Reviewer: Last HP Relative
Date: 12/28/06 20:56
Chapter: Matters of the Heart

i was obviously thinking portkey but i didnt think you could put it on a wand because it already is filled with magic. nice cliffy! i really hate these ones.(kidding)

Reviewer: Last HP Relative
Date: 12/28/06 20:38
Chapter: Lifeline

well i think dumbledore already knew didnt he if he used the soul marker or what it was. And that bit about all magical creatures having a sworn enemy. I was just think what if harry went spiderman. that would be cool like moldyvoldy is a snake hary is a spider, wouldnt go down with ron well though. or maybe an army of spiders...ah well... (the ramblings of a crazed harry potter fan broughtin part to you be harry potter and the death hollows)

Reviewer: Last HP Relative
Date: 12/27/06 13:11
Chapter: Setting Things to Rights

i really like harry's cheek, its very very entertaining.
Plus im wondering if moody and madame pomfray got something going on?

Reviewer: Last HP Relative
Date: 12/26/06 21:34
Chapter: And Life Goes On

"Mum is so grateful to Harry right now that we could have been shagging, and she would have allowed it," Ginny replied dismissively.OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was so funny!! *wipes tear away* that is the funniest remark ive ever heard throughout all the stories ive read! i absolutly love this story!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahaha...

Reviewer: niall 2492
Date: 12/21/06 5:51
Chapter: Epilogue

dar miss melindeleo i have only responded now for i was working at exams. i would say you are the best auother on mugglenet and u should continue with that story line and also publish some of your own books

Reviewer: GodricEnigma
Date: 12/20/06 0:39
Chapter: Epilogue


you were truly awesome......WHEN IS THE SEQUEL COMING?????????

Reviewer: AnyaPotter
Date: 12/17/06 17:30
Chapter: Epilogue

WOW!!! That had to be one of the absolute best stories I have ever read! Please write a sequel!!!! Great Work!

Reviewer: mageheart
Date: 12/16/06 11:41
Chapter: Delays, Disappointment, and Dating

That was extremely eerie- the instant that little boy entered the story, it made me think of Tom Riddle, that that was something he might have done as a little child.

The bit of over-protective brother syndrome was quite humorous, of course- I've an older brother of my own, and five older male cousins. Very nice!

Reviewer: mageheart
Date: 12/16/06 11:13
Chapter: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Bad minister! Bad! Didn't anyone ever teach him proper manners? Lordy. But I'm glad Percy somewhat apologized. That was nice.

And the "eyebrows and everything" bit was great- laughter-inducing, too, in true Harry Potter style. (Thankfully, I didn't have a mouthful of popcorn that time.)

Oh, I'd forgotten about Fleur, and, now that I'm thinking about her, I think she's probably the HP character I'd most like to talk to (I just took my French 1 midterm).

That's a fabulous image really- "....Fred and George, who were leaning back in their chairs sipping wine and swinging their heads back and forth as if watching a net ball tournament."

I do feel kinda bad for Malfoy, though. He's suffering so much abuse, well-deserved and innately amusing as it is.

Reviewer: mageheart
Date: 12/16/06 10:47
Chapter: An Uneasy Alliance

I have to say, I burst out laughing when Moody called Draco "Darren." Unfortunately, I also had just put a handful of popcorn in my mouth. And I did it again when he got called David. And again when he got called Dudley.

The conversation with Snape and Voldemort was very interesting, and given some intriguing insight into some of the characters, but for some reason I'm still questioning where Snape's true loyalties lie.

Reviewer: Hezekiah Locke
Date: 12/13/06 20:19
Chapter: Epilogue

Whoa. Most amazing story ever. It's hard to believe that you're not J.K. Rowling herself. Are you? =] Seriously, your writing style is so amazing, it makes me actually sad that this won't be Book 7. But with an ending like that, you could easily write a sequel. About, say, Dudley's attempts at a rise to power? ;D

Reviewer: oddacity
Date: 12/12/06 17:06
Chapter: Voices Beyond the Veil

that's all i can say :)

Reviewer: oddacity
Date: 12/12/06 16:10
Chapter: Scars

really clever use of the tiara...

Reviewer: Gin_Drinka
Date: 12/10/06 15:02
Chapter: Epilogue

Just want you to know that I followed this story since about three chapters of it and I'm so sad to see it go, but it was amazing while it lasted. Magnificent job! And hey, I would love it if you could read my very first story and tell me what you think...

Reviewer: oddacity
Date: 12/09/06 17:30
Chapter: Lions and Tigers and...Dragons?

i have been way too busy reading your absolutely amazing story to review. you are not only faithful to jkr's originals but you take it all in your own direction too. this is a great story. keep it up, and we'll love you! (eh, we'll love you anyway, but still..)

Reviewer: Dhanuka2
Date: 12/08/06 21:23
Chapter: Epilogue

U are such a good writer, its unbelievable...I loved the way you slowly developed the relationships...
I really enjoyed this story and I would like to thank you :-)

Reviewer: forums
Date: 12/08/06 5:16
Chapter: Epilogue


I must admit, I was searching for a few good fanfics to keep me occupied during the weekend. I was intrigued by the number of reviews you'd got and so decided to check it out...

I admit that I got carried away and finished the whole story in......... hold your breath....... 1 and 1/2 days... .!!!

Does that tell you how much I liked it... ??!

Although the ending left a lot to be desired.... (( I mean that I was hoping that you'd add a few more chapters there.. :-(
Anyways, I decided that I must thankj you for creating such a superb story....

You made me realise that a good story need not necessarily be NC 17... lolz..

Thank you once again,
Hoping to read more of you..

Reviewer: ms_ski
Date: 12/05/06 18:36
Chapter: Secrets Unraveled

I just discovered your stories since you came onto the top ten authors list. You instantly became one of my favorites. I just finished your series, and I loved it. I am glad to see you are still writing. I really like this story so far. I liked your ideas for the sixth and seventh book from your last series and I can't wait to see how you see things happening for the seventh book now that you have read HBP. Anyway, on to the next chapters!

Reviewer: RobinIsley
Date: 11/30/06 14:49
Chapter: Epilogue

Oh this is again such a wonderful story!!! At the end all I could say was 'Oh my God, oh my God' I love your writing, why don't you start writing books for real, not just fanfiction? I'm sure you'd be able to do that. PLus it would assure us many more of your fantastic stories would be written ;-) But I've got some questions too if ye don't mind. 1) Will there be a real romance between Moody and Madam Pomfrey? 2) Bill said he didn't want to see a real veila when she was angry, but didn't he already see one at the Quidditch Wordcup? I'll be waiting for a sequel, you definitaly made me curious again. RI

Reviewer: Hex
Date: 11/29/06 6:09
Chapter: Epilogue

Awesome story man..Enjoyed it every bit of the way!!!

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