing! I hope you write more beautiful stories!!! :)

Author's Response: Thanks very much! I'm really glad you enjoyed the story as a whole, and the ending. I've got another story called "Almost Me Again" that I'm in the process of posting, and yet another one I'm writing but haven't started submitting yet. So there should be plenty to look forward to. :-)

Reviewer: MaraudingMarauders
Date: 10/12/07 13:31
Chapter: Chapter 21: Pierre

I though Harry argueing with Auror with the French accent was the funniest thing!!! Great chapter

Author's Response: Thank you! I'd never realized how difficult it is to write a French accent until I wrote this chapter. I must've rewritten Harry's lines a dozen times. I'm really glad you found it amusing, because I do too! :-)

Reviewer: MaraudingMarauders
Date: 10/12/07 13:18
Chapter: Chapter 20: The Patronus Charm

At least Ron's emotional range is growing ever so slightly! Wonder if we're ever going to meet Ginny's french boyfriend. Could be funny!

Author's Response: I'm glad you like that Ron is growing up a bit. And yes, we definitely WILL meet Ginny's French boyfriend. ;-)

Reviewer: MaraudingMarauders
Date: 10/12/07 13:11
Chapter: Chapter 19: Black Magic

Exciting chapter thats for sure!! Very well written!

Author's Response: Thanks; glad you enjoyed it!

Reviewer: MaraudingMarauders
Date: 10/12/07 13:07
Chapter: Chapter 18: The Orphanage

I'm very interested to know where this is going. This is also a very good fan fic!

Author's Response: Thank you! The story's starting to pick up some steam....

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