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Name: krispy (Signed) · Date: 12/17/06 22:44 · For: Everybody Does It

Author's Response: Thank you, I think.

Name: krispy (Signed) · Date: 12/17/06 22:43 · For: Everybody Does It

Name: Diamond Quill (Signed) · Date: 12/03/06 16:14 · For: Everybody Does It
I have never read a fanfiction which has actually made me cry. Yes, lots have made me sad and some have put me on the brink of tears but until now I hadn't found one which forced me into tears. Heartbreaking, Moving, Beautiful, Unique. It has the trademark excellence with which I have come to recognise your work. As I got to about the third paragraph I was already thinking about which lines I was going to quote in this review, but as I read on I found that I couldn't. When the whole story is exceptional, how can one possibly single out a few favourite quotes? Itís pure gold, every single word of it. Your description of Harry and his acceptance of death was perfect and the conversation with Ron and Hermione the saddest thing I have read to date. Surprisingly I actually found that more saddening than the part with Molly and Tom, possibly because itís so sad to think that the three eleven year olds we first met on the Hogwarts Express will ever be parted. I think that post-Hogwarts (and post-Voldermort) trio are generally badly written in fanfiction so itís a refreshing break to read something as in-depth and well characterized as this. Again, on characterization you surpassed yourself. They are so so well written and you make every single character, even the canon ones, your own with extremely accurate description. Molly and Tom had me in tears, as did Dennis. I could go on and on listing reasons why I loved this fic but unfortunately Iím a bit chased for time at the moment. So Iíll leave you with some of the bits I loved (ok, I did manage to find a few quotes) and the promise that I will get round to reviewing Right Here and reading Epilogues II.

ĎHe would miss the Sunday dinners, the ones that started off just the four of them, and grew over the years to include the Longbottoms, the Creeveyís, and their children. He would miss the talks, and the idle jokes, and the comfortable silence. He missed them already.í

ĎFor the last time, his mind drifted. So many memories, so many people. He would miss them all, but he didnít regret a second of it. He had loved, and lived, and had beautiful children, and great friends, and a wonderful family, and now he was going to get to be with the person he had missed so much over the last ten years.í

ĎLive, love, be happy, pleaseí
Iím almost there, GinnyÖ Iíve got so much to tell you.'

xx Diamond Quill

Author's Response: Now I must apologize for taking so long to respond, but you know I like to leave lengthy responses for lengthy reviews, and I had a good response to this a week ago, but I got timed out, which really sucks, but there you go. I think the single phrase of this entire review that has stuck in my brain and just won't leave is "trademark excellence" Yeah, very flattering, very big ego boost that, and I think I'm still kinda skying off of it. No, you know I'm an emotional writer, and this one was probably that aspect of my writing at its peak. if you've read the responses to other reviews, you'll know that I was cryingthrough most of this, but I do find it kind of funny that you were mroe emotionally touched by the trio and not the kids. Honestly, the kids was what broke me down, but I get where you are coming from. Before this fic you haven't even met tom and dennis, but you have known the trio. I really did like writing that scene because I just enjoyed getting into Ron and Hermione's head and imagining how they would react. I know I drew at least some of their reactions from the funeral scene in HBP. And from there I think I just kind of embellished on what I saw of them as characters. As for Molly and Tom. It's interesting, Molly was created solely for this story, but now that she's in, she's in. Tom, you'll definitely meet in Part III, and of course since that Tom will be eight years old, you can expect him to be much younger and fiestier. Molly won't be introduced until after Epilogues, if I continue writing fanfic after I've finished. Anyway, the two kids are analogous to my own two daughters, and that's where it all came from. One day I just sat and thought about what It would be like to have to tell my girls goodbye, and out this came. I've been kind of toying around with the idea of writing a companion fic to this wherein we see everyone outside the bedroom just kinda waiting for it to end, but I don't know if I can get the emotional stuff right. Wow, I'm really sorry if this is all random, but I'm also writing this half asleep. Maybe I'll go back and write a better response later. Thanks!

Name: HHRtilltheend (Signed) · Date: 11/24/06 20:26 · For: Everybody Does It
This story is the most beautiful fan fic I have ever read. It is the most powerful, wonderful, moving fic ever. I cried for most of the story. It is the most I have cried for sveeral years. Congratulations and you most definitly deserved to win the award.

Author's Response: Jeez... Several years? Wow. And this, this is why I'm so proud of this story... Just being able to make connections like that. Wow, thank you.

