Reviews For Solace
Reviewer: anjan777
Date: 10/02/07 20:54
Chapter: One To Carry On

i thought James was a seeker

Reviewer: PrincessGinerva
Date: 09/29/07 19:44
Chapter: One To Mend

continue...pretty please *pouts*?

Reviewer: Clarita
Date: 09/19/07 17:41
Chapter: One To Mend

That last paragraph was so beautiful, in its own special way. so full of emotions that i'm actually crying, even though it wasn't sad...but it was moving.

I am loving this story because it's about James and Lily, not the marauders and lily's friends. the only other character until now has been this Michael guy, and i guess that makes it kind of special.

I love the fact that your stories are full of feelings, strong feelings that people can relate to. I mean, JK Rowling is amazing and she does put a lot of her emotions into her books but they are not as strong nor as clear, so yh I just love the way you write. and the way you change from one thing to the other. Because i amd a fan of the "Lily" series and they are all funny but this one is sad and deep and it makes me think about loads of stuff. Now, that is amazing.

so...what i want to say is;
Thank you.

and i can't wait for the next update!

Reviewer: kath123456789
Date: 09/13/07 22:54
Chapter: One To Mend

Oh my gosh i am so into this story. I am adding it to my favorites!!! Please keep writing.

Reviewer: Gemma Renee
Date: 09/13/07 19:32
Chapter: One To Appease

this is my favorite james/lily fic ever.

Reviewer: gitgit
Date: 09/08/07 13:02
Chapter: One To Mend

OH my i love it!
The way you write i was just sitting there feeling all the goosebumps .. you didnt make lily someone perfect you made her dimensional amazing :D

Reviewer: emilyyxo1
Date: 09/05/07 18:31
Chapter: One To Mend

Are you going to update your story on unknowable room or whatever it's called. I really love it and i can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Yes. I'm directing everyone there so they can review over where the story will be posted from now on. Please don't review this story here anymore. Either go to or unknowableroom.

Reviewer: lowveldgirl
Date: 09/05/07 8:35
Chapter: One To Mend

Hey great story, I love y6our writing, you really draw the reader in. can't wait for more!!

Reviewer: Siriuslyinluvwithharry
Date: 09/03/07 19:29
Chapter: One To Mend

you are an amazing writer! one of the best on mugglenet that i've read. but you're leaving me hanging here! =[
i neeeed to find out what's going to happen! update soon please!

Author's Response: They are never going to accept chapter 9 at this site. The mods have made it very clear and I am unwilling to change it.

Reviewer: hollyberries
Date: 08/27/07 14:31
Chapter: One To Mend

woa, that was a cliffhanger allright! keep going! FAST!

Author's Response:

Reviewer: loveme
Date: 08/22/07 7:38
Chapter: One To Mend

Omg. Brilliant

Author's Response:

Reviewer: mrsJP4ever
Date: 08/20/07 19:37
Chapter: One To Mend

i love it!please update soon!!

Author's Response:

Reviewer: kittykat
Date: 08/20/07 17:48
Chapter: One To Mend the beginning of the second to last paragraph i knew my review would start with a "nooo!!!" but i change my mind i would like to put in a YESS!!!!!! please try and hurry and update and one request from me would be : please make lily and james as fluffy as you can..i love your story!

Author's Response:

Reviewer: amy4rupert
Date: 08/20/07 4:44
Chapter: One To Reminisce

omg!Foreshadowing of DH
"for the greater good"

Author's Response:

Reviewer: ninasphyxiated
Date: 08/19/07 4:39
Chapter: One To Mend

really really love this story!
great job. seriously.
i'm a little too lazy to be constructive here; but let's just say i love the plot and everything.
when's number nine coming? :)

Author's Response: Never. Go here.

Reviewer: HPfanFORlife01
Date: 08/18/07 23:25
Chapter: One To Appease

wow your an amazing writer i would have swon you were j.k rowling herself

Reviewer: Hogwarts Mysteries
Date: 08/14/07 8:46
Chapter: One To Mend

i just read chapter 9 on that website my god way to make a girl cry :( poor jamsies.. i think we've all or will all hurt a guy like that without realising sometime in our life.. i know i have and it makes me feel so bad... keep it coming im so addicted :)

Reviewer: Hogwarts Mysteries
Date: 08/14/07 8:19
Chapter: One To Mend

ok seriously how do you come up with this stuff

“I know what he’s going through,” James told her, not needing to elaborate upon who exactly he was. “When I was a child, my parents explained to me that there were two types of wizards in the world. There were those who lived to live and those who lived to serve. Those who lived to serve could generally be classified as dark, unable to find their own path. They explained to me that those who lived to live, those who valued all that their life had to offer, worked to prevent those who lived to serve from causing a disturbance.”

Lily followed, his words not only abrupt and a bit surprising, but also slightly confusing. He was speaking from a child’s point of view, as if he was merely repeating what his parents had told him without hesitating to examine it. Their words were gold.

“My parents lived to live. They trained immediately out of high school to pursue their dreams. Both had identified their purpose early on. They became Aurors, working to fight those who served and perhaps still serve Voldemort. It wasn’t until their boss passed that they realized that they needed to live. They married and despite my mum’s age, had me. I grew up frightened, knowing all too well about the death rate in their field. I couldn’t imagine life without them. If my parents were to be killed in the line of duty, my entire world would collapse. I’ve always wondered how I would take it. Would I move on, knowing that’s what they’d want, or would I become a monster? I’ve dwelled on death since the age of five.”

i was like :O this woman has talent

noticed you jsut posted another chapter i cant get into it yet daaaammm

keep up the good work

Author's Response:

Reviewer: mrsJP4ever
Date: 08/12/07 12:52
Chapter: One To Mend

OMG!!! poor James!!! Update soon!! Please!!!!!
I LOVE ur other storys but this is one of my favorites!! Please update!!
I HATE micheal!!!!!! kkk update what id wrong with lily doesnt she realise he is an abusive ASS!!
k sry
update soon

Reviewer: The Kneazle
Date: 08/05/07 17:29
Chapter: One To Mend

Yay! leave that stupid, ugly, annoying, cheating, abusive boyfriend behind. woohoo!
james is better.

Author's Response:

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