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Name: HGLadyy (Signed) · Date: 05/02/07 18:41 · For: Chapter 5: Fireside and Moonlight
I litterally cried, no joke
I couldnt do anything else until I finished this
OH! I've read almost all of your fics, and this is one of my favess
there so cute!
In all of them, Harry's a gentlemen
I love it!
Oh, gosh, I was almost out of my dangerous HP obsession, but you pulled me back in
and im actually sumwat grateful. . .

~Thanks for the wonderful writing
its simply splendid and I hope to see more from you!

Author's Response: Heheh.. thanks. Well, I think you will be seeing more from me, considering my current story Part III of Epilogues is at best only a third of the way finished. So hopefully there will be plenty more there, and then there's the fic I intend to work on after that, but it'll be some time before that happens, and I'm not even sure if I'm really going to do it or not. If I do, I think you'll enjoy it. Thanks for everything.

Name: red haired mom (Signed) · Date: 04/29/07 23:59 · For: Chapter 5: Fireside and Moonlight
Everyone deserves to have a day like they gave Harry. I just hope the sequel lives up to the build up. I don't think I will be disappointed though.

Author's Response: Wow, you're running through the stories very quickly. Thank you so much, but i think you'll find that my stories will take a different tone from here on in. Again, thank you.

Name: h_vic (Signed) · Date: 04/17/07 17:34 · For: Chapter 4: Kisses In The Dark
The "Lavender Incident" - such a fantastic way for Ron to take to referring to it and so nice to see such a serious moment of discussion first between Harry and Ron and then Harry and Hermione - it really reinforces the depths of their friendship.

Their Muggle day really does seem to be allowing them to have a normal day without the weight of the world on their shoulders' for once and it's nice to see them get these moments even if it can't last beyond the day (I'm assuming one once the day is over Harry has to go back to being the Chosen One, with all its burdens?)

Oh and I also really liked Hermione's line of "Slowly, sweetheart, slowly," - could she be any more patronising? Still sometimes Ron does need treating like a child!

Author's Response: First, let me say that as I read and respond to this, I noticed that a few hours have passed, and yet, you have not reviewed the last chapter! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?!?!?!?!? GRRRRRRRRR!!!!! Kidding... though I am anxious to hear your thoughts on the last chapter which does take things in a different turn. Alright, back to your comments. I do remember that this story begins to show a little more depth at this point, and therefore is easier for me to comment upon. For instance the conversation between Ron and Harry. Exploring their relationship is something that has fascinated me from the very first story of the series Right Here, and since then I think it has just caught on with me. I take it a little further here, and I think this is where I really developed the voice that the two friends use for each other. It doesn't end there either as I think in every story that I have written, we at least see one heart to heart like this... I know there's a scene in Epilogues Part I (direct sequel to this story, btw, you should read that one also), and then definitely one in Part II, and Part III is ninety percent just Ron and Harry doing... well, you'll have to wait until you get there won't you? But it's a deeply intriguing relationship to play with, and I take every opportunity. The only exception is Everybody Does It, and you would really have to read it to understand why (though please wait until after reading Epilogues Part I). As for the concerns you have, all I can say is that you'll have to see how things change when the day begins to end, and the threat of going back to reality becomes far more significant.... Thanks again.

Name: h_vic (Signed) · Date: 04/17/07 17:11 · For: Chapter 3: The Strip
Such good fun and so fluffy! The bit about the blood in Ron's face being unable to decide whether to blush or go pale had me giggling a lot as did the waltz/five step tango comment - really sums those two up. And the piggy back race is exactly the sort of ridiculous thing that you just end up doing on a day like that.

Why is it though that Harry's concern when they couldn't find the other two in the arcade gives me a bit of a sense of foreboding? I just have this nasty little feeling that things can't carry on being this perfect and happy for them all. I really hope I'm wrong!

Author's Response: I will say that things can't and won't carry on being this perfect, but not for the reasons that you suspect. Now that you reminded me of the little arcade worry scene, I think I can safely say that that is a little remarked upon aspect of my writing that becomes more evident later on. In retrospect, I think the feeling you have is the exact thing I was going for. In one instant I wanted to remind everyone that a) the peaceful times they were enjoying were very much dangling by a thread and b) these characters are so used to the duress and the drama that even they really couldn't sit and enjoy a day without strife without some of the old demons coming back to them. But for the most part you are right, this is just more fun and fluff. The piggy back race et al. are all just the kinds of things I imagine kids doing, you know? Just enjoying childhood... I'm talkin' out my ass so I'm going to move on to the next review! Thanks again.

