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Name: obsessedhpchick (Signed) · Date: 11/12/06 21:26 · For: Chapter Four: A Black Ray of Sunlight
omg this is a GREAT story.. i no i've probably said this before but i'm serious!!

i love the lil french tid pits you put in there..

i love the characters and i LOVE all the history and your hp story conect...
like Marie-Antoinette is betrolled quite suddenly and put into a new house and the "lesser" people are starving and her husband is just not interested... but i love your twist on it...

VERY good... honestly...

-a fan-

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. The comparision with Marie-Antoinette d'Autriche doesn't go this far, actually... Their lives are rather similar in some ways but not completely alike.

Name: dragonwings (Signed) · Date: 11/12/06 21:16 · For: Chapter Four: A Black Ray of Sunlight
Aww, i found the answer to my own question... One can hope though...

Author's Response: Don't abandon hope, I may be able to write during the Christmas break!

Name: dragonwings (Signed) · Date: 11/12/06 21:11 · For: Chapter Four: A Black Ray of Sunlight
Please update soon!!! I love your stories and I enjoyed this one in particular!

Author's Response: I'll try to... see profile...

But I'm glad you like my stories :)

Name: obsessedhpchick (Signed) · Date: 11/12/06 15:32 · For: Chapter One: Adieux and exile
eek,,, great original story i really love it...

i can't wait to read more!!

-a new fan-

Author's Response: Well as you can see there's more... I hope you like the rest!

Name: obsessedhpchick (Signed) · Date: 11/12/06 13:50 · For: Prologue
GREAT story... so interesting

i'm really likeing it...

-a new fan-

Author's Response: Thanks :) -a not-so-new author-

Name: rockinfaerie (Signed) · Date: 11/05/06 9:26 · For: Chapter Four: A Black Ray of Sunlight
Congratulations (again - see Symphony)on the Quicksilver Awards! This is an absolutely wonderful fic, top notch. Well done!

Author's Response: Thanks a lot!

Name: lovelilyjames (Signed) · Date: 11/04/06 7:33 · For: Chapter Four: A Black Ray of Sunlight
Hey, I suddenly dicovered that Marie-A is unfinished ! No, no, no, no ! Please update .

Author's Response: I certainly won't abandon it, but I'm lacking time right now to update...

Name: lovelilyjames (Signed) · Date: 11/04/06 7:29 · For: Chapter Four: A Black Ray of Sunlight
I can't even resent Marie-A for taking Lily's place. Great fic!

Author's Response: That's a good sign, otherwise it would've meant I wasn't doing my job properly. Thank you!

Name: lovelilyjames (Signed) · Date: 11/04/06 7:16 · For: Chapter Three: The Coldest Day of my Life
Hats off to Marie-Antoinette - and her creator!

Author's Response: Thanks :D

Name: lovelilyjames (Signed) · Date: 11/04/06 7:00 · For: Chapter Two: A contract of ashes and blood
This is one of the best fanfics I've read. I'm reading up all the QQ award-winners one by one. I agree, Marie Antoinette is a real winner!

Author's Response: Thank you, I was very pleasantly surprised to see it in the runners-up! :D

Name: lovelilyjames (Signed) · Date: 11/04/06 6:47 · For: Chapter One: Adieux and exile
James and Sirius??!! This fanfic is totally engrossing!

Author's Response: Thanks, I hope you enjoy the rest of it!

Name: lovelilyjames (Signed) · Date: 11/04/06 6:32 · For: Prologue
I am tickled pink, not least by "Sorbet Citron" ! (Sorry, colour mismatch). This is an absolutely, delightfully daring story! But one little quibble - wasn't Marie-Antoinette's hair red?
P.S. Which James is this? Not Lily's James? Non, non, non!!!

Author's Response: Thank you for the nice little review. I don't know whether Marie-Antoinette's hair was red or not, but it doesn't matter, since it's not the same Marie-Antoinette we're talking about in this story...

As for your PS... well, you can do the math... in 1983, Harry's three years old...

Name: EtherealElation (Signed) · Date: 11/02/06 0:14 · For: Prologue
Hmmm... Wow. I must say, this looks to be excellent. Very, very intriguing. Good work here! I loved the beginning where you described Marie in her last hour of respect and her first as a true Queen. Brava!


Author's Response: Thank you! And I liked drawing this parallel between my OC and Queen Marie-Antoinette. She's so often thought to be frivolous and cruel, and most people forget what she went through.

Name: ardnahs (Signed) · Date: 11/01/06 23:31 · For: Chapter Four: A Black Ray of Sunlight
Please write again, soon! The story is intriguing, even if I cannot quite condone the breakup of Lilly and James, and what is the point of deleriously happy Surius?

Author's Response: I won't be able to write again soon, unfortunately--see profile for more information. I don't understand your review--Lily and James didn't divorce of their own free will, so why would you "condone" their breakup? And "deleriously happy" isn't exactly how I would describe Sirius--he was his charming self with Marie-Antoinette, but if you read correctly the passage in his PoV at the beginning of the chapter, he's far from being happy at all.

Thanks for the review.

Name: Bertybottaholic (Signed) · Date: 11/01/06 15:06 · For: Prologue
Oh, and one more thing, (sorry to review twice, but it has to be said) you are going on my favorites list! Plus, I like how you are focusing more on your own character, instead of the marauders or the main characters from HP. Good job, I'm telling my friends about this!

Author's Response: Thanks! :D

Name: Bertybottaholic (Signed) · Date: 11/01/06 15:02 · For: Prologue
Haha, thats funny, sherbert lemon, now, for some real reviews.
Just the first paragraph of this story proves that you have a dramatic romantic way of writing. I'm seriously enjoying this story so far. I was a little confused for a while, thinking that maybe this was set after Dumbledore's death. I figured that Marie would have to marry Ron or Draco. Once again, you are a fantastic writer, keep it up. Oh, and one more thing, I think it's beautiful that you're using Marie-Antoinette as the inspiration plot of this story. I've read a lot about her, and I"m very impressed with how you're moving the story along.
James, wow, won't he be upset?! 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks for the review; I hope I'm not overdramatic in my way of writing, I know I need to be careful with that. You're not the first one who seems to be confused about the time frame of the story--yet I did specify the exact date. The summary gives the era in which the story takes place, too, but maybe you didn't find the story by browsing through the summaries...

Again, thank you for the nice comments :). I'm glad you don't mind that the story is OC-centered. As for Queen Marie-Antoinette, I use her for a constant comparison between her and my OC's life. Otherwise, their personalities were really different, I believe.

And yes, James will be... really upset!!

Name: ReinNightshade (Signed) · Date: 10/31/06 20:48 · For: Chapter Four: A Black Ray of Sunlight
please update

Author's Response: See answer below... Please be patient with me, I swear I'm trying.

Name: mock_turtle (Signed) · Date: 10/31/06 3:02 · For: Chapter Four: A Black Ray of Sunlight
PLEASE, when are you going to update? I'm just dying here...

Author's Response: I'm sorry, I don't have much time right now--I don't have time at all, to be honest. I won't update any of my fics before quite a long time. Thanks for being patient with me!

Name: lady_potter7447 (Signed) · Date: 10/30/06 7:08 · For: Prologue
You write so beautifully. This is by far the best "Voldemort wins" fic I've read. Keep up the great work!

Author's Response: Thank you! :)

Name: HermioneDancr (Signed) · Date: 10/22/06 15:23 · For: Chapter Four: A Black Ray of Sunlight
The world youíve painted for us is very dark, yet also chillingly believable. I really like how youíve translated the relationship between the Marauders into this world. The detail of Remus and Peterís premature aging is especially effective.

The strongest thing about this story is the characterization. Marie-Antoinette is a complex, sympathetic, and human original character. You do a great job showing us what she is thinking and feeling, but beyond that you provide us with a sense of how she perceives the world around her. As a reader, we are discovering Voldemortís new dark order through her eyes, which helps us to understand both the world sheís been thrown into and the young woman through whose eyes weíre experiencing it.

I feel like you havenít shown us very much of James yet, and I want to see more of him. We can see that heís angry, that he deeply loves Lily and Harry, and that he despises Marie-Antoinette for being the tool used by the ministry to separate him from Lily, but so far we havenít seen very much beyond his anger. I hope you plan on developing him more as a character in the coming chapters.

The other character that I really, really like your take on is Sirius. That in and of itself is remarkable, since in general I detest Sirius. I can count on one hand the number of fan fictions that I actively like which feature Sirius prominently. You kept him entirely in character, but because of the situations that you show him in, itís easier to see how Sirius can be charming and kind. I donít think this will change my mind about Sirius in general, but in this story at least I have learned to like him. Your ability to change my (admittedly rather stubborn) mind like that is a testament to how well you have written his character.

The other thing I really like in this story is your description of the garden. It feels symbolic; its state seems to mirror both the lives of the houseís inhabitants (Marie-Antoinette and James) and the condition of wizarding society as a whole. The imagery of the garden is very strong, and it fits well with the story.

I really enjoyed reading what youíve written so far and I look forward to reading later chapters as you write and post them. Thank you for sharing this with us!

Author's Response: Thank you for that long and wonderfully detailed review. I am especially happy you commented on the characterization, since that's what I work on the most in all my stories. For this story in particular, the characterization had to be as good as possible--an AU with an OC as the main character must at least be faithful to JKR's characters.

You're right, I haven't developed James' character much. The only passage in which his true character appears is the opening of chapter 2, when I write in his PoV. That's the only time when we get a glimpse of his first impression of Marie-Antoinette. Given that one of the main themes of this story is the relationship between Marie-Antoinette and James, his character will be unveiled quite slowly through his young wife's eyes. But you're right, of course, there is more to him than anger and sorrow.

What you said about Sirius sounds strangely like my own opinion; I don't like him much in canon, and I usually find him exceedingly annoying in fanfiction. I am not trying to change your mind about Sirius, and as the story advances you'll also see the bad sides of his character--his rash, sometimes childish actions, his stubborn mind (if not prejudiced) about purebloods in general and his brother in particular, for example. But I also like him in my story, both for his indestructible loyalty to James and for his kindness to Marie-Antoinette.

And last, I am happy the description of the garden didn't feel boring or overlong; I liked writing it, but I have a knack for embarking upon endless descriptions and forgetting it could be boring to the reader :). Your analysis of the imagery of the garden was more accurate than anything I could've thought of to explain it myself.

I am very happy to share this story with you, and it's extremely rewarding to get such wonderful reviews for it. Unfortunately, I won't update in quite a long time any of my stories--the explanation is in my profile. Believe me, I'm the first to be sorry about it. I'll miss writing.

Again, many thanks for the review!

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