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Reviewer: red haired mom
Date: 07/19/07 16:48
Chapter: Chapter 41

That was another wonderful chapter. I really hate the lies and secrecy, but it works so well in this instance. It definitely makes for a great story. I am wondering who sent the Patronus. That makes me think someone in the Order knows that Severus is still on their side. You just skimmed over what form the Patronus took, I would say thatís because she only caught a flash of silver, not the shape.
The sleeping apparel argument goes on in every coupleís bedroom around the world on a regular basis and I think you did a great job portraying it from the female side.
The dream (nightmare) was not nice. As a wife and someone who is very much in love with her husband, I can speak from experience when I say, those dreams do happen and when they do; sobbing your heart out is only one reaction. Clinging to your husband and not wanting him out of your sight is definitely another.
Severus will try to do what needs doing and come back to her, but Camilla needs to stop being so selfish and understand. I do believe that Severus has a very large role to play in the downfall of Voldemort and if heís not there because his wife is in need of reassurance, then things wonít go as planned. If he can make her understand that without making her aware of everything that is going on then I think he will have a chance to help in the final confrontations.
Wow that was a long one so Iíll stop here and say, great job, and I am looking forward to reading the rest of Severus and Camillaís adventure. I will definitely be back when you update. Happy reading on Deathly Hallows, and see you after.

Author's Response: Again, thank you for the detailed feedback. : ) I know the dream was evil. But I could see her dreaming about that. You'll find out more about the patronus in the next chapter. And Camilla might be a little selfish, but she just got her husband back and she doesn't want to lose him again. I'm glad to hear you'll continue reading after DH. I can't believe it's so close now! : )

Reviewer: I_solemnly_swear
Date: 07/19/07 16:34
Chapter: Chapter 41

I really like it so far and even if that last book contradicts it, I want to finish it. Great story! You almost had me at the dream. I didn't know how long this story was going to be and I thought that was the end. Silly me! It can't end like that!

Author's Response: Thank you! The dream was pure evil. I don't deny it. I'm glad you're planning on finishing the story. There's not much more to go now. : )

Reviewer: potterfan89
Date: 07/19/07 16:28
Chapter: Chapter 3

Hmm, I'm not really sure how I feel about a Snape with no memory. It makes a great storyline though.

Author's Response: Thank you! I hope you'll read on. : )

Reviewer: teddy240b
Date: 07/19/07 16:13
Chapter: Chapter 41

I've really enjoyed the story. I don't think Snape going to make it through DH, so I'll be hoping he get's some happiness in the world of FF. Thanks

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you've enjoyed it so far. : )

Reviewer: Igo Retla
Date: 07/18/07 17:41
Chapter: Chapter 40

Again, wonderful job. I'd have liked to have caught the "approaching darkness" though...they actually worked through unpleasantnesses this time.

Author's Response: Thank you! : )

Reviewer: I_solemnly_swear
Date: 07/17/07 22:30
Chapter: Chapter 40

So the redhead was Lily wasn't it? At first I was thinking Narcissa but he never really loved her. At least Camilla and him are together, for now.

Author's Response: Yeah it was Lily. Thanks!

Reviewer: CowGirlHPFan
Date: 07/17/07 21:34
Chapter: Chapter 40

Yay!!!! I'm soo glad they're back together!!!! I'm glad you updated too, Thankies :) That was really funny how Snape noticed the whole 15minute thing,completely like him!! Great story,update soon, *~*Sarah*~*

Author's Response: You're welcome! Snape is just all kinds of wonderful, isn't he? Thanks for the review! : )

Reviewer: Wicked Wench
Date: 07/17/07 16:56
Chapter: Chapter 40

I can't wait to see the trouble...

Author's Response: You will see it soon. : )

Reviewer: MyCatIsAKneazle
Date: 07/17/07 16:52
Chapter: Chapter 40

Oh what's going to happen now.... we can't make everything all crappy again, that's not fair.. : ( You have made me sad, very sad actually... Excellent as usual Love

Author's Response: You know what they say. It's always darkest before the dawn. : )

Reviewer: charlie black
Date: 07/17/07 16:36
Chapter: Chapter 40

Uh oh... I hope they don't split up again....

Author's Response: I know. It may not be what you think, though.

