Reviews For Finality
Reviewer: RONluver45
Date: 12/25/06 10:24
Chapter: One-shot

wow that was sooo........ Good!!! I was really into the whole story line please keep going with it!! you're a great writer!

Author's Response: Thank you!

Reviewer: darkeyes_tasnia
Date: 12/24/06 0:25
Chapter: One-shot

wow that was so sad... i cant believe it was harry! i mean her own best friend... thank god for draco i guess...

lots of love


Author's Response: Yeah... You can't really imagine it being Harry. But that's the story... Thanks again for the review, Tasnia.

Reviewer: Dracocrazed1700
Date: 12/16/06 20:31
Chapter: One-shot

i love the way their relationship unravels.

Author's Response: Thanks

Reviewer: ThE_GRiM
Date: 12/15/06 15:29
Chapter: One-shot

Oooookay...em, that was different. Yeah...first off I liked it which is a surprise cauz I usually hate herm/draco fics, so you won me over on that basis but the whole harry=bad guy thing, I just dont see it. Anywho the actuall language is fantastic, as was the way you wrote it(with all the stops and starts) so i might just read another one of your herm/draco fics =) p.s. and I noticed how you have replied to pretty much all of your reviews...that deserves a reward in its own right ! you really are one of the most accomplished authors I have seen.

Author's Response: Yeah, I know; quite different. I'm pleased, though, to hear you liked it, especially since you don't normally like this ship. I'm not surprised you don't see the Harry=Bad Guy thing, but that wasn't the point in choosing him anyway. You weren't supposed to think, "Oh yeah. I just knew Harry was a total inner rapist." I'm glad you liked the writing style in this fic, and I'm happy to hear you'll give one of my other Hr/D stories a shot. I'm glad you appreciate the time I take to respond to my reviews. I think it the least I can do, considering reviews are there to give feedback, either good or bad, and this is the only way I can show you all that I appreciate your thoughts. Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: no123
Date: 12/12/06 9:46
Chapter: One-shot

A good composition

Author's Response: Thanks

Reviewer: gothica
Date: 12/10/06 18:57
Chapter: One-shot that was like confusing but i dont talk with big words so it like really confused me oh it was an awsome story!

Author's Response: I'm sorry to hear it confused you, but I'm pleased, however, to hear you liked it!

Reviewer: melydia
Date: 11/28/06 12:35
Chapter: One-shot

very nice story. i loved that he stayed with her (almost) the entire time.
but i hated that harry did it. there's no way that would ever EVER happen.
good story, nonetheless!

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm not suggesting it could happen, but thanks for the input.

Reviewer: hearyoume
Date: 11/25/06 10:15
Chapter: One-shot

Yay, D/H one-shot number two!
This was so heart-wrenching and powerful. I thought it was very realistic when Draco lost it & started yelling at her. You can understand his frustration even though Hermione's emotions are described so well.
The only thing I did not like was the fact that Harry did it... D: But that is, of course, my personal opinion. It was great nonetheless!

Author's Response: #2, indeed. Thank you, I'm glad you liked it. I liked Draco yelling at her to show her emotions, too, so I'm happy to hear you found it realistic. Yeah, some people don't like the Harry part, but what can I say... Glad you liked the overall story, though :)

Reviewer: Felton_Fan_For_Life
Date: 11/23/06 19:16
Chapter: One-shot

omg that was sweet. i loved the twist you put on it by having it be Harry. nice writing

Author's Response: 'Sweet' is a word I rarely hear when someone's describing this story, but thanks :) I'm glad you liked it, and I'm happy that you weren't freaked out by it being Harry.

Reviewer: TanyaLuv
Date: 11/20/06 18:16
Chapter: One-shot

omg? so it was harry.....that's horrible...Awesome job though! It was a very beautiful story...

Author's Response: Yeah, I'm afraid it was... Thank you, TanyaLuv, I'm glad you liked it.

Reviewer: rivers of gold
Date: 10/28/06 22:02
Chapter: One-shot

Beautifully written, tastefully done, and Harry being the rapist makes for an interesting twist. Excellent story! :) = for you :( = for Hermione

Author's Response: Thank you so much, rivers of gold. I'm very flattered.

Reviewer: flash62294
Date: 10/28/06 16:28
Chapter: One-shot


Author's Response: You cried? Oh my. Lol, thanks, I'm glad you liked it.

Reviewer: thewasteland
Date: 10/24/06 16:59
Chapter: One-shot

Beautiful. I love poetry flavored prose.

Author's Response: Thank you, thewasteland!

Reviewer: SmileZ
Date: 10/15/06 20:22
Chapter: One-shot

That evil bastard. DRACO KICK HIS ASS! SEND THE FUCKER TO VOLDEMORT! Oh my gosh.. that's just so sad. Makes me wonder at a lot of girl/boy best friends out there. Great story though. Really angsty and I loved how you wrote it!

Author's Response: Oh, my... Right, well, better in than out... Yeah, it's incredibly sad. Thanks!

Reviewer: LovelyxLena
Date: 10/13/06 22:15
Chapter: One-shot

So.. It was Harry?

Author's Response: I'm afraid so.

Reviewer: DracosPunkBabe
Date: 10/11/06 21:11
Chapter: One-shot


Author's Response: Hello Capslock-y DracosPunkBabe... Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. There won't be a sequel, sorry.

Reviewer: Draco foreva
Date: 09/28/06 16:01
Chapter: One-shot

OMG Harry raped Hermione? Sad........Also just a little advice when Draco said 'Jesus Christ' I think it should have been like 'Merlin' or something. Just an opinion.

Author's Response: Incredibly sad, yes... I think Draco can say 'Jesus Christ' if he wants to. It's not like the wizarding world is deprived of all religions.

Reviewer: Tearsofliquidglass
Date: 09/24/06 0:40
Chapter: One-shot

This is a very good story. I find it to be interesting.

Author's Response: Thank you!

Reviewer: HPLoverForever
Date: 09/23/06 17:40
Chapter: One-shot

It's depressing how this is the second time I had to write this since I lost it the first time.

Sigh. Okay.

Wow... this really is a great one-shot. Definitely one of the best D/Hr ones I've read in a long time. Your writing style is very unique. You have good word choice and sentence fluency and seem very professional when it comes to your writing.

The only thing I could find in here was the word 'evade'. It was used a little too much. Perhaps you could use a different word in place of it?

I love how well you have Hermione in character. The reaction she has here is just how I would imagine it to be in the actual books. And you're right; she wouldn't be one to really be open with the fact that she had just gotten raped by her best friend. But then again, who would?

So all in all, great story. You really had me hooked from the beginning to the end. I can't wait to read more of your work. Keep up the great job!

Author's Response: Yeah, it hate it when it does that and you lose what ever brilliant things you had just written. Thank you, HPLoverForever. I'm very pleased to hear you liked it. I hadn't noticed the apparently overused 'evade', but no, I'm not going to change it. I'm glad you found Hermione and her reaction in character. Thanks again for the great review!

Reviewer: mynameismary
Date: 09/21/06 11:08
Chapter: One-shot

WOW> That is deep, man.

Author's Response: Thanks.

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