Name: HarryLover15 (Signed) · Date: 11/22/06 16:25 · For: Everybody Does It
Oh my God. . . . that was beautiful. I. . .it touched me so much, I felt as though I was there. My tears are shining on my face for their pain. I'm glad that you wrote this, and I wanted you to know that I truly loved it.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I'm glad I wrote it too. There are actually very few things that I've written that I'm truly proud of. When it comes to fanfic, there are a few things here and there that I'm proud of in regards to fanfic, but not necessarily in the context of my writing in general, but this story, I think this story is one that for me goes beyond the realm of fanfic and is just a bit of writing I'm genuinely proud of. Thank you.

Name: Laurelyn (Signed) · Date: 11/17/06 22:50 · For: Everybody Does It
Wow...just...wow. This is brilliant. I am sobbing over my keyboard right now, because the situation with my grandmother was so similar...this is wonderful, and you fully deserve the award. I salute you and wish you luck in your future writing endeavors!

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I've noticed a couple of times before that this story has garnered similar reviews from people who have lost someone close, or in that terrible process thereof. It's a bittersweet situation, I think, andone I'm glad that I have yet to face in real life. What I think is the most humbling thing when it comes to reviews and such is that when those people who have gone through something like this review and say the kinds of things you have said... It's just, it lets me know I was close, And that's all I could really ask for.

Name: Laurelyn (Signed) · Date: 11/17/06 22:48 · For: Everybody Does It
Wow...just...wow. This is brilliant. I am sobbing over my keyboard right now, because the situation with my grandmother was so similar...this is wonderful, and you fully deserve the award. I salute you and wish you luck in your future writing endeavors!

Name: xXx_harrys_lover_XxX (Anonymous) · Date: 11/11/06 17:56 · For: Everybody Does It
wow. ...

Author's Response: Thank you.

Name: GarnetGirl (Signed) · Date: 11/10/06 13:29 · For: Everybody Does It

Author's Response: Aw... Need a tissue?

Name: lovelilyjames (Signed) · Date: 11/08/06 11:40 · For: Everybody Does It
I loved it, but I wouldn't call it Dark,Angsty because I found it so serene, so peaceful.And I loved the way Harry related with his daughter in law.

Author's Response: Yeah, I like Anathea. I'm really hoping we get to the point where Tom meets her, but that's way down the line in a series of stories I'm not even sure I'm going to write. In fact, I really am kinda interested in introducing you all to "The Rogues" as I call them. Unfortunately, you only get to meet Tom in this story, and you only hear about Dennis. Anyway.You know, I really did fret over what category to put this in. As my beta explains, the angst here is there, it's just subtle. And one thing I noticed is that it is there, but it's not immediately evident because you're seeing everything from Harry's eyes, and he's not being angst at all. But look at Molly's reaction, or Ron. I mean, it's your call, but still. Thank you so much.

Name: Suhaibk93 (Signed) · Date: 11/06/06 11:32 · For: Everybody Does It
*Sobs* The ending... was... the best... I have ever read. How these things come to your mind, I don't know. Beautifully written! One Question: What was harry trying to say in the end? ("fin")

Author's Response: Thank you ever so much. heh, "fin" is just a fancy way of saying "the end" my bad

Name: mskris16 (Signed) · Date: 11/06/06 0:46 · For: Everybody Does It
This story is so beautiful. Of all the fics I've read, this was the first that made me cry. Thanks for sharing your talent.

Author's Response: Thank you ever so much, I truly appreciate it. I love connecting with you folks on an emotional level, and I think every time this fic makes someone cry, I smile a little. thank you.

Name: orange_crusher (Signed) · Date: 11/01/06 19:28 · For: Everybody Does It
Absolutely heart-wrenching, this one was so sad. And poor Harry, losing Ginny for so long; why, I ask, why? I really loved the image of the trio at the beginning, that they stayed friends all those years. But why did Ron and Hermione have only one kid, ya know, since they got married soooo young, I would have expected them to have a whole redheaded herd. But thatís just my vision, I always see the Potter kids with black hair too. Obviously, donít answer anything thing which ruins your plot for the next epilogues, which I canít wait to read.
Anyway, youíve done it again! This was astounding

Author's Response: HAHAHA... Thank you so much. Here's a thing, I love irony. And the number of children is also important to later stories as well. but yeah, it was just because I know what everyone expects of the two couples' kids, and I wanted to just kind of swim against the current on that. Besides, I think it is just a little presumptuous to think Ron and Hermione would just start mass production. Think, Ron was the youngest boy of a huge family, grew up largely poor, and can attribute some of the unpleasantness of his youth to having a huge family. I can imagine him going" uh uh, no way am I having that many kids." Hermione is an ambitious, intelligent, young woman who has certain goals she wants to achieve in the world. I really don't see her all of a sudden turning into a puppy factory. But, we'll probably explore all of these themes later on in the Epilgoues series, so be patient, and we'll see. Thank you ever somuch.