Name: h_vic (Signed) · Date: 04/17/07 16:54 · For: Chapter 2: Eggs And Soda
Well this is definately proving to be a very sweet, fun day for them so far. I love Hermione's inability to drive - it suits her so well - she's so utterly capable academically and yet the practicallities in life often prove more of an issue. And I really liked the reference to her driving more by force of will than ability and the remark that Ron was driving a flying car and still managed to hit a tree amused me a lot (probably because I'm still mocked for an incident with a boat and a tree quite a few years ago but still...).

It was a really nice idea to pick up on the fact that going to somewhere like that was something he was pointly deprived of by the Dursleys.

Couple of little car related Brit-picks I noticed (if you are interested): stick shift = gear stick; trunk = boot and the car behind would more likely be said to hit its horn or beep at them then honk. Also, Ron wouldn't really be likely to say "ain't I". It's just a little too colloquial and doesn't really fit with the way he normally speaks.

Final Brit-pick is something you might not want to hear (so feel free to ignore me by all means but just thought I'd let you know) - over here we don't really use the term soda (or at least not to refer to anything other than soda water when served with something else, eg whisky and soda). We'd use fizzy drink as a more generic term but usually just the more specific name of the particular drink.

Feel absolutely free to ignore me on the Britishisms, they just stood out to me so I thought I'd mention them, but they didn't detract from a very cute chapter.

Author's Response: mmm... Sorry, nitpicks still make me cringe, but I'm learning to keep a stiff upper lip regarding them. I knew the thing about the boot, but everything else is new to me. EVEN STILL!!!! I refuse to call soda anything but soda. Over here we have people calling them pop, soda pop, coke (even if you're drinking a pepsi... seriously, you got people who will say, "What flavor coke you want?" "Oh, Mountain Dew" grrrrrrrr), so that's a principle thing for me. SODA IS SODA AND ANYONE WHO SAYS DIFFERENT IS SERIOUSLY WRONG!!!! breathe... in... out... deep breaths... Okay, I'm good. Thanks for the review, and I'm glad you are enjoying it so far. One of these days I'm going to stop saying this, but this is my least favorite story, so if you like this one, there's a good chance you're going to like the rest even more (not always true though... er... anyway). But it is fluffy and kinda funny, I guess. That's why this story for the longest time was my most popular, but then I also wrote it specifically to make people happy, so there you go... Oh bet you left nice long reviews for other chapters as well, so let's go take a look!!!!

Name: childofpotter13 (Anonymous) · Date: 04/11/07 22:39 · For: Chapter 5: Fireside and Moonlight
Wow! I know this isnt a constructive review at all, but, this chapter, was just amazing. A bit of fluff at the beginning, but later on, I could tell that you put a ton into it. Tears came to my eyes when reading this, and I never cry. But what I'm trying to say here, great chapter, besides the fluff at the beggining, probably one of the best chapters I have ever read in all of MNFF.

Author's Response: Thank you very much, you're very kind. Yeah, you pretty much nailed it, this is my favorite chapter of the story, and the reason why I haven't disowned it yet. But if you're not much of a crier, I do dare you to read Part I and Everybody Does It... especially the latter. Anyway, thanks and I'll see you for the rest of the stories.

Name: Hannahanders1 (Signed) · Date: 04/10/07 16:46 · For: Chapter 1: Just Harry
Wow, this story is so great. Keep em coming!

Author's Response: Oh, you don't have to worry about that, you got about five other stories in this story arc to read before you're caught up. Thank you very much.

Name: BatBogeyHexes (Signed) · Date: 04/08/07 10:43 · For: Chapter 5: Fireside and Moonlight
The premise is SO sweet. This was a great story. Loved the beach and the whole Muggle premise. The H/G, R/Hr interaction was great. Basically I loved the whole story, great job!

Author's Response: Thank you ever so kindly. You know, I've been told both ways... I've been told that the first four chapters make the final chapter all the better by comparison, and I've been told that the last chapter is great as a stand alone one shot. I don't know. I know I won't change it because I'm done with it, and that's that, it's no longer my story to fiddle with. But the shift in tone at the end of this story is incredibly vital, and important in the overall story arc. Thank you so much.

