Reviewer: merlin_black
Date: 03/18/05 21:09
Chapter: A New Beginning


Reviewer: merlin_black
Date: 03/13/05 21:22
Chapter: Trinal Prophecy

Professor Snape would never let Harry call him by his first name.

Reviewer: DonaBlue
Date: 03/05/05 9:55
Chapter: The Dark Mark

This was one of the best fanfics I have ever read. I loved it and especially the ending. = )

Reviewer: Loonylunalovegood
Date: 02/22/05 19:42
Chapter: Dead Man Behind the Veil

I think it is so great that Harry can talk to Sirius. Keep up with the great stories. Oh, and I read this whole story and it is great, wonderful, fantastic, and I can't wait to read more of the sequel.

Reviewer: Valentinia
Date: 02/13/05 14:57
Chapter: A New Beginning

That was soooo sad, but soooo good. I loved it, I cried. Where is the sequel? I must read it. I mmmmmmmuuuuuuuuusssssssssttttttttttttttttttt

Reviewer: hippogriff9494
Date: 02/08/05 21:53
Chapter: A New Beginning

I LOVED YOUR STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is it finished?

Reviewer: loonyluna22
Date: 01/31/05 21:28
Chapter: Furtive Confessions and Casualties

wow. did NOT expect that. INSANLEY GREAT CHAPTER! at that last part my mouth was hanging open and my heart just totaly stopped! amazing...

Reviewer: irishfairy11
Date: 01/16/05 3:58
Chapter: A New Beginning

Oh my gosh, I loved your story so much that is made cry, No lie. I just loved it, I hope to see more storys by you soon.

Reviewer: Baby Doll
Date: 01/16/05 1:32
Chapter: A New Beginning

YOU MUST WRITE ANOTHER! YOU MUST! best fanfic known to humanity HANDS DOWN! I feel inspired to write my first story, but I'm still stuck with a lack of inspiration.....Not your problem though! You rule! peace love and happiness forever!

Reviewer: Baby Doll
Date: 01/16/05 1:12
Chapter: Furtive Confessions and Casualties

No matter what anyone else says(*cough*SKITTLES*cough*) says.... I think that that chap. was very good and that it created depth to the story......OMG I just sounded exactly like my old English teacher! Heaven help me!. :-) lol

Reviewer: psychofreak
Date: 01/14/05 19:46
Chapter: The Dark Mark
I was wondering if you could check out this site. We have writers there on this site as well as many other sites. And we just like writing, we compliment each other and just have fun being writers. I hope you check it out. I also hope you might consider writing another story...your work is awesome! Peace Out!!

Reviewer: psychofreak
Date: 01/14/05 19:38
Chapter: A New Beginning

Bravo, Bravo...Encore Encore...bring on the next story!! This was absolutely amazing. I believe on of the best Harry and Luna fic ever...well actually this is the first fic that I've read that has a completion! lol. But this story was amazing, and I did recommend you to all my friends and in the recommendation area on the mugglenet forum. This was completely awesome, and the epilogue was just great! I'm happy Lily got married, I was getting slightly worried about her! She was so cute...Peace Out!!

Reviewer: psychofreak
Date: 01/14/05 19:32
Chapter: The Dark Mark

Holy shit, is Malfoy on crack! lol. Shoot, that was freaking awesome, and if I might say the second best battle scene I have ever read! The first one was awesome, you have to read it on, the author she totally whipped out the Greek and Latin terms it was great...but this was just as great also. Major props! Wow, so I guess everything was Malfoy all along...go figure! lol. Well I should read on...Peace Out!!

Reviewer: psychofreak
Date: 01/14/05 19:23
Chapter: Guilt of Murder

Not to mention that I love Josh Groban...but the fact that, the plot has a freaking twist! lol. Cool use of the the trail for Peter has started up again...great chapter...very sad, but interesting. Peace Out!!

Reviewer: psychofreak
Date: 01/14/05 19:19
Chapter: Furtive Confessions and Casualties

What the bloody hell was that for? I don't get it...I'm like discombobulated now with this chapter....sheesh, I'm lost. I guess I have to read on to find out! Freaking psycho if you ask me...this chapter was nuts!! lol. Peace Out!!

Reviewer: psychofreak
Date: 01/14/05 18:38
Chapter: Dead Man Behind the Veil

You know what...screw everyone else! I'm still going to review! lol.
Interesting use of the veil, how Harry uses it to communicate with Sirius that way. I'm still sad he dies...tear! Well, interesting view on Ron...for a moment there it did sound like he's covering up for someone or just playing dumb! lol. Well what ever it is, great use of J.K. facts. Moving on...Peace Out!!

Reviewer: psychofreak
Date: 01/09/05 20:04
Chapter: Clue Hunt

Wow, I couldn't believe I'm so behind! Well I will try to catch up! But wow, I guess everyone seems to be related to Tonks! lol. But the interesting thing is that, Harry keeps hunting for Peter and for some odd reason...I don't get it. But this is getting really good. Like I want to know what's going to happen next...because this is great! And I want to boost your reviews! So here I am! Peace Out!!

Reviewer: whispercat12
Date: 01/03/05 1:33
Chapter: Furtive Confessions and Casualties

I love the story but I have one question. How could you kill Luna and ROn?

Reviewer: LisaK
Date: 12/18/04 17:09
Chapter: Clue Hunt

I think the reviewisms are funny. I can't wait to read more, especially since I want to find out why the family tree is there.

Reviewer: LisaK
Date: 12/16/04 22:57
Chapter: Weasley Wizard Wheezes; Diagon Alley

now ill actually reivew. I really like reading this story. i think it's sweet how you named the baby Lily. I can't wait to read more.

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