Reviews For Reverberate
Reviewer: beautifulromantic
Date: 01/02/07 14:43
Chapter: Reverberate

Aww, that's pretty sweet. Maybe you should write a Andromeda/Ted story. Just a thought.

Reviewer: Dory_the_Fishie
Date: 05/31/06 20:48
Chapter: Reverberate

Another amazing work by you, Miss Noldo, and another reason to bow down to you. I was really curious to see your portrayal of Andromeda, partly because she's a character that I am slightly curious about myself, but also because I figured that if anyone could do it, it was you. I was not disappointed in the slightest.

I adore how you started this. You made the silences seem so tangible, and made me identify with Andromeda. I can feel for her and sympathize with her. It's really quite saddening, almost, in a good way. I loved the next part, when Sirius tells her his brother is dead. You don't dwell on Sirius for too long, but you didn't need to. Andromeda thinking that he should have cried...just amazing. Heartwrenching.

The bit about the letters from her sisters is wonderful. It just shows that even though Andromeda separated herself from her family, she still, somewhere, wished to be with them. One thing: (Eliot, mostly, who she loves and Ted has no patience for) I think 'who' should be 'whom,' since 'she' is really the subject...well, and Ted, I guess, of the second clause. *grammar geek*

Aw, the bit about Ted. That was sweet, and kind of gives a break from the sadness of the fic. I really liked that part. The ending is just perfect. I love the last line. Oh heck, I love everything. You've amazed me again, not that I didn't expect you to. I am indeed a Noldo fangirl.

Reviewer: Stubby Boardman
Date: 05/18/06 6:12
Chapter: Reverberate

This is incredible, the way you drew me in. Your writing style is so very delicate, as I read it felt as though the paragraphs might break. Andromeda's perspective is an interesting one. I've never read anything about her more than her being one of the two girls with whom Lily is friends. The depth of her character in this length is amazing - so believable; her realness, astounding.

Reviewer: Blossomlily
Date: 05/17/06 4:25
Chapter: Reverberate

*sniff* Beautiful as ever! It's nice and dark and unbelievably detailed, just the way we Noldo fans love it. It's superbly written from the beginning to the end. It made me lean forward in my chair, my mouth half-open and my eyes glazed, taking everything in greedily. What imagery! Reading this fic was like watching a movie.

I feel like a sadist to say this, but I had a strange fondness for this line - It is almost an hour later, his face lit oddly in a sudden shower of light from a window, when he tells her that his brother is dead.Poor Sirius! What mixed feelings he must have. There are other lines just as mysterious and heart-wrenching. You have such a nice talent for using just the right adjectives, just the right amount, nothing too much, nothing too little. :) Oh, and I had been wondering what Bowdlerise meant. Thank you for clarifying.

I admit, I never really thought much about Andromeda, the Black sister before this. She was just a character's mother, standing in the shadows insignificantly, but this fic brought her into the light and made her a whole person. 10/10!

Reviewer: MorganRay
Date: 05/11/06 21:18
Chapter: Reverberate

This is a very beautiful piece. It's almost more of a poem than prose. Your rhythm is very entrancing, and I really fell into your story.

She writes a long letter which will never be sent or received or read, and she thinks, bitterly, you should have cried.

This was a very moving line for me. It has that element of realness to it. This entire story could've been so extremely disorienting, but it was written with a lot of control. Also, how you have Andromeda reflecting on her sisters was a very moving part of your piece. You showed the change of time, and then, you hit another great note at the end when Ted comes and takes the picture. The entire thing has that weary feeling to it, and I can't get over how entrancing your writing was.

Reviewer: PuppetPal
Date: 04/20/06 22:33
Chapter: Reverberate

That is so neat, you don't see many stories about Andromeda. So sad, too. I love the way you write, it makes me feel like I've known Andromeda all my life, makes it a very powerful story. keep writing :)

Reviewer: Londonmage
Date: 04/20/06 21:10
Chapter: Reverberate

Hey! It's me, Synnove from FF.Net. Andromeda is a character I enjoy exploring in general, and I like your thoughts on her character especially. There is something so poignant and hauntingly beautiful to me about the relationship between her and the rest of her family most especially Bellatrix and Narcissa. You've captured that sad sort of beauty well here (and you did it whilst involving Sirius, which is always a plus in my book :-)). Thanks so much for posting--I always do so love to read your work.

most sincerely, LM. aka Syn.

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