Reviewer: ScotlandForever
Date: 11/18/04 11:02
Chapter: The First Day

I think it bodes well for Snape's personality that he is finally willing to take points from his own house when they act out of line...must be a certain set of violet eyes watching all the drama. Just keeps getting better and better.

Reviewer: ScotlandForever
Date: 11/18/04 10:43
Chapter: The Cambrian

What a great start to a story! I loved the fact that it all begins on the train...with the relentless whispering of little tongues. We only meet Gaenora afterward, and what an impression she makes on everyone! As Snape says, with a raised eyebrow of course, "I can see you're going to be a handfull." I can't wait to see how all this turns out!

Reviewer: _xSolostx_
Date: 11/17/04 20:35
Chapter: The Damsel and Her Two Rogues

omg i cant wait for u to update it i love it !!!!

Reviewer: Athena369
Date: 11/17/04 17:42
Chapter: The Damsel and Her Two Rogues

Great! PLz update SOON!!!

Reviewer: Tamika
Date: 11/17/04 2:10
Chapter: Adeste Fidelis

Your story is getting better and better as you add each new chapter. This is my favourite so far, writing wise. You made it quite clear in your last chapter that nothing would happen between Gnora and Lupin, but I wub him so much! 9/10.

Reviewer: _xSolostx_
Date: 11/16/04 16:31
Chapter: Adeste Fidelis

wow i cant wait for more i love it !!!!

Reviewer: Tamika
Date: 11/16/04 1:31
Chapter: Long-Lost Lupin

Hey again. I actually had read all of the chapters you'd posted when I made that review, I just went to the section where it piles all the reviews on top of each other and for some reason mine ended up after the first chapter. The idea of introducing Lupin was great, I always love a good triangle romance. Oh, and btw - Forbidden Forest, not Dark Forest, lol.

Author's Response: I think I've seen it referred to as both...I think. Either way, doesn't really play a big role. Just peripheral...ha ha, no pun intended. Although, I do reread each chapter a couple times before uploading it, checking for typos and whatnot, and when I reread chapter 11 before uploading it tonight I tried to change a few verbs here and there. Probably not enough, but it's late and I'm tired...forgive me. And as for Lupin, Gaenora definitely admits to crushin' on him in the past (and still thinks he's cute) but it doesn't go much further than that...they're just friends as far as she's concerned. (Just thought I'd let y'all know, so you don't get your hopes up for Lupin to make a move, then talk sh*t about me later when it doesn't happen. lol He serves as a friend to Gaenora, and a pain in the ass for Snapey, who REALLY needs to work on his trust skills! And no, I haven't ruined the ending by telling you that! :)

Reviewer: ScotlandForever
Date: 11/15/04 19:06
Chapter: Long-Lost Lupin

I loved this chapter! Especially when Dumbledore awarded five points for "having made the best mess he'd seen so far this year". I always did like that quirky and eccentric side to Dumbledore! And Snape does such a sweet thing for his new lady love...who knew he had it in him? Then he's jealous, protective, and resentful of Lupin! WOW, he's got it bad for her! So cool to see how he is changing...for the better, I think. She certainly flusters him..."Nothing of mine is in a twist, thank you." I loved that line. Can't wait for the next installment!

Reviewer: Tamika
Date: 11/15/04 2:29
Chapter: The Cambrian

Okay... wait for me to be the critical one! =P I think that some of the descriptions and verbs you used got a bit repetitive, like coyly, smirked, giggled, chuckled etc. and some of the characters seem a bit... not right. But the plot is amazing and I've added this to my favourites. Can't wait to see more!

Author's Response: Shh, don't say it outloud or everyone will catch on! *ahem* I mean...yeah, I see your point...for what it's worth, I wrote this story mostly in the dead of night...and really, does Snape do anything but smirk and sneer? I think not! lol And obviously no one can fully capture a character that was created by someone else...I do my best, I swear! Anyway, I think I saw that you posted that review yesterday after reading chapter's all downhill from there, my friend. :-D Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: Athena369
Date: 11/14/04 16:34
Chapter: Mysterious Violet

This story is soo.... great! Please update SOON!!!!!

Reviewer: Athena369
Date: 11/13/04 10:30
Chapter: Showdown in the Staffroom

This story gets better and better. Plz hurry up and write some more!

Reviewer: mrs_depp
Date: 11/13/04 7:39
Chapter: Midnight Delight

This ff is adorable... i reviewed before, but Im reviewing again since you updated... Snapes so cute... but they needed that fight I think... they were too happily in love... that's a compliment, btw, im saying that you know what human nature is like... and you have good timing... please keep updating, im checking every day!!! Lurve, Cassandra

Reviewer: mrs_depp
Date: 11/13/04 7:32
Chapter: Midnight Delight

Reviewer: Krispie Kreamy
Date: 11/12/04 20:17
Chapter: Sex and Candy

Better and better each time!!! Like I said, keep shooting 'em out! Oh, and out of curiosity, how many chapters are there all together??

Author's Response: *cups hand against edge of mouth and whispers* It's a secret. :-)

Author's Response: Okay, that wasn't fair, but I'm afraid of a mutinous uprising. :-) There are twenty-four chapters.

Reviewer: megleg1634
Date: 11/12/04 16:09
Chapter: The Ruse

I love this story!!! Every time a new chapter is posted I'm so excited. I love the way Snape's character is changing. You have written an awesome story! Keep writing!

Reviewer: mrs_depp
Date: 11/12/04 15:15
Chapter: The Ruse

wow i absolutly love this ff... i hope you can update soon, i need it , im obsessive... you wrote Snape adorably... im a snape fan...your characters are soooo belivable, i love the new take on Neville... i am so adding you to my fav authors list, and fav-ing (my new word) this ff... Lurve, Cassandra

Reviewer: Athena369
Date: 11/12/04 14:57
Chapter: The Ruse

Thia is a great story and getting better; I've added it 2 my favorites. Please Please Please hurry up and make another chapter!

Author's Response: The story is actually completed here on my laptop, but the Mods' queue is very full and I can only submit as fast as they'll let me. (Not a jab at the Mods, I know they're swamped!)

Reviewer: Krispie Kreamy
Date: 11/12/04 11:29
Chapter: The Ruse

Alright, as the story goes on, it gets better and better. Although Im starting to think something majors about to happen??...Well, keep em' coming!

Reviewer: ScotlandForever
Date: 11/12/04 10:42
Chapter: The Ruse

I love this story! You know, I never thought of Snape as the romantic lead of any story...but now I desperately want to see him get the "Happy ever after"!! My favorite bit? This made my Week: "Why, Severus, what if I had been indecent?" "Well...I can't say I haven't been wondering." I loved that! SHE is what his character I will have to re-read my HP books (Again, I admit it!) with the two of them in mind. And, of course, check Daily for new chapters. All your hard work is so Appreciated! Thank you for sharing your talent.

Reviewer: Krispie Kreamy
Date: 11/11/04 19:14
Chapter: Snivellus and Fatbottom

Awesome story so far! Just keep adding chapters, and I'll be happy!

Author's Response: Well, glad I could contribute to your state of mind! :-) I'll keep uploading chapters just as often as the Mods allow me!

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