Name: bubble (Signed) · Date: 04/01/07 13:09 · For: Chapter 1: Just Harry
Got your author's note and here I am.
You said you didn't really like this one, so I looked at it first. It's actually not that bad, kinda out there, but not bad. You don't give yourself enough credit.
It' nice to see them normal, and it's funny to see them wo magic. Pretty cool, I like the part were Ron won't drink the soda!!!!
Cute, It's good. Kinda fast that's my only problem.
Love ya much, your annoying little reviewer :Bubs

Author's Response: You're far from an annoying little reviewer, Bubs. Keep them coming! And it does stand as my least favorite and now that you have made it through the first two stories, you can read the rest of them and understand why. happily, your only problem (that it's kinda fast) is one that I have managed to fix throughout the rest of my stories. Anyway, I really hope to see ya for Epilogues and Everybody Does It. Thank you.

Name: h_vic (Signed) · Date: 03/21/07 18:25 · For: Chapter 1: Just Harry
He was officially seventeen, and officially alone. Hmmm...now that was a line that really hooked me. It just seems so much deeper than the rest of the chapter and so true.

I liked the lighter bits of the chapter too though. “it wouldn’t have been so bad if he didn’t just stand there and gawk at her like an idiot. Somehow I can just imagine Ron standing in a doorway with a look of shock on his face and his mouth moving but no sound coming out. It's probably a miracle that he *didn't* end up belching slugs (although I'm sure Hermione could probably come up with some even more imaginative ways to hex him!).

The four of them having a day as normal muggle teenagers - now this could be interesting...

Author's Response: Alright, let me start off by saying that this is my worst fic. Bar none, no questions asked, this is definitely not me at my best. If it weren't for the last chapter I would probably have binned the whole thing by now, but after four chapters of frivilous fluff, I had to put some substance in there, and really that last chapter sets the stage for the entire Epilogues series. So, all i can say is thank you, and if you can manage your way through this story without hating me as an author, I promise much better things in store for you after this!

Name: Phoenix3 (Signed) · Date: 03/17/07 23:53 · For: Chapter 5: Fireside and Moonlight
You're right, this certainly is the best chapter, and it's well worth reading the entire story, but the real pièce de résistance is this decidedly more serious and more emotional chapter.

Gosh it just made me want to cry for those woefully romantic souls, completely lost to love but afraid of reality. I think the strength--what made it convincing--is the sincerity of emotion you capably manage to convey. It's not overdramatic. It's not sparse or underdeveloped. This chapter is significantly longer, but it's also significantly, er more significant. And I love it! I love that you took the time to explain just WHY Harry would want to break up with Ginny when he obviously feels so passionately for her. And Ginny! Gosh, you totally played up her fiery, fiesty, never-take-no-for-an-answer attitude and show her off as a strong and mature young woman, so much more mature than Harry is sometimes--which is exactly why they're perfect (sorry to all shippers who disagree with me).

Mmm, it was very useful and engaging I think to shift focus to Ron and Hermione. I really enjoyed how the different scenes played out in parallel and complemented one another. Together, the seperate scenes can emotionally build off one another, and then they merge seamlessly at the end.

Yes, live life, don't waste a day thinking about dying or losing. I completely agree, and your characters gave very persuasive arguments. Very sweet.

Author's Response: I know I've responded to this one before, and that means that my response got timed out which is really frustrating. OKay, let's see if I can't at least reproduce the gist of the original response. You know, when I first set out to write this story, I had no intentions of getting this deep. It was just supposed to be a story that garnered lots of reviews because I'm a review whore. It wasn't until the third chapter that I realized the ending would be different, and from there the gate was opened to make room for the Epilogues stories. In this regard, this chapter was a turning point in my writing wherein I went from the very fluffy to something much darker and ultimately I think more real. There were so many things I think that went into the construction of this chapter, its hard to remember them all. For one there is the gift Ginny gives Harry, and I know that that stemmed from when I used to beta read stories and earlier. Lots of people write about gifts, and jewelry, and the thing is, you can spend paragraphs meticulously describing a ring, but it will never have the impact of something that has more meaning. I guess I never put much stock in jewelry. Either way, this was my way of saying this is how you describe a gift from the heart, not with shiny facets and sparkling metals, but with emotions and history. I struggled a long while to come up with that perfect gift and I never regret it, and it has come up in later installments of the overall series time and again. Then there's Harry's reasons for ginny not to go, as you pointed out, but more importantly, there is Ginny's adherence to not going. I am adamant about that and have always been. I don't think it's in character for her to go along anyway, or to force her way into the group. And of course there's the split scene that is really the climax of the whole story. You should know that often times as I write, especially when I think I'm at my best, I feel more like a movie director as opposed to a writer, as though I'm building a scene for you to watch, and in this respect it seemed perfectly correct that these two scenes be split as such. Logistically, it just made sense as to follow one scene and then rewind all the way back to the beginning to see it from a different angle is asking a lot from the reader. From another standpoint, it helps build suspense because as you keep building up each part, and then cut away from it, you are dragging the reader in for the reader wants to find out what the hell is going to happen next. In this process, as you point out, the scenes feed off of each other, the emotions from one conversation spilling over and charging the feelings of the other. And finally, I love writing for Ginny, and I think I always have. I love her character, and I think you'll see this as you progress through the Epilogues series. Anyway, thanks and I'll see you for Part I!

