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Reviewer: abbycadabra
Date: 08/14/06 11:07
Chapter: Sense and Reason

I definitely want to hear what happened to Harry and Ginny. Great agin!

Author's Response: They have their own chapter coming up, so you'll get a little about what's happening with them soon!

Reviewer: abbycadabra
Date: 08/14/06 11:00
Chapter: A Sense of Duty

Wow. Hmm. Very, I don't know, difficult to read, maybe. Not the writing or anything of course! Just, dramatic and sad, and it makes me sad, lol. Mmkay, actually, I would love to hear more of Lupin and Tonks (not their relationship, perhaps, but the characters, definitely). They are my favorites. Okay, moving on!!!

Author's Response: Not too sad, I hope! I try to tinge it with love and light, even in the darkest scenes. Hopefully that is showing through. Thanks for telling me you want more Tonks/Lupin scenes. I'll be sure to bring them into the next couple chapters more.

Reviewer: justlikehermione429
Date: 08/14/06 10:52
Chapter: Battered Senses, Undying Devotion

Hey again! wow u responded to my last comment quickly. yea i totally get u about cliffhangers...and honestly i enjoy them, they just drive me crazy thinking about whats gonna happen next. im starting my own fic right now, im waiting for ch 1 to be validated...and while right now there are no real cliffies there certainily will be in the chs to come. so i no what u mean.
But the real reason i came back to comment again was to congratulate u on having this story featured!! woot!!


Author's Response: Haha, I'm at work so I see my email updates right away. I love cliffies, they make me want more. I just can't stand it when people leave you hanging for a month between chapters (hence why I update fairly regularly). Let me know when your story is approved, I'd like to read it. And yes, I nearly squee'd when I saw this story was featured. It totally made my week. Thanks!

Reviewer: abbycadabra
Date: 08/14/06 10:52
Chapter: A Sense of Self

Sorry about your loss. On a more pleasant note, this story is going terrifically! If that's a word... Anyway, can't wait to get more details on this one.

Author's Response: Thanks again! Yea, that was a rough month, but writing definitely helped, as do happy reviews like this one! And yes, it is a word =)

Reviewer: abbycadabra
Date: 08/14/06 10:43
Chapter: Dulling of the Senses

Wow. More details about what happened please!!! On to the next chapter! Great story so far, perfectly dramatic!

Author's Response: Yay, new reader! Thanks! You have plenty or reading ahead of you, I hope you enjoy it!

Reviewer: justlikehermione429
Date: 08/14/06 10:10
Chapter: Battered Senses, Undying Devotion

Ugh you and ure damn cliffhangers!! exellent, excellent story. This chapter was brilliant, and it shows how well, though not so well at the same time, Harrys lie went. Lets hope that Harry comes in to save the day, as hes the only one left. And that Ron and Hermione survive the ordeal, both willing to sacrafice themselves. Very VERY well done, plase dont take too long to update again!!

Author's Response: I hate to say it, but probably every chapter up until the last two will have a cliffhanger, and they are likely to get worse before they get better. It's the nature of my story, otherwise I'd be ending in really random points or would write the worlds longest chapter... Anyway, next chapter should be interesting, as it will be diverting back to Harry and Ginny's perspective. I'll update as soon as humanly possible, I promise!!

Reviewer: smiley10792
Date: 08/14/06 8:54
Chapter: Battered Senses, Undying Devotion

Wow, this is incredible. Please update soon!

Author's Response: Will do! Thanks so much!

Author's Response: This was my 100th review, btw, WOOT!

Reviewer: muggleclaw
Date: 08/14/06 7:38
Chapter: Battered Senses, Undying Devotion

I'm not up for eloquence this morning... all I can say is AAGH THIS IS SO GOOD!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! I'm excited about the next chapter, I think everyone will enjoy it =)

Reviewer: PotterFan22
Date: 08/12/06 22:09
Chapter: Dulling of the Senses

Woww. Monkegy sounrds cobol...angd crazxy likez mge!!! Wvhat wvould bhe evern morze crazxy ifs isf algl threye oft uss (ashgley, monkegy, and mge) alsl hungg ouut! Wooty! Gop craqzy petople!!!

