Reviews For Love is in the Air
Reviewer: las_vegasgrl666
Date: 08/09/07 2:21
Chapter: Hermione

i think that it is a good beginning:D

Author's Response: Cheers :D

Reviewer: Mina44
Date: 12/28/06 17:30
Chapter: Arguements (part 2)


Author's Response: Aw thanks

Reviewer: padfoot_o01i
Date: 12/03/06 5:04
Chapter: Arguements (part 2)


Reviewer: brooklyn_witch108
Date: 10/11/06 17:39
Chapter: Arguements (part 2)

this was so sweet. i loved it. well done.

Author's Response: Thank you! :)

Reviewer: ginny91
Date: 07/25/06 22:46
Chapter: Arguements (part 2)

i loved it!!! it was really good!

Author's Response: Thank you!

Reviewer: ans
Date: 07/13/06 17:08
Chapter: Kisses and Letters

caps and bold?good

Reviewer: ans
Date: 07/13/06 17:04
Chapter: Fun in the Sun

good three chapters my cmputer messed up i couldnt log on

Author's Response: thanks for reading and reviewing :)

Author's Response: thanks for reading and reviewing :)

Reviewer: watermonk86
Date: 06/29/06 12:32
Chapter: Kisses and Letters

Michevious, funny and romantic plus a killer ending!!!

Author's Response: Thank you! Glad you liked it :)

Reviewer: futureMRSpadfoot
Date: 06/25/06 20:19
Chapter: Arguements (part 2)

loved it..thats all i can say.

Author's Response: Thank you for taking the time out to read my fic and for reviewing it.

Reviewer: FordPrefectZaphod
Date: 06/23/06 20:31
Chapter: Hermione

It being the end of sixth, year it seems strange that Hermione would give a cry of alarm at the appearance of Grimmault Place. She spent the summer after 4th year there. As well, it's likely Ron wouldn't have mentioned it in a letter in case of interception. It's still supposed to be a secret.

Author's Response: Ah yeah, of course, she spent summer after fourth year there. sorry. I had forgotten about that.

Reviewer: ProngsWorshiper
Date: 06/19/06 16:48
Chapter: Arguements (part 2)

This is my third review for this story but I really can't help but give my input. I really did adore it but it totally turned from Ron/Hermione into a Ginny/Harry in a matter of what? Three chapters? I think you should have had it placed in Harry/Ginny AND Ron/Hermione. Agree?

Author's Response: Well, the first three chapters are just Ron/Hermione so i thought people would start saying "where are the Harry/Ginny bits?" Also when i first sent it in i hadn't actually started chapter 4 yet and i guess it just turned out a little more Harry/Ginny than i was planning. Originally it was just going to be a Ron/Hermione fic, but as i got more into it, it kind of...changed to include Harry/ginny as well. So yeah it does fit into the Ron/Hermione AND Harry/ginny category but to start with it was only a ron/hermione one which is why it in that section.

Reviewer: ProngsWorshiper
Date: 06/19/06 16:26
Chapter: Arguements (part 1)

YAY!! The explosion I was waiting for!

Author's Response: He he guess you liked his litte tantrum then?

Reviewer: ProngsWorshiper
Date: 06/19/06 16:16
Chapter: Kisses and Letters

I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!! I like to see Harry explode, it's just entertaining in some weird way. Definetly not to fluffy. They kissed a rather lot didn't they? That's okay, though I love them together. This is turning into a Harry & Ginny on the edges isn't it? I would have like to have seen more of the truth or dare but what could be more fun then Harry having a shocked, left-out or even happy tantrum?

Author's Response: it is quite entertaining when Harry explodes, but i do think he did it a bit too much in OoTP. They may have kissed rather a lot but considering they've been waiting at least three years, they're catching up on lost time i suppose :D If you think thi chapteer is a bit Harry/ginny wait till you read chapter 6.

Reviewer: mudblood48
Date: 06/19/06 6:19
Chapter: Arguements (part 2)

yeah i liked this story but it got fluffy at the end

Author's Response: don't you like fluff? Or maybe it was just too fluffy

Reviewer: Raven Girl
Date: 06/15/06 20:24
Chapter: Arguements (part 2)

hi me again! so yet again another great story! i just love how you make argument! might i suggest another series about somthing eles. But i loved this one!

Author's Response: hmmm...deja vu...

Reviewer: Raven Girl
Date: 06/15/06 20:18
Chapter: Arguements (part 2)

hi me again! so yet again another great story! i just love how you make argument! might i suggest another series about somthing eles. But i loved this one!

Author's Response: thanks again, for all of your reviews. I am going to write more fics but i probably won't have another one up untill...mid july? that's just a guess. and it'll be a one-shot.

Reviewer: _Hermione_Granger_
Date: 06/14/06 23:20
Chapter: Arguements (part 2)

cute story!

Reviewer: _Hermione_Granger_
Date: 06/14/06 23:18
Chapter: Arguements (part 2)

cute story!

Author's Response: thank you :)

Reviewer: hpgirl_91
Date: 06/14/06 20:05
Chapter: Arguements (part 2)

Only dissapointed that its over! I really liked how this story went! Sorry I was a bit confused before!
Again, great job on your story

Author's Response: Oh that's ok :) glad you liked it

Reviewer: heartsdesire456
Date: 06/13/06 22:21
Chapter: Arguements (part 2)

it was good... but excruciatingly short. i really like your writing, your a wonderful author... and for 6 chapters, its a good story. but the only reason im complaining is that i like long stories. im used to reading 20+chapter story's. but it was really good otherwise!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. Have you read the Time is Now? that's one of my favourite's and has 30 chapters I think now. just thought you muight like to know because you prefer long fics.

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