Name: Phoenix3 (Signed) · Date: 03/17/07 23:40 · For: Chapter 4: Kisses In The Dark
Your invented romance reminds me of "Chances Are." Totally irrelevent though.

I liked the guy-chat. I mean, Harry and Ron are supposed to be best friends, but they don't talk much about themselves. And I know the biggest thing between best girl-friends is just talking about what's wrong with one's life and so and so is such a...witch... but Harry and Ron mostly just have arguments/support one another when times are rough, depending on the situation. I suppose part of it is that Harry is a really closed person, and.

Wait, I'm getting all talky here, er so, right. It was nice to see some best-friend-like interaction between Harry and his so-called best friends. Thumbs up. And chuckles over Harry becoming more comfortable with his girlfriend.

Author's Response: You know, someone once told me that they loved the relationship I develop between Ron and Harry. Personally, I think it stems from the fact that due to the nature of my past, I don't have any long term friends. When you move every few years, you don't get much of a chance to develop those life bonding friendships that Ron and Harry are supposed to have, so I think I live vicariously through these characters when I go to write about their friendship. I think the result is that it's a little idealistic, but at the same time very touching, too. You know? Plus, I do like what JKR does with them in the book. You're right, much of the time it's them going back and forth between arguing and supporting, intermingled with light heart joking around, but there are instances where you see them enter this kind of next level of friendship wherein they keep each other grounded, you know? Trust me, you'll be seeing much more of that throughout the series as well! Thanks again!

Name: Phoenix3 (Signed) · Date: 03/17/07 23:34 · For: Chapter 3: The Strip
Again, all the silly seemingly-insignificant things that our beloved heroes say and do are expertly exploited by the author. I really don't think it matters that the story (so far) hasn't had much of a plot per se. Because in the end it's about Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione, as characters and as relationships and maybe just broader the idea that oh way I should save that for the relevant chapter. Hmm so my favourite part was the piggy-back race, so spontaneous, sounds like something I would do with my friends.

And one nit-pick I forgot from last chapter: It's "I'll put the presents in the BOOT," as opposed to trunk.

Author's Response: You know, I think I had a british friend of mine make that same nitpick. I'm TERRIBLE at rectifying nitpicks, you should know. I liked the piggy back race too, and I liked it for the reason you mentioned. It's just so natural. You mention the absence of plot, and here's the thing... oh wait, I guess I should save that for the relevant chapter too! Thanks again.

Name: Phoenix3 (Signed) · Date: 03/17/07 23:13 · For: Chapter 2: Eggs And Soda
HAHAHA! Okay so I never thought soda could be so funny. At first I was like... "Eggs and Soda" huh and then... what! Hilarity. And adding all the little bits about Harry's childhood with Dudley's childhood--excellent, they develop Harry as well as explain his incentive and give us readers a little laugh. Things like MacDougal's and smart Hermione's lack of driving skills (although quite understandable if she's driving stick shift) and Harry oggling over the summer-dressed Ginny--they completely define your writing--in the story element sense--and are the kinds of details that make fanfics particularly enjoyable for me. THANKS, you're awesome.

Author's Response: Thank you, both for the praise, and for reminding me of bits of the story that I did like. For one, Hermione's driving! I had forgotten completely about that, and now that you reminded me of it, I think I'm going to have to... oh wait, you still need to read the epilogues first, so i guess I can't say what I have to do. I think you'll learn after reading more of my fics that I have a deep love of irony, and I think Hermione's driving is the first hint of it. The other thing was Ginny. I just LOVED making her sexy, and we definitely expound upon that in later stories as well. Again, I think you hit the nail on the head. At least for me, what I think I really appreciate about this story is that it was in this story where I really started to set the foundation for my later writings (Can't believe that I've been writing fanfic for a year now, wow, that's kinda weird). Thanks for the review!