Author's Response: Fo'Shizzle.... Dude, they better update my story soon before my review page becomes 100% spam =P

Reviewer: TMonkey
Date: 08/12/06 9:39
Chapter: Battered Senses, Undying Devotion

Wghat ipf aoll wzords khad silhent lettjers? Thend Alerc would bhe ponderfing thle mysterqies ovf wzords withgout silhent lettjers; sxuch ays gnat (guh-nat), psalm (puh-salm), andh knife (kuh-nife). Muzch lwess complidcated, xis ikt noht?

I'll save dipthongs for later...

Author's Response: Wow, Monkey, you are crazy. You and Chloe should totally hang out ;)

Reviewer: PotterFan22
Date: 08/12/06 1:03
Chapter: Battered Senses, Undying Devotion

whoops. i didn't know it was gunna be THAT long. geesh. hehe. i'm kinda glad you asked where the silent g came from tho. all these hilarious stories about alec are flooding back into my mind. hehehe. :D

Author's Response: Good, they will keep you entertained while we wait for this chapter to validate....

Reviewer: PotterFan22
Date: 08/12/06 1:01
Chapter: Battered Senses, Undying Devotion

As weird as this sounds, the silent g comes with a long, boring story...
This guy named Alec sat next to me in english class. he's pretty funny. he's like a class clown/skate-boarder (he's really good at skateboarding!) anyways,
Alec sat next to me in english class, and it was his turn to read a paragraph out of the book *ooo goodie...(sarcastic)* and he started reading it, but he pronounced this one word wrong, and the teacher corrected him and told him that this one letter was silent. and then he's like, "oh, really?" and she's like, "um...yeah." and he got annoyed for some reason for being interrupted. and then he's like, "why do they even have silent letters anyway? why don't they just leave them out!?" and they got into that discussion. and then at the end, he was a little annoyed (again). then, the kid next to him read another paragraph and to me, he's like, "i still don't get the point of silent letters. it makes things too confusing. psh. alec with a silent r. or chloe with a silent g. it just wouldn't make sense"
i didn't really get it, but it was kinda funny, and now he calls me chloe with a silent g...
*end long, boring story*
Alec's thoughts (or lackthereof) are sorta confusing.......
~Chlgoe :D
p.s. sorry if this is way confusing. it had me stumbled when he suggested it too. don't blame me. blame alec.

Author's Response: Darn you Alerc (with a silent 'r') and your crazy skaterboy ways *shakes fist*

Reviewer: PotterFan22
Date: 08/11/06 22:14
Chapter: Battered Senses, Undying Devotion

Well, I do love rock climbing....hehehe.
Once again I am jealous of TMonkey, oh, i mean TMonkegy. hehehe. silent g's rule!!! still can't wait for this chappie!!!

Author's Response: Hey Chlgoe! Where did the silent "g" thing come from anyway? Yea, I really hope they validate this chapter soon!!! ~Ashgley

Reviewer: TMonkey
Date: 08/10/06 15:12
Chapter: Battered Senses, Undying Devotion

Muahahahaha.......ha! Oh believe it Gryffinpufgf fans, the Monkey has seen chapter the ninth and you will need some major rock climbing equipment by the end! You will not rest easy, oh no! That is all I can say now, for fear (as brave as I am) that I may be cursed for revealing too much....DUM DUM DUM!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Lol! Now that I've picked myself up off the floor, thanks Monkey for that fantastic review! I think I may have a riot on my hands after people read that, but oh well ;)

Reviewer: justlikehermione429
Date: 08/05/06 22:16
Chapter: Battered Senses, Undying Devotion

and if thats true, that the cliffie is even worse, u really are going to kill me. lol i just cant stand this suspense!
ARGH! hrm...i suppose when i post my chs theyre just going to have to have major cliffies. REVENGE!!
Ok im done.
Next up...the real review! once the evil validators validates ( really...)

