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Reviews For Ethereal Words

Name: werloser22 (Signed) · Date: 01/11/08 20:46 · For: Ethereal Words
OMG. that was so sad. i loved it. im crying now!

Name: rwluver (Signed) · Date: 12/10/07 19:30 · For: Ethereal Words
i liked it!!!! it was cool at first i thought it was harry but then i got a nice shock!!!!!!!

Name: James Jameson (Signed) · Date: 09/08/07 14:37 · For: Ethereal Words
pretty good! I enjoyed it quite a bit!

Name: Phia Phoenix (Signed) · Date: 07/14/07 2:20 · For: Ethereal Words
Fantastic. Great portrayal of her grief.
But I think that one of the verses of My Immortal might have done better, since we don't know of any time that she cared for him like that, and you didn't give us any reason to believe any differently.
Perhaps the first verse

"I'm so tired of being here
Suppressed by all my childish fears
And if you have to leave
I wish that you would just leave
'Cause your presence still lingers here
And it won't leave me alone"

might have done better, since she seems to be mourning for him pretty heavily, and it seems to basically sum up her present feelings well. In the second verse, the line "your voice has chased away all the sanity in me" fits perfectly, because of how she seems to have let herself go and is haunted by his last words to her, but the rest of the verse didn't because she wasn't aware of her feelings for him when he was still alive.

The weird thing is, I was just reading your HG/DM fic and I was thinking "If she made this ship so good, I wonder how she'd do with Ginny/Draco?" Ask and thou shalt be answered.

Superbly written. Are you a beta?

Author's Response: Yup! I'm a beta! Thanks for this fantabulous review, it made my day! --Hanni

Name: Heiress_of_Insanity_ (Signed) · Date: 04/24/07 18:01 · For: Ethereal Words
This was an incredibly weel written, incredibly sad fic. I'm not a D/G shipper in the least, but I still loved the flow of words. Your writing is like a work of poetry, but still has that story flair. 10/10.~


Name: dragonwings (Signed) · Date: 03/10/07 19:18 · For: Ethereal Words
This is sooooo sad! I love Ginny/Draco fics :) Now I'm off to read Alise, I just had to read this one first. *grins sheepishly and wonders what a grinning sheep would look like* yep, weird review.

Name: Ron x Hermione (Signed) · Date: 12/26/06 16:15 · For: Ethereal Words
Hi Hanni! *waves*

Well, here goes:

I absolutely love this story. I have yet to read any Draco/Ginny stories, but I must say that I will now that I have read yours.
You must come up with some more of these stories, it was written beautifully.

It was very mysterious, and at first I didn't know who it was that Ginny was talking about! *bangs head on table for stupidity* I thought it was Harry, as that's usually the main ship, Harry/Ginny, but I found that it was Draco after the blonde hair part.

I get off of my soot-covered knees and also turn to leave, still sobbing. And for a brief moment, I feel as though I am being kissed by an unknown spirit, who heard my call. I hear a whisper, so quiet that it was almost silent, saying, I love you.

That is so BEAUTIFULLY written! Yes, I know that I've said that already, but I think so! That's my favorite paragraph. It's kind fo like a definitive ending, yet it's like, Ginny has hope to go on.

And Im sure that he heard me.

OOh! That gave me chills, that's so sweet! You like, are going to have to write another Draco/Ginny fic... except, you know, when Draco is alive, so they can be together! :)

The beta did a very good job on this (not that you hadn't already), because I didn't see any errors!

The plot is what got me. It's most likely set after the final battle.. ('scuse me for being stupid at the moment if I'm wrong..) and Draco is dead *sniff* and Ginny is telling their story. It's a very creative plot, and since I have yet to see many Draco/Ginny fics anyway, this one rocks! In a good/sad way of course.

I loved it Hanni! I am actually going to read (and review!!!) some more of your stories because I like this one so much!

Very good work, and this is going on my favorites list! Thanks for the great read my lovely Insomniac! ~Lindsey :)

Author's Response: This review just made my day. I was having a cruddy day until I read this, and now I am chipper. I'm glad you like it so much! --Hanni

Name: stareyed_in_LA (Signed) · Date: 11/22/06 23:27 · For: Ethereal Words
Um, hi! I want to say this is a really great story. Sorry if this review is akward.

Author's Response: Thank you! No, it isn't awkward at all :)

Name: notabanana (Signed) · Date: 08/29/06 16:17 · For: Ethereal Words
The voice telling the story seemed more Ginny-ish than other's I've read. I liked it, anyways. Good job with something so angsty!

Author's Response: Really? I thought I was very out-of-character when I wrote this. Hmm.... Thanks so much for your review. They make my day!

Name: kumydabookworm (Signed) · Date: 06/23/06 19:47 · For: Ethereal Words
Yes!!! Ginny/Draco is my OTP. YAY!!! I found an awesome Draco/Ginny story...

-sigh- Angst is the only way to go with this ship. The emotions you laid down and your word choice were simply exquisite. Great job!

Thanks again for helping me out, and I hope this review makes up for the effort you spent! :)

Your Fellow Gryff,

Name: Hermione815 (Signed) · Date: 05/16/06 19:59 · For: Ethereal Words
You know what a really want to say :P, but I won't...I'll go easy on you. I loved the story line. Just switch the people around! :)P

Name: forgotten_poems (Signed) · Date: 04/04/06 2:33 · For: Ethereal Words
Good job! Are you going to keep this as a one-shot, Hannah? For the descriptions, I would suggest that you try to show, and not tell as much; still, congrats on your first story on MNFF!

Name: Murderer (Signed) · Date: 04/02/06 20:47 · For: Ethereal Words
Wow, that was really, really good. It was kind of hard for me to feel sorry for Draco, though, because I hate his guts. *no offence, story still awsome*

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