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Reviews For Surprise Surprise

Name: My Wicked Quill (Signed) · Date: 09/20/09 11:36 · For: Surprise Surprise
loved it super cute, only the great Harry Potter can't get a job? thats an interesting twist

Name: Ginny H Potter (Signed) · Date: 09/16/07 7:11 · For: Surprise Surprise
oooh please write more

Name: I_LUV_MOONY (Signed) · Date: 06/30/07 10:57 · For: Surprise Surprise
Yay! Fluff is everywhere, and I love it! I wonder why Harry can't get a job, though. I would think he's more qualified than Ron. You should write another chapter where Harry actually proposes. :D

Name: ginny202 (Signed) · Date: 02/07/07 17:00 · For: Surprise Surprise

Name: hpfreak101 (Signed) · Date: 02/07/07 16:25 · For: Surprise Surprise
Great job! This was fantastically sweet, and very well planned. Awesome job.

Name: ragge (Signed) · Date: 01/17/07 13:42 · For: Surprise Surprise
ok, i fibbed, i liked it a lot... keep writing stuff... you are pretty good. so check out my fanfic... so yeah!!!

Name: A_Pink_lady (Signed) · Date: 09/15/06 15:01 · For: Surprise Surprise
thats good, i wonder y he cant get a job... Great chapter though!

Name: A_Pink_lady (Signed) · Date: 09/15/06 15:01 · For: Surprise Surprise
thats good, i wonder y he cant get a job... Great chapter though!

Name: harryncho (Signed) · Date: 08/24/06 9:43 · For: Surprise Surprise
Really cute story!

Name: MagicalMaddie331 (Signed) · Date: 07/26/06 21:23 · For: Surprise Surprise
Haha, that was really good, especially about the part with "Gin." I've never really liked it when people called her that, and I found her thought on the name in this story very funny. Especially when she compared it to Margarita, although Margarita is slightly better because it also means "flower." I doubt Gin means something nice, like a flower. Anyway, great story!!

Name: harry_fan14 (Signed) · Date: 07/24/06 0:05 · For: Surprise Surprise
oh that is sweet and very cute!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: phoenix91 (Signed) · Date: 06/24/06 23:45 · For: Surprise Surprise

Name: hgfanatic (Signed) · Date: 06/11/06 16:04 · For: Surprise Surprise
in the beginning of the story... harry told ginny to say "voldemort" but she DOES. she did at the end of the 6th book.
harry shouldn't even be asking ginny if she loved him. that is sooo obvious that she does.
but nice going.

Name: Laughter (Signed) · Date: 06/09/06 14:04 · For: Surprise Surprise
Nice way to put it together but Harry Potter would definetly be able to get a job!

Name: ragge (Signed) · Date: 06/01/06 19:51 · For: Surprise Surprise
boriing in the begining but ok

Name: BlondieFangurl (Signed) · Date: 05/31/06 21:42 · For: Surprise Surprise
Awww! Cute fic.

Name: lkacir (Signed) · Date: 05/28/06 14:43 · For: Surprise Surprise
MORE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Name: lovingu4ever (Signed) · Date: 05/26/06 13:29 · For: Surprise Surprise
oh!! this was good i wish it didn't end here or did i misread something?

Name: AurorGirl101 (Signed) · Date: 05/26/06 10:58 · For: Surprise Surprise
please dont tell me this is a one shot? its so good! please?

Name: happilyhufflepuff (Signed) · Date: 05/24/06 15:17 · For: Surprise Surprise
it's Ok in my opinion but that's just mine.

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