Reviews For The End
Reviewer: slipstick
Date: 07/01/05 1:52
Chapter: Closure

How beautiful, how touching. After all Harry's been through he can finaly take it easy for a while. Bravo!

Author's Response: thank you! i ended the story this way for that precise reason- i thought about making it a little darker because it seemed, well, too good to be true.. but after some contemplation i realized i didn't really care as long as Harry was happy. =)

Reviewer: GwenSandyhill
Date: 04/07/05 15:53
Chapter: Closure

Wow, I really liked this story. The ending was perfect, and everyone's reactions were brilliant! It made me laugh when the portrait was discovered by Harry, and everyone was very in-character. Good story!

Author's Response: thank you so much! i hadn't checked my reviews for a while because it had been so long since i posted the final chapter of The End.. this was a nice surprise! thank you again..

Reviewer: Weasel King Fan
Date: 01/29/05 19:56
Chapter: Closure

That was a good interpreation of the ending, I just know Harry will end up at the Burrow at the end! (if he lives). I like your writing style, if you write more, I'll read :)

Author's Response: thanks so much! i may write again, depending on the amount of work i have at school. thanks again for the review!

Reviewer: sirius lives
Date: 12/10/04 23:37
Chapter: Coming to Terms

god, is your rating really only 3.5 stars? its much better than that, dont worry ^^

Author's Response: thanks so much, however i don't pay much attention to the rating, i enjoyed writing the stories, even if no one really enjoys reading them! [however.. a nice rating would be, well, nice =) ]

Reviewer: sirius lives
Date: 12/04/04 16:37
Chapter: Closure

any more fics coming?

Author's Response: hmm possibly, this one i had written a while back and just thought this site would be a good chance to get it out there. who knows though, keep your eyes open i guess!

Reviewer: Darth Voldemort
Date: 12/02/04 17:10
Chapter: Closure

...If only the real books would end that happily, with only Snape having died after the fifth book...great story!

Author's Response: well, snape and sirius, but yes - the latter was not my doing. thanks for the review! =)

Reviewer: sirius lives
Date: 12/01/04 15:38
Chapter: Closure

i liked the ending! a little too perfect, but can i blame you? ^^

Author's Response: in response to sirius lives - thanks for all the comments, i'm happy you gave me some constructive criticism and such, i hope you enjoyed reading!

Reviewer: sirius lives
Date: 12/01/04 15:36
Chapter: Goodbyes

loved the harry-draco last battle sorta confrontation. i really like your writing style, simple but still good. :P

Reviewer: sirius lives
Date: 12/01/04 15:35
Chapter: Dumbledore's Departing Words

no one reviewed this! i liked it better than the first, excited to read the 3rd chapter...

Reviewer: sirius lives
Date: 12/01/04 15:34
Chapter: Coming to Terms

i thought it was good, slightly slow at the beginning, but thats allowed in the first chapter ^^ good job!

Reviewer: Wispy Veil
Date: 11/18/04 14:48
Chapter: Closure

Great ending!

Author's Response: thanks so much!

Reviewer: wrathofdead
Date: 11/11/04 19:49
Chapter: Goodbyes

I really like this one. Can't wait for the last chapter

Author's Response: thanks so much! last chapter is awaiting approval... so you're in luck!

Reviewer: scdrumlinepit
Date: 11/08/04 21:03
Chapter: Coming to Terms

nice. i'm glad to see that you decided to keep everyone alive at the end except for snape.

Author's Response: haha thanks for the review! and yes, i couldn't stand to kill off anyone, even if it may seem unrealistic. chapters 2 is now out, and chapter 3 should be soon. you might want to take a look, chapter 1 is always the most boring i think. enjoy and thanks for the feedback! =)

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