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Reviews For Shattering Truth

Name: _jub_jub_ (Signed) · Date: 05/10/06 4:09 · For: Shattering Truth
; ( this is so sad
I want to cry

Author's Response: If I said I was happy I made you cry, that would sound kind of odd (and heartless). So I'll just tell you that it means a lot to me that you were touched by this fic. Thanks for reviewing!

Name: king (Signed) · Date: 05/08/06 16:33 · For: Shattering Truth
Excellent story, very sad, dealing with grief is one of the hardest parts of life. Your description of Hermione's devotion to Harry is right on target as is your portrayal of Ron as being jealous and self-centered. But I don't think Harry would commit suicide. His parents, Dumbledore and in your fic Hermione, all gave their lives so he could live. Suicide would dishonor their sacrifices and a failure to embrace life, in all of its pain and glory, would be as wrong as Voldemort's failure to make peace with death. Still, as a one-shot story depicting the depths of human despair, you've done an excellent job.

Author's Response: I guess the whole suicide thing was depicting Harry's devotion for Hermione, since it indicates that he believes they will be together in the afterlife, of sorts. Apologies if that offended you, but that was just how I envisioned the story to occur. As for people giving their lives, Harry believes it was so that he could complete his task, and afterwards he feels obsolete. Of course, we all know he is mistaken. Also, he didn't decide to end his life because he bottled up his grief, but Ginny caused him to confront it and thus pushed him over the edge (figuratively, of course). On a lighter note, much thanks for reviewing!

Name: crash and burn (Signed) · Date: 05/08/06 15:14 · For: Shattering Truth
dam. brings a tear to your eye dont it.

Author's Response: What? Tears? My goal has been achieved!!!

Name: HermioneIII (Signed) · Date: 05/08/06 10:32 · For: Shattering Truth
It brought out a feeling in me that I only get when I read a great but saddening story like this one. I often find that I cannot feel anything and that my feelings are often numb. Is it strange to enjoy sad moments? Sad stories? I relished this story and especially adored that quote from Hermione's favorite muggle book (you know which one).
Bravo! This story was amazing and the feeling is real. Great story.

Author's Response: It is by no means strange to enjoy sad stories, at least I hope not, considering that those are my favorite kind. In my opinion, it takes a lot more effort to make a reader cry or feel for the characters than to make them laugh. So the fact that the story made you sad makes me very happy! (If that makes any sense.) As for the quote... oi... I actually had a bit of a misconception, I must admit. See, when I wrote this story, I had only read a small portion of 1984, and I loved that quote. However, considering that I didn't get to the later parts of the book, I interpreted the quote in reference to heaven (or something along those lines) while it is actually a reference to a place where the government tortures people. Which doesn't make much sense as far as plot goes. (Oops!) But thanks for the great review anyway!

Name: tpt42 (Signed) · Date: 05/08/06 10:12 · For: Shattering Truth
first of all, let me state that harry and hermione thing usually seems really odd for me. for some reason, i just skip stories that are harry/hermione, but yours i read. i just have to say that you actually made it believable. i could even imagine hermione doing what she did because she always has proven herself willing to fight for a cause regardless of what needed to be done. so the way she did so with harry actually made sense. so in terms of the story, i thought it was great (not perfect, cause i still don't believe in harry/hermione, sry).

as for your writing, initially, i thought u wrote the entire thing and then changed half the words with their synonyms. but going along, i realised that there was simply no other way to show what harry was feeling. nehow, good job for your first story, ill be looking forward to anymore that you write.

Author's Response: I really appreciate you reading this story even though its H/Hr. To tell you the truth, getting a positive review from someone who does not approve of the ship means much more to me than from someone who does. The fact that you could appreciate the writing while not agreeing with the pairing is more than I could ever have hoped for. I realise it was a bit wordy, but as for the synonyms, I don't actually look for stuff like that on purpose. It just kind of flows that way, I guess. I mean, if I just used a certain word, I'm not likely to reuse it where I can use a different word, but its more of a subconscious effort. Anyway, as for future stories, I'm really sorry but all I coud ever write is H/Hr. Or maybe eventually D/Hr. Even I myself don't understand what I have against R/Hr and H/G. It's crazy, I know, considering that those ships are canon, but I just can't help it. Thanks for reading!

Name: HermioneJPotter (Signed) · Date: 05/07/06 22:59 · For: Shattering Truth
Wow... Wow.... I'm speechless... That was such a sad story.... wow... I love it... I think I'm going to start crying now... I must say that you have talent... you wrote such a wonderful story... it was just beutiful... what more can I say... Great job....

Author's Response: Thank you! Wow, I certainly did not expect much of a positive response. This totally makes my day!

Name: Her_mi_o_ne 16 (Anonymous) · Date: 05/07/06 15:02 · For: Shattering Truth
ahem. Hermione loves RON not Harry. I seriiously doubt that she would EVER marry him. Samefor Harry. They have a best friens relationship, and a kind of brother/sister relationship and nothing more.

Author's Response: Yes indeed, following canon, Hermione loves Ron and not Harry. But when you write fanfics, who says you have to follow canon? I love what JKR has written, but if I could have my way Harry would love Hermione over Ginny. Sadly, I can't have my way, but I'm not complaining. After all, the best thing about the Harry Potter books is that they inspire your imagination and provide canvas for creativity. Don't think I delude myself into thinking H/Hr could ever actually happen in book 7, but in a fanfiction, what happens is entirely up to the author. This is not what could happen in the books. This is what I choose to write, and I choose to write about Harry loving Hermione (and vice versa).

Name: Iltu (Signed) · Date: 05/07/06 13:13 · For: Shattering Truth
Shattering indeed, but you describe Harrys feelings well, and he's already lost everyone he loved, his parents, Sirius, Dumbeldore - loosing the girl he loves, too, might indeed drive him over the edge... Keep writing more stories for us to read, please....

Author's Response: Thanks! : )

Name: Iltu (Signed) · Date: 05/07/06 13:12 · For: Shattering Truth
Shattering indeed, but you describe Harrys feelings well, and he's already lost everyone he loved, his parents, Sirius, Dumbeldore - loosing the girl he loves, too, might indeed drive him over the edge... Keep writing more stories for us to read, please....

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