Reviewer: twilightfan101
Date: 06/29/09 12:19
Chapter: Flirtatious Behaviour

ha ha no sex tonight that was a good one

Reviewer: twilightfan101
Date: 06/29/09 12:01
Chapter: The Banquet

i hate him

Reviewer: Ars Letalis
Date: 06/20/09 18:01
Chapter: Most Eligible Bachelor

Favorite line in the whole story: “Batteries! What on earth are those?”

Reviewer: Hedwig_is_my_owl
Date: 05/21/09 0:44
Chapter: The Last Chapter

This was an amazing fic!! Thank you :)

Reviewer: smileyreader
Date: 05/02/09 21:49
Chapter: The Last Chapter

OMG!!!! THAT WAS A GOOD STORY! You are a VERY talented writer. I hope you continue and make more stories.

Reviewer: oliverps
Date: 04/28/09 23:30
Chapter: The Banquet

this was such a superb story i simply HAD to read it the 2nd time! i'd almost forgotten the way you portrayed draco....*sighs dreamily* lol...i totally loved it! you bring such a warmth to even the most loathsome of all characters, it's pretty amazing. And hermione was fantastic too especially in the climax! lol....i love these 2 together they make such an awesome pair! but the main reason I consider this story one of the best out there was because of the dance! I'm a dancer too and knw exactly what u mean by the passion that stirs up when two lovers move their way arnd the ballroom! loved it - 10/10

Reviewer: Luisa
Date: 03/27/09 8:12
Chapter: Second Chances


"This is MY home! I’LL stay; both of you, OUT!" she yelled. "THIS INSTANT!"

That's brilliant , i laughed my head off :D ahahahahhahahahaaaaa.

Reviewer: Dixie92
Date: 10/31/08 20:48
Chapter: Mrs. Malfoy, again

It was GREAT!!!

Reviewer: Dixie92
Date: 10/29/08 15:34
Chapter: Dinner and a Dance

It was GREAT!!!

Reviewer: Dixie92
Date: 10/29/08 15:26
Chapter: There Was Draco

It was GREAT!!!

Reviewer: Dixie92
Date: 10/29/08 15:19
Chapter: Flirtatious Behaviour

It was GREAT!!!

Reviewer: Dixie92
Date: 10/29/08 15:04
Chapter: The Banquet

It was GREAT!!!

Reviewer: -Rosette_Potter-
Date: 10/25/08 17:38
Chapter: The Last Chapter


Reviewer: SkylerMalfoy
Date: 07/02/08 12:49
Chapter: The Last Chapter

That was amazng AND im not even a Hermione/Draco shipper. Stunning simply wonderful

Reviewer: starsofcctv
Date: 06/27/08 6:13
Chapter: The Last Chapter

that was... wow. i never really cared much for hermione/draco, but that by far, has to be my favourite fan fic ive ever read. PLEASE write a sequel!!!

Reviewer: frivolous_29
Date: 05/22/08 8:02
Chapter: The Last Chapter

liked ur story a lot. :)
it was very bollywood.
liked the ending, nicely fits into the story.
harry n hermione pairing - we have always wished that rite from the 2nd book but for some reason after the 7th n all, thier pairin always seems odd. but loved ur story. :)

Reviewer: Binka Fudge
Date: 05/09/08 19:34
Chapter: The Last Chapter

This was absolutely brilliant! I felt a little sorry for Ginny at times though. Sometimes I really hate Draco, but you've made me like him, he brought alot of humour to this fic, smirks and raised eyebrows included. I was a little surprised that Hermione thought Lucius Malfoy had ruined her wedding, I mean she should've been on a high, she got to knee the evil git where it hurts, what could be better? A much more satisfying wedding present than a toaster if you ask me. Anyway, I really hope you do a sequel and this is going on my favourites.

Author's Response: haha, true on all counts! Thanks for being such an awesome reader and reviewer!

Reviewer: ravenclawslostdiadem
Date: 03/25/08 22:20
Chapter: Mrs. Malfoy

Drunken Narcissa, gotta love it. Onward with the reading now...

Reviewer: ravenclawslostdiadem
Date: 03/25/08 21:11
Chapter: Ministry Budget Cuts

I think I'm in love with Draco Malfoy. Again. Damn.

Reviewer: ravenclawslostdiadem
Date: 03/25/08 20:45
Chapter: The Banquet

Great beginning, I'm just a little "iffy" about H/Hr.

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