Name: Phoenix3 (Signed) · Date: 03/17/07 22:59 · For: Chapter 1: Just Harry
=) What a splendid idea! A normal day for Harry Potter, quite interesting, and (although I've already read the rest of the fic) the muggle-world--fairly unexplored for deprived orphan Harry Potter--has so many possibilities! I like all the cute awkwardness between the couples, it's a great starting point for the future interactions in the next chapters. Ooo, and again I like the characterisations--the four all say just the right things and react just so, seamlessly working together to make quite an enjoying read (again this applies to the whole fic).

P.S. Of course I'm going to read all of them! I just started at the first, like you told me =P. I'm from Sacramento-area, but I'm at Cal right now, icky inland bay weather =[.

Author's Response: I like the bay weather. Bah, trust me, the weather everywhere in California is still better than anywhere else. Specifically, stay away from the South. You really don't want to learn what humidity is, I'm not even joking. And florida? i used to think of florida as the eastern US' version of Cali. Uh-uh, that's crap. Florida, honestly, sucks. Oh right, we're talking about fanfic. The reason why I dislike this fic more than the rest is that I wrote it specifically to get reviews. I wrote Right Here because I was inspired, and after learning how much I enjoy getting reviews, I wrote a story specifically to increase that feeling. So no, I don't like this story, but I mention this becaus the things you speak about, specifically the characterization matters, i think that is something very positive I took away from writing this story. Sure, it was a superficial bit of work for attention, but in the end I think I came out of it with a much greater appreciation for who the characters were which I think helped a great deal with the rest of the stories I have written. I still got four more reviews to respond to from you, but I'll say now that I really can't wait to see your reaction to the rest of the stories, all of which I think leave Right Here and One Good Day in the dust. Thanks for the reviews, see, I knew it. I got the best readers in the world. Lot's of interesting and long reviews a writer can sink his teeth into, that's what I'm talking about!

Name: huffpuff94 (Signed) · Date: 03/14/07 11:50 · For: Chapter 1: Just Harry
OMG! That last chapter was soooo beautiful it made me cry *sob* lol
I will be reading more of ur stories so keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thank you so much. You know, if it wasn't for that last chapter, i would honestly feel as though the story as a whole was a waste, but as it stands, I really am quite proud of that last little bit. Thank you so much and I'll see you for the rest of the stories.

Name: ssdawn (Signed) · Date: 03/12/07 2:11 · For: Chapter 5: Fireside and Moonlight
Wow! I loved this chapter! It's so refreshing to just see them being "normal" teenagers hanging out and having a great time! (Even though they really are NOT normal teens" ;) )

You write the charcters well. I look forward to going on and reading more that you already have written!

Author's Response: You know, I think you bring up a very important point that I think you'll find remains consistent throughout my stories, and that's the fact that I don't focus so much on the fantasy part of the stories as much as the human part. As Gregory McGuire said of JKR, her charcters are developed and three dimensional, which is why she has seen such a huge success. Children's literature, and I think it's safe to say that the Harry Potter series has transcended that genre since, is an area in which the characters are often flat and closer to charicature than true character, but in Rowling's works, she has put depth behind the people in her stories, which lends a richness to them otherwise unseen. To this extent, we can come to know the characters as separate individuals as opposed to just transposing our own personality traits up on the hero as is so often done in stories where the idea of the character isn't fully fleshed out and investigated. So when I go to write, you wills ee a lot of things like this. The magic and the fantasy aspects of the mythos take a backseat to the human aspect of things, to us just sitting here and learning more who these people are and why they do what they do. Anyway, I thought it was interesting. Thanks so much, and I look forward to you reading the rest of the stories I got, they're all in the same story arch. Later.

Name: dracoweasley (Signed) · Date: 03/10/07 8:35 · For: Chapter 5: Fireside and Moonlight
Yes, this chapter was so worth all the emotion you put in it. I could sence all of it and that made the chapter and what the characters were feeling all the more real. I can't wait for the sequal!

Author's Response: Why wait, the sequalS are already up and going. In fact, you're quite a bit behind, to be honest. Hope to see you for the rest of them!

Name: magicpolarpotterfan (Signed) · Date: 03/09/07 18:06 · For: Chapter 1: Just Harry
wow.... i love this story. i cant wait for the sequel and im going to read the rest of your stories now! thanks!

Author's Response: Thank you ever so much, I just hope you enjoy the journey as much as I have enjoyed writing it!

Name: akb (Signed) · Date: 02/28/07 21:31 · For: Chapter 5: Fireside and Moonlight
omg!!! that was amazing!....one of the best i have read on this site!....the last chapter felt so real ...loved everything.....cant wait to read your others!

Author's Response: *grin* Yup, and I'm glad this one has lead to to reading the rest. I just hope to keep you around until the end of the story.

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