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Reviews For Euphoria Lies

Name: midomidi2013 (Signed) · Date: 11/28/15 6:50 · For: Euphoria Lies
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Name: whittyleah (Signed) · Date: 12/27/06 13:34 · For: Euphoria Lies
I have never read anything you have written until now and all I can say is: I have been missing out!

This story was brilliant! It had such sorrow and longing, it almost hurt to read it. You went into characters that I havent read a lot about and you gave them soul and life. A harsh and difficult life, but you wrote it beautifully. I felt as though I was there with them, your imagery was very well written. I could see the cave and field as I read it.

The characters were in such pain and they were all clinging to hope while being too afraid to discover if their hope was true. It was amazing. They all were different while all having the same mindset. Dreaming of a different life, but not doing anything to get to that life.

Cho shocked me. She was in such dispar. However, you kept her believable without her becoming annoying or over-the-top.

I was a bit confused when Cho had her hallucination, that part seemed a bit out of sorts. But, she was hallucinating, so it worked.

Overall, this story is moving and dark, it goes into characters in a way few stories do. Great job.


Name: Purplemage (Signed) · Date: 04/24/06 15:16 · For: Euphoria Lies
Hello Air elemental!! Yet another wonderful story, seriously you don't stop to amaze me. Your versatility in your writing is admirable, each story has it's own unique style and each one stands on it's own. Best of luck on the challenge! Once again we're in the same category ;)

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