Reviews For A Child's Gift
Reviewer: Fiffer Haliwell
Date: 10/22/08 18:44
Chapter: Visitor

Abby is fantastic. I love her waht a girl. I'm sure sh'll become good friends with Draco before long. I wonder who Malfoy's mystery woman is and who Abby's mum is, might they be the sam eperson unestknown to them? Great chapter

Author's Response: Thanks.

Reviewer: Fiffer Haliwell
Date: 10/20/08 21:14
Chapter: Nowhere

Wow this seems like ar eally interesting story I can't wait to read more. THe little girl is fantastic I want to find out who she is. ANyway very nicley written.

Author's Response: Thank you!

Reviewer: Hermione Jean Snape
Date: 10/18/08 17:14
Chapter: Home Invasion

Okay so at first i really thought that Justice would be the dog in the form of an animagus form, but that was sort of ruled out when the dog attacked this guy. I'm very curious as to who it is though. I also thought maybe it would be Lucius but he was murdered so that can't be it.

Author's Response: As I can't say anything much, as I am sure you've finished this story by now, I'll say only thank you for reading and leaving a review.

Reviewer: Magic Marine
Date: 10/05/08 23:36
Chapter: Confessions of the Heart

there is a typo its started out as nowhere Wyoming and in this chapter it was Wisconsin figured i'd let you know

Author's Response: Um, okay. Thanks.

Reviewer: Ang181708
Date: 10/03/08 23:14
Chapter: Nowhere

I like this one its really good...

Author's Response: Thanks.

Reviewer: Lhileah
Date: 09/16/08 10:32
Chapter: Epilogue

Beautiful story. Thank you for writing this so that I could have the pleasure of reading it. I am greatly looking forward to reading Abbys story and hope it will be equally as brilliant. :)

Author's Response: Thank you. Abby's story is posted, though it's not completed, only two chapters so far. It's called Moon Spell.

Reviewer: Lhileah
Date: 09/14/08 20:58
Chapter: We Meet Again

Wow, amazing. This story has my head spinning. I am so consumed that it pains me to take time away to write this review. I just wanted to say it is an excellent write I cannot find much wrong other then a few grammatical errors. Keep up the good work. I cannot wait to read the rest.

Author's Response: Thank you!

Reviewer: Rome
Date: 09/04/08 5:36
Chapter: Nowhere

Nooooooooooo. It's been knocked out from the Top 10 Most Read stories. *Weep*

Author's Response: lol. It's alright. I'm writing for my pleasure and others more then anything else.

Reviewer: s_lovin
Date: 08/26/08 9:22
Chapter: Epilogue

absolutely loved the way you put the whole thing together :)

Author's Response: Thank you!

Reviewer: Rome
Date: 08/05/08 7:01
Chapter: Nowhere

OH& before I forget, I thought Abby was an absolutely adorable little girl!

I still don't get what the 3-23-07 message was about. =(


Author's Response: :), Abby is adorbale isn't she. I love her as well.

Reviewer: Rome
Date: 08/04/08 6:31
Chapter: Epilogue

Wow it's finally come to an end, eh? All I have to say is that this story was amazing. The plot, the suspense, and even the character development. Once I picked it up, I couldn't put it down. I read it in like ... three days!

There were a few grammatical mistakes (such as a missing speech mark, or a misplaced comma) but they were over shadowed by the awesome story. You also used 'too' instead of 'to'. Another thing is that in chapter 29, you said 'Harry said quietly so not to wake Hermione.' when in fact they were in the cafeteria; so Hermione wouldn't have been there, right?

Lol, I'm sorry for pointing out the negatives, but I can't help it. x.X

Oh& unless I missed something while reading, who was it that saved Hermione?

Once again, thanks for the truly amazing story; & I look forward to reading more from you. =D


Author's Response: Saved Hermione when? Oh, you mean when Justice had her? That mystery will be solved in Abby's story.

Reviewer: Ravenclaws Noble Heir
Date: 08/03/08 19:18
Chapter: Bitter Ends

So I guess that bit with Lavender in the beginning was she mistaking Hermione for Justice, it was all just a ploy??

I cant wait for Abby's adventures!!!!! Please let me know what the name of the fic will be and I'll be sure to read and review every chapter!!!

Author's Response: Thanks. I'm still working it out, but I'll let you know.

Reviewer: Ravenclaws Noble Heir
Date: 08/03/08 19:17
Chapter: Bitter Ends

So I guess that bit with Lavender in the beginning was she mistaking Hermione for Justice, it was all just a ploy??


Author's Response: :)

Reviewer: Ravenclaws Noble Heir
Date: 08/03/08 13:01
Chapter: Dead Men Don't Talk

there is something odd abt that "sexy" as you put it, side of Hermione ...


Author's Response: Of course.

Reviewer: Ravenclaws Noble Heir
Date: 08/02/08 14:27
Chapter: Something of Hope

I guess Abby's plan is in action


Author's Response: Thought then action, yep.

Reviewer: Ravenclaws Noble Heir
Date: 08/02/08 13:46
Chapter: Old Enemies, New Friends

That is the child of Hermione Jane Granger! Always thinking before acting, planning, waiting for a slip-up....


Author's Response: Yep, I agree.

Reviewer: Ravenclaws Noble Heir
Date: 08/02/08 13:26
Chapter: I Have You

U know Im begining to think that it may be a bit obvious that Draco is Abby's dad ... but Im still wondering at what Hermione said about she isn't his and she never was his. I dont know if there is anything to go with those words but.... we'll see ...


Author's Response: Yes, you'll see. ;)

Reviewer: Ravenclaws Noble Heir
Date: 08/02/08 13:00
Chapter: Missing

Sorry I havent been leaving any reviews but I just can't stop and type!
This story is getting better && better!


Author's Response: No need to say sorry, I like hearing that sort of thing. ;)

Reviewer: JeeviS
Date: 07/30/08 9:00
Chapter: Epilogue

I really liked it... I couldnt stop reading.. wow there was so much suspense in the story n that attracted me a lot:P.. geat story!

Author's Response: Thank you.

Reviewer: Ravenclaws Noble Heir
Date: 07/29/08 13:57
Chapter: Nightmare Past

her name?
Whose name?
ok im getting really curious now


Author's Response: Sorry, though the story is done, I won't (no, can't) ruin it for you. Have fun reading.

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