Name: Kabob (Signed) · Date: 11/01/06 18:07 · For: Everybody Does It
Hello Grimmrook, aka Kyle. My name's Bobak; I just read all of your stories starting from 'Right Here' all the way up to 'Epilogues, Part 1' and finishing up with this story. I have no idea why I told you my name :P Anyways, I did all this within the span of two or three days, which is hard to do considering that I'm a first year university student with little time on my hands, and that your chapters tend to be 10 times the length of an average chapter on this site!

All that said, I have to say that I'm impressed by your writing; I've found myself reading your stories when I should have been doing work. You seem to be a very dynamic writer: from comedy to dealing with death. Of course, there's always angst and emotions in there, eh? :P I'm not sure what I'm getting at; probably that I love your writing, but I find it incredibly hard to read because your stories always seem to centre on struggles within the mind; powerful struggles at that.

Don't get me wrong, it's incredible writing and I love reading it, but to read these psychological struggles and how the character must deal with them and the world around him or her, it's a struggle. That makes it all the more rewarding to read. And I've been thinking, if it's a struggle for me to read, it must be hell for you to write!

As for this story, "Everybody Does It", I personally liked how death wasn't seen necessarily as a bad thing; everyone does it! Death isn't the end at all.

All this is to say that you have incredible skill as a writer; I couldn't dream of such skill :P How you understand the human psyche so perfectly, I'll never know. Hope you enjoyed my spiel! I don't know why I wrote it, but hey, enjoy! Oh yeah, I'll start reading the next "Epilogues" story soon enough.

Author's Response: Hello Bobak. First, thank you ever so much for reading them all, and I'm very honored that you did so considering your intense schedule. My girlfriend is also a first year university student, and I know how hard it can be to find spare time. When you talk about the struggles and the hell it must be to write, I say yes and no. The big trick is not giving too much away. I could easily say, Harry felt like crap because he did this, and he knew it was wrong. But that's not very engrossing, and it prevents you from really connecting with it. Sure, it's easier to understand, but you're not given a chance to make an emotional bond with what he's doing. So in many aspects, I don't try and tell you the situation and the struggles, I try to describe the concrete aspects, sweaty palms, shivers, stutters, body language, so that you're mind is forced to relate. thing is, I'm comfortable writing like that so it's not as hard as itcould be. Anyway, thank you so much, I'm so glad you read and enjoyed this fic, it's easily the most personal fic I've written. So thank you, and I can't wait to hear from you again.

Name: SiriuslyInLove7 (Signed) · Date: 11/01/06 16:38 · For: Everybody Does It
That was so sad. So good. I loved it. It made me cry, but it was almost a happy cry; at the end, anyway. But it was really brilliant!

Author's Response: Thank you ever so much. Yeah that's the weird thing I think about this is that the emotions really run kinda deep and it's hard to know how much of what you are feeling is sadness, and how much is joy, you know? thank you.

Name: guiding ray of sunlight (Signed) · Date: 11/01/06 8:10 · For: Everybody Does It
Woah. That was a really powerful piece. I loved it! It is always sad to have a character you like die but you took it to the next level.

Author's Response: Thank you ever so much. As I've said many times I wrote this story pretty much in tears the entire time, so it was pretty powerful to write it, I"m just glad that came through.

Name: SmokingThatBomb (Signed) · Date: 10/31/06 23:30 · For: Everybody Does It
dang, really really powerful. couldn't stop the tear's; heavens that's sad. but interesting. veyr very powerful, keep at it. pgdikkon@comcast.net if u have any comments or anything

Author's Response: hehehe... I normally do have comments, that's what this awesome response box is for, though I do have a habit of writing long responses and forgetting to copy them in case I time out, but since I've made such a big deal of it this time I doubt I'll forget. right, there's a story to talk about isn't there? Thank you so much, I'm glad you got something out of it. This story means so much to me and well there you go. If you thought it was powerful, just imagine how I felt writing it. Thank you so much.

Name: Silver Whisper (Signed) · Date: 10/29/06 20:42 · For: Everybody Does It

very sad...good, but sad.

What killed Ginny?

Author's Response: Thank you... What killed Ginny? That is the one question I don't rightly know. I know it was a work accident, and that's about it. Sorry about that, I know, I wish I knew it too, but that's just the one thing I don't know. THanks again.

Name: GarnetGirl (Signed) · Date: 10/19/06 20:42 · For: Everybody Does It

Author's Response: thank you.

Name: scars_are_cool (Signed) · Date: 10/14/06 21:05 · For: Everybody Does It
*sob* Thats so sad but so happy at the same time! *cry*

Author's Response: Thank you so very much. I hope you will read everything else I've written.

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