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Name: midomidi2013 (Signed) · Date: 11/28/15 6:52 · For: A Smile of Hope
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Name: hpcrazy2011 (Signed) · Date: 06/29/09 7:56 · For: A Smile of Hope
was it moody? i loved it by the way

Name: doorknobs (Signed) · Date: 09/01/06 1:32 · For: A Smile of Hope
I just had to leave a review for this one...I really enjoyed reading this fic, you have written it so well, and I particularly like the last sentance. And of course it's Moody's pov. Right?

Author's Response: Well, thankyou very much! :D I'm glad you liked it. I loved writing it. And I liked the last sentence, too, that's why I put it there. :) Originally it was earlier in the story, but I wanted to emphasise the point - or feeling, really - that I was trying to convey, so I just had to have it last. Sorry, haven't slept for nearly 48 hours, so if I'm sounding a little dumb to you, that's why. lol. I'm trying to sound intelligent, but that's kinda hard for me at the best of times. :D But, anyway, you are spot-on; it was Moody. Well, that's who I wrote it as, anyway. Interpretation is a wonderful and diverse thing, on the other hand. :D So, thankyou so much for the awesome review! All the best.

Name: occlumens (Signed) · Date: 05/05/06 13:38 · For: A Smile of Hope
Oh, that's so very sad! It's an interesting perspective. I like to read people's interpretations of what the adults think of Harry, with all of their experience. What I'm particulaly interested in is Dumbledore's view, since he knew better than anyone what Harry is like. Dumbledore is incredibly hard to write though, I've tried. But now I'm rambling...

Poor Harry. Great story!

Author's Response: Thankyou for your wonderful review. It made my story seem so unwasted :) Not that I didn't enjoy writing it for myself, it's just great to see that someone else enjoyed it, too. Hmm, I've been thinking of doing Dumbledore, too. He's such a great character, and you're right ... he knows Harry so well. And he cares for him so much. I'd love to do it. :D One day I will. ;D And I like thinking about how adults perceive Harry, too, since we always hear about Ron, Hermione and Ginny's (etc) perspectives and not the adults'. Your review got me thinking. :) Thankyou so much, once again!!! All the best! BaBaKaNuSh_13.

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