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Reviews For Pick Up the Pieces

Name: HrryPttrIzMyLife (Signed) · Date: 02/06/08 18:00 · For: Pick Up the Pieces

Name: moldy999 (Signed) · Date: 12/06/07 12:58 · For: Pick Up the Pieces
oops i forgot to say
ron has blue eyes not green

Name: moldy999 (Signed) · Date: 12/06/07 12:58 · For: Pick Up the Pieces

Name: WannaBeMrsRonWeasly (Signed) · Date: 06/01/06 13:38 · For: Pick Up the Pieces
Aww, I'm crying, that was so sweet.

Very well written. You captured the emotions of Ron and Hermione very well. Not your average fic, but great all the same. Did you chose the name Victoria because she (Hermione) realised her love for Ron after she broke up with Vicktor?

You chose a perfect song for the plotline, it fits nicely. Good job!

Name: megsan_88 (Signed) · Date: 05/10/06 12:38 · For: Pick Up the Pieces
awwwwwwwwww :)
major adorable-ness!
i love it times a bajillion and three!

Name: WinterMistNymph (Signed) · Date: 05/06/06 5:13 · For: Pick Up the Pieces
awwww! This is one of my favorite stories Ive read. I loved it just enough Fluff in it! Very well Written. Kudos!

Name: pinkpPotter (Signed) · Date: 04/29/06 17:39 · For: Pick Up the Pieces
I really loved this one! Very well written. = )

Name: mAgic62442 (Anonymous) · Date: 04/28/06 17:42 · For: Pick Up the Pieces
oooohh!!! very nice! luv it! nice ending!!!

Name: Pirate_Alohomora (Signed) · Date: 04/27/06 3:30 · For: Pick Up the Pieces
I stopped reading after the word "pregnant". Sorry, I was slightly disgusted. Great story up until that point.

Author's Response: Um... okay. You have the right to your own feelings/opinion, but may I ask if there is a particular reason as to why? Is it the fact they weren't married first? Because it's really no secret that in the world of HP, they aren't exactly innocent. Things do turn out happily-ever-after though in the end, if you had gotten that far.

Name: tonks_667 (Signed) · Date: 04/26/06 2:42 · For: Pick Up the Pieces
Ron has blue eyes. BLUE! But otherwise it was a good story. I just got a little buit annoyed about you saying they were green.!!!! Harrys eyes are green!!!!

Name: Kerian (Signed) · Date: 04/21/06 22:03 · For: Pick Up the Pieces
Aww completely adorable! Perfectly picked times for the little snapshots! Nice work!!!

Author's Response: Aw! Thank you!

Name: Starmaiden (Signed) · Date: 04/21/06 20:17 · For: Pick Up the Pieces
Aw, how sweet! I like the Krum-dumping-Hermione bit, it's very original. I like that Ron saves her after that, that it's not the usual Ron-is-thick story. He's actually got feelings and a brain! Wow!

Author's Response: Thanks! Yeah, for some reason I couldn't get this plot out of my head when I was listening to this song... Thanks again for the review!

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