Reviews For Accepting Fate
Reviewer: mgle_teacher
Date: 02/11/07 22:40
Chapter: Accepting Fate

I hardly ever read fics with minor characters mostly because I find them dull, but you'd done a great job!

You delved deeply in Arabella Figg's childhood, and your characterization of an expectant child was perfectly down. I particularly liked how you described/compared Arabella's "squib" problem to the grub.
It was...poetic.

I loved this sentence too:
I bet it’s so excited to turn into a butterfly... What if, one day, your mother told you that you will never turn into a butterfly? You’ll be a caterpillar forever, and have to watch all your sisters turn into lovely butterflies...

Just beautiful!
I really felt for Arabella there, hoping so ardently to become a witch, and then having to face disappointment at such a young age. *sigh*

Good work!
mugglemathdork ~ Knight of the Turnip Table

Author's Response: Thanks so much, I'm really glad you liked it!

Reviewer: AurorGirl101
Date: 02/06/07 13:18
Chapter: Accepting Fate

That was really cute, yet sad. It had the right mix, though. I think the caterpilliar/grub/butterfly scenario was perfect for this. I really liked how you described Arabella's sisters, and they seemed very real. The end was perfect.

Great job!!

AurorGirl101 of the Knights of the Turnip Table

Author's Response: Aw, thanks:)

Reviewer: I Love Severus Snape
Date: 06/15/06 15:36
Chapter: Accepting Fate

Aww! *Smothers Arabella with hugs* It's nice to see a fic about such a minor character for once!

I'm really in love with the way you started this out. "Arabella Figg was waiting. She was lying on the floor, underneath the window in the upstairs hallway and she was waiting." The fact that you restated that she was waiting just adds so much to it... making a point to inform the reader that her long wait has a lot to do with the rest of the story. If she weren’t waiting for the letter that will never come, she wouldn't be a squib, so I really like that you made a point to state that twice.

Joanie seems like a little prat! This is great that you had her act that way though. Since she's the antagonist, she contributes many negative feelings that Arabella has about herself. Maybe if Joanie wasn't so cruel to her and didn't tease her about being a Squib, Arabella wouldn't feel so badly about being one. So, I really like that you had Joanie being brutal, because she adds a lot to the story.

In addition to Joanie, I really like the rest of the family, and how each one plays a part in Arabella's feelings by their reactions that she's a Squib. Not only is Arabella in denial at first, but so is her father, and that shows that he really wants her to be happy and refuses to believe that something like this can disappoint her. Her mother sort of reminds me of Molly Weasley, because she's very concerned for her daughter and is considerate to her feelings. One thing I did notice though, was a slight change in Gwendolyn's reaction. At first, you state that she would try to lighten the mood with jokes. "The last thing she wanted right now was Belinda’s reassuring pat on the hand, Gwendolyn’s mood lightening jokes, Valerie’s guarantee that everything will work out, and Joanie’s relentless teasing." But, then you say that she's "acutely edging away from her", which could state that she’s frightened or ashamed of Arabella. I do also really like Belinda and Valerie, because they seem to offer kindness and comfort to Arabella, throwing aside the fact that she’s a Squib.

And the end… simply perfect! I love, love, love that you talked about the whole caterpillar, butterfly, grub thing! It all connects in with the rest of the fic so brilliantly! How Arabella realizes that the grub accepted his fate, and how she needs to accept hers… very well written. I’m just in awe of the ending, truly.

Overall, I thought this was magnificently written, and it all flows together so lovely. The characterization was very well developed, and I especially love the dialect. I could really feel Arabella’s anger and disappointment, and you made me pity her, and love her. But, I’ve rambled on long enough. Fabulous job!

Author's Response: Thanks! I thought that Arabella would need someone to make her feel really horrible about herself, and an older sister (Joanie) would be the perfect person to do it! Hmm, about that Gwendolyn thing... I suppose I needed someone to do something really ridiculous and I liked Belinda and Valerie too much to make them do it. Thank you. Lovely review:)

Reviewer: acire
Date: 05/18/06 5:25
Chapter: Accepting Fate

That's a nice fic you've written. Joanie's horrible. It was also a great idea to write about when Arabella was a girl, I haven't seen any fictions like that before. :)

Author's Response: Joanie's one of those really nasty older sisters that are always giving you a hard time. She really is a bit of a hag, and generally gets away with it too. Thanks for the review!

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