Reviewer: red haired mom
Date: 07/17/07 16:16
Chapter: Chapter 40

I swear, everybody has an opinion on the Severus/Lily possibility. Even me, I think I am going to post my first chapter before the queue closes. As soon as my beta sends me my summary back. I hope that as a fellow Severus is a good guy fan, you will come read it when itís validated.

But this is supposed to be about your story. Very good, and I am glad you are having them clear the air between them. Nothing can destroy a relationship faster than the inability to trust. Believing each other is probably the hardest part of the conversations they had. Iím glad you arenít focusing on the physical, only saying enough to get the point across, and are instead focusing on the talking that needs to be done for them to ever have a happy ending.

I like that he blew up a cauldron all because Lily was wearing a new perfume. That was really funny.

I am hoping that whatever trouble is on the horizon for them, they stay true to each other, or else at least trust each other through it. Please donít make us wait too long for the next one. I would really love to know what happens next. I have enjoyed this story from the first word, and I was actually wishing that it wouldnít end. (See my review for chapter 39) Anyway, Great job and I am still enjoying every word.

Author's Response: I definitely think Snape and Lily had a connection. They may have just been friends, but HBP practically screamed: HELLO LILY AND SNAPE!!! Yeah, I knew they would definitely have questions for each other and need to explain all the supposed betrayal and lies. A lot of it was due to misunderstanding and lack of trust on Snape's part. But they were apart too long to hold things against each other now. I'm glad you liked the Lily thing. I think it's kind of cute. Thank you very much and I'll try to get one more chapter in before the queue closes. : )

Reviewer: blinding_darkness
Date: 07/12/07 9:34
Chapter: Chapter 1

Wow! This story stood out to me like a one-legged troll attempting to do the electric slide (in a good way, of course). Good job!! (x


Author's Response: Not sure what that means, but it looks like you liked it! LOL. :) Thanks!

Reviewer: MyCatIsAKneazle
Date: 07/11/07 11:47
Chapter: Chapter 39

what do you mean for now?!?!?! Well after watch the fifth movie last night... i'm happy knowing that bella is dead... it was long long needed... absolutely wonderful as usual, I can't see what happens next... hopefully nothing, they kind of need a happily ever after by now!

Author's Response: Now, no one ever said Bella was dead... And yeah, they're not clear of trouble just yet.

Reviewer: I_solemnly_swear
Date: 07/09/07 21:31
Chapter: Chapter 39

At least they are happy for now. I wonder if he killed Bellatrix or simply tortured her and removed her memories. Nah, that seems too humane. Killing people is much more fun! I mean - in stories - yeah that's it in stories.

Author's Response: I'll leave the question of what happened to Bella up to you to decide.

Reviewer: I_solemnly_swear
Date: 07/09/07 21:09
Chapter: Chapter 38

Well, at least he said he loved her...

Reviewer: I_solemnly_swear
Date: 07/09/07 20:58
Chapter: Chapter 37

Oh, how sad! He still loves her and is going to get himself killed just so they both will probably end up dead! How Romeo and Juliet! Well - kind of.

Reviewer: I_solemnly_swear
Date: 07/09/07 20:50
Chapter: Chapter 36

Oh, it's been a year!? How sad for everyone. This chapter is sort of depressing.

Author's Response: Yeah it is. Sorry. : (

Reviewer: I_solemnly_swear
Date: 07/09/07 20:41
Chapter: Chapter 35

Aww. I normally really hate any kind of a rebound guy but Jon is starting to make me feel sorry for him. I feel more sorry for him than I do for Camilla.

Author's Response: Yeah, Jon is in a rough spot. He's in love with someone he can't have. : (

Reviewer: I_solemnly_swear
Date: 07/09/07 20:22
Chapter: Chapter 34

Good thinking on Severus' part at least. Wormtail is a rat, in all means.

Author's Response: Yes, he is.

Reviewer: I_solemnly_swear
Date: 07/09/07 20:11
Chapter: Chapter 33

Oh come on! I thought that this would go off canon and he wouldn't have to do it! Oh! You could have made Dumbledore commit suicide or something! Yeah, then Draco and Snape would both be safe! Yay I'm a genius!

Author's Response: Well, I wanted this story to be canon compliant, so he had to do it, I'm afraid.

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