Author's Response: Haha, this is a busy category with only two or three mods I believe, so it may take a few days. I hope you like the next chapter, and sorry for killing you guys with suspense! *laughs wickedly*

Reviewer: PotterFan22
Date: 08/04/06 23:22
Chapter: Battered Senses, Undying Devotion

Chapter nine - BRING IT ON!
hehehe Can't wait for this one!
~Chlgoe (with a silent G) isn't it so much cooler that way? *you: uh, no???*
We should all have a silent G in our names. You would be Ashgley. That'd be so cool. And your user name could be Griffinpufgf. Woo-Hoo!!!

Author's Response: This should be a good one, if I do say so myself, with an even more evil cliffie than the last. Hope you like it! ~Ashgley

Reviewer: TMonkey
Date: 08/04/06 17:57
Chapter: A Sense of Failure

Yaaaaaay! Sorry I have been absent for so long. Please forgive the Monkey for her recent distractions of family origins. I have all my animals back now and shall have to read them all your stories as if they were stuffed and actually listening! Once again, this story is awesome. I love you originality with characters that are not so original. Your fight scenes...primo! I don't really like reading fight scenes, but you put sooooo much emotion into the fighting; so much hanging in the's amazing! You are indeed wicked, but in the best of ways! I've never enjoyed hanging off cliffs so much in my life! My nuggets are burning so I will end this review now! Luvs, Monkey!

Author's Response: Haha, hurry! No one likes burned nuggets!!! I understand, Monkey, and I forgive you;) Thanks for coming back, we need to hang out soon!

Reviewer: PotterFan22
Date: 08/04/06 0:09
Chapter: A Sense of Failure

Now for the real review!
This was so fantastically written and wonderful and I absolutely LOVED it! I SOOOO can't wait for more! But I don't want Hermione and Ron to get hurt! Awww! : (
11/10 again!
p.s. As you can tell, I'm like REALLY hyper, so pretty please with SUGAR on top don't get mad at me for leaving a random and hyper comment on your review page! :D
I was - er - FRAMED! yeah, that's it. i didn't write that review. nope. wasn't me... *whistling*

Author's Response: Yea, too bad you confessed a line and a half ago ;) Thanks for your comments, as always I enjoy them immensely! Sadly, Ron and Hermione are going to get a little hurt on this one. Unavoidable, Sorry! Chapter 9 should be posted today.

Reviewer: PotterFan22
Date: 08/04/06 0:06
Chapter: A Sense of Failure

The masked Death Eaters dragged Ron and Hermione to their secret layer. Everyone was in a small, dark room now. Hermione couldn't see anything except for Ron's dark figure struggling next to her. All of the sudden, the room was filled with light and Hermione let out a gasp. The room was smothered in pink fluffy pillows and beds. The walls had flowers and hearts all over them covering the light pink paint. The 'Death Eater' (or so they thought) in front of her took off its mask. It was...Chloe!!!
"Wow. We had to go through all of that just to get you to come to my sleepover party?"
The remaining dark cloaked figures in the room removed their masks, revealing about a dozen other giggly girls who were all smiling and oogling at a blushing Ron.
That's what's going to happen, right??? RIGHT!!!!
Wow. I REALLY am weird, aren't I? *looks depressed for a moment*
Ah well! Back to the sleepover!!!
"Hermoine, would you like a blueberry or a chocolate muffin? Oh, chocolate? Okay! KELLEY! Step away from Ron!"

Author's Response: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yea, you are a little strange, but I enjoy that in a person, as I am extremely strange myself ;) And I'll take a chocolate muffin, as well! Oh, and speaking of Kelley, where has she been? I havent seen her on in awhile!

Reviewer: Leanaveneficus
Date: 08/03/06 21:52
Chapter: A Sense of Failure

This is absolutely excellent! You have a fantastic way of building suspense in both this story and "One Last Golden Day". I am enjoying them both very much. Please update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks! Next chapter is 99% done, should be posted tomorrow. Chapter four for "One Last Golden Day" may take a little longer, since I'm going out of town this weekend...

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