Reviewer: way_too_HP_obsessed4011
Date: 09/14/09 19:37
Chapter: Chapter 1

this is so sad! :'( why would he kill himself? he had so much to look forward to... and poor harry is probably in so much pain now.. aww this is such a sad story! i loved it though

Reviewer: malfoy lover
Date: 01/02/07 14:34
Chapter: Chapter 1

dear bubbles_456
how could you have hermionie kill herself? its so ooc, and its just sad.

Reviewer: ginnyp_harryp
Date: 07/31/06 15:17
Chapter: Chapter 1

well that was depressing

Reviewer: ginnyp_harryp
Date: 07/31/06 15:16
Chapter: Chapter 1

well that was depressing

Reviewer: sugarhigh
Date: 07/27/06 23:33
Chapter: Chapter 1

that was so sad! i hope that never happens!

Reviewer: bubble
Date: 07/08/06 23:45
Chapter: Chapter 1

Good story (a bit sad) but still good.
I love that song, it really fits with the tone of the story too!!!! ~Keep writting~
Bubble PS Great Name :)

Author's Response: oo thanks! the song does fit good doesnt it? well, great name urself miss bubble! haha...~ashley

Reviewer: uncle bernard
Date: 07/06/06 0:48
Chapter: Chapter 1



Author's Response: awww sorry about that...was it good though? ~ashley p.s. thanks for the review!

Reviewer: HarryPottterLoverr
Date: 06/28/06 15:03
Chapter: Chapter 1

aw, that's so sad. But why would Ron kill himself?

Author's Response: u decide, its up to the reader to decide that, its the mystery of it all, why do you think he killed himself? i really dont have an idea myself but i just wanted a story with mystery, leave you hanging wondering 'why?' thanks for the review! ~ashley

Reviewer: Spellinggirl
Date: 06/16/06 18:08
Chapter: Chapter 1

Nice story, but what a greusome ending!

Author's Response: thanks...aww, gruesome is bad, i know! sorry! ~ashley

Reviewer: georgeweasleys_girl
Date: 06/15/06 18:59
Chapter: Chapter 1

Wow. Way to go. For a shot fic on such a sad song you did it extremely well. I truly loved it.

Author's Response: i'm so happy u liked it! thanks lots and lots! ~ashley

Reviewer: tonks_667
Date: 06/10/06 8:18
Chapter: Chapter 1

That is a very selfish thing to do. OK she lost her love but imgaing who she leaves behind... Harry, Ginny them killing yourself isn't going to stop them feeling pain.

Author's Response: well in case u didnt know, do u have any idea how many ppl in the world have killed themselves cause of the pain they were feeling? do u? It isn't an uncommon thing, suicide. So, I guess u r saying that everyone who killed themselves are selfish? u could be right on that...but the point isnt selfishness~ashley

Reviewer: echlomb
Date: 06/05/06 20:01
Chapter: Chapter 1

That was such a wonderful story! It's so sad! I don't understand why Ron killed himself though, he seemed really happy then! I almost started crying to this story. I hope you write more!

Author's Response: well, there really isnt a reason for him killing himself...its like a mystery, i guess. sorry for ur tears...~ashey

Reviewer: Auror81692
Date: 05/25/06 10:45
Chapter: Chapter 1

Dang, that was sad....why'd Ron kill himself? I got why Hermione killed herself, but why Ron? I mean, he was going to go out with the girl of his dreams, he had what he pined for, so why'd he kill himself???????????????????

Author's Response: i'm not sure why, i guess it is just part of the story... but other than that i dont know why he did, sorry for the very bad explanation~ash

Reviewer: hermionelover87
Date: 05/20/06 18:22
Chapter: Chapter 1

let me finish what i started to say o my freaking gosh!!! this is like the sadest story i ever read in fan fic!!!at first it sounded so like me when i was going through my break up with my ex but dang its sad but its great!!!!!

Author's Response: thanks for the two reviews! appreciate it lots!~ashley

Reviewer: Alexys_Nicole
Date: 05/20/06 13:18
Chapter: Chapter 1

How sad. That was depressing.Sorry.

Author's Response: its supposed to be sad...kinda the point of angst...~ashley

Reviewer: HPgirl63
Date: 05/19/06 16:27
Chapter: Chapter 1

OMG That is so sad!

Author's Response: i know it is sad, but is it good? lol ~ashley

Reviewer: hermionelover87
Date: 05/19/06 11:55
Chapter: Chapter 1

o my gosh!! this is the sadest story i have read so far!!! at first it sounded so like me bcs it happen to me

Author's Response: sorry for the sadness, i'm glad u could relate, thats a good thing, it would be a VERY bad thing if u could relate to the ending tho...~ashley

Reviewer: hermionelover87
Date: 05/19/06 11:55
Chapter: Chapter 1

o my gosh!! this is the sadest story i have read so far!!! at first it sounded so like me bcs it happen to me

Author's Response: as i said

Reviewer: hermionelover87
Date: 05/19/06 11:55
Chapter: Chapter 1

o my gosh!! this is the sadest story i have read so far!!! at first it sounded so like me bcs it happen to me

Author's Response: 3 reviews...go u lol~ashley

Reviewer: tonks_667
Date: 05/19/06 2:02
Chapter: Chapter 1

What a sad sad fic. I'm really sad now. well its good tat you made at least one person feel something.

Author's Response: thanks, i'm really proud of this was my friends idea!!